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John - Owner, Content Creator, & Editor-In-Chief
About John: One Man, One Mission. To update Big Brother. This is his journey....
I'm John, you might know me better though as the voice of The Big Brother Insider. I am the owner, creator, editor-in-chief, all around mastermind around here. A little bit about me, I'm from the Pacific Northwest, or you might know it better as that annoying part of the country that makes you wait for the live feeds to turn on after the premiere.

I'm not your "typical" superfan as I didn't start watching Big Brother until season 8! However, since then I have watched all the seasons, and even seasons of other versions Big Brother around the world such as Canada and Australia. I watched seasons 8,9, and 10 as a casual viewer. It wasn't until season 11 that I discovered the online community of Big Brother, and wasn't until 13 I started this blog. Some of my favorite houseguests are; Evel Dick (BB8), Natalie Cunial (BB9), Dan Gheesling (BB10/BB14), Derrick Levassuer (BB16), and Paul Abrahamian (BB18). For my thoughts on my favorite/least favorite seasons, check out THIS ARTICLE from a few years ago.

If you had told me in 2007, during Big Brother 8, that this show I was watching would quickly become my summer obsession every year and I would later end up blogging about it, well, I would have thought you were crazy. But now, I can't imagine spending my summers any other way.

Twitter: @TheBBInsider & @John_TBBI


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