Wednesday, November 23, 2016

My View From Over The Top (Week 8)

I can't believe in just a little over a week this season will be over! In some ways, I feel like we've been watching this season longer than a normal season of Big Brother. Maybe it's because of the format or maybe having two Big Brother seasons back to back like this is just messing with my head! 

We started the week off crowning a new HOH in the "Keep You Posted" competition. Going into this, so many fans were saying this competition was made for Morgan. Balancing is definitely something a cheerleader might be good at but Jason seemed convinced this competition was going to play to his strengths. In the end Morgan proved everyone right and I was so relieved to know at least one of the Plastics would make it into the Final 4! I really like that this competition wasn't just a straight balancing competition but it did involve answering questions related to prior things that happened in the Big Brother Over The Top house. 

America's final Care Package was delivered later that week and surprise surprise, it went to the only eligible houseguest Justin! How exciting! I love that the houseguests even seemed somewhat annoyed by all going to the backyard to see it. I guess at least they didn't know what it would be. Justin basically was given a one way ticket straight to the final four as long as he could complete a challenge. I think we all knew this was going to be somewhat simple as the Care Packages are supposed to get better as time goes on, it would be super strange to me if it ended up being something Justin couldn't complete. But honestly couldn't they have made it something a little more interesting to watch? Justin is one of the more entertaining houseguests we've had in a while and if he couldn't make this interesting, Big Brother needed to pick something better! I was almost hoping for something like they've done for Veto punishments - kick a soccer ball into a net 1000 times, etc. Oh well, maybe during BBOTT 2. 

Morgan only has three houseguests to choose from for her nominations and goes with Jason and Kryssie choosing to keep her fellow Ball Smasher safe. The houseguests competed in the POV competition "Maize Maze" and I absolutely loved it! I have always been a fan of the maze competitions on Survivor, I only wish this maze could have been bigger in some way if that's even possible in the backyard. I also need to point out that Kryssie did amazing in both the HOH competition and POV competition this week! I was really impressed! Ultimately Jason beat Kryssie's time by about 30 seconds and was able to save himself using the Power of Veto forcing Morgan to nominate Shelby for eviction. 
At this point we know Shelby will most likely be walking out of that door tonight unless Justin gets struck by lighting and forgets the past 8 weeks. If only the Jambalaya Gang would've worked out! Right now, I am just living for Shelby's speech before she walks out that door. Shelby, girl, please don't fail me now!  I'm hoping for some jaw dropping moments but with my luck the reactions will be similar to when Morgan told Kryssie she and Alex were sisters. . . 

Ashley (@Biedazzle)

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