Wednesday, November 9, 2016

My View From Over The Top (Week 6)

This week has been absolutely EVERYTHING! It's not going to turn out the way I had hoped but the entertainment level of the live feeds this week has been off the charts! I could not tear myself away. 

We started the week crowning Shelby as the HOH and I was so happy for her! It was definitely her time to win and I was feeling so good about this week. Then the care package happened and kudos America for giving it to Jason. He's not my favorite in this house and he's not even on the side of the house I'm rooting for but this created so many great moments that I have to be okay with it at this point. Having two people as Co-HOHs who are probably the farthest from friends you can get was obviously going to create chaos. There is no love lost between Jason and Shelby.

The HOHs nominated Whitney and Danielle to start the week and then America nominated Alex. This is where I can't get behind America, no matter what, I just don't get it. Kryssie is driving me absolutely insane to the point where I cannot watch her play this game much longer, if you can even call it playing the game. Honestly who out there enjoys watching her fart on people's pillows? It's disgusting and I'm over it. I'm not even a big Alex fan and I prefer to see her on the block over Morgan but I just can't imagine wanting to get rid of her while Kryssie is still an option. I'm definitely  frustrated but at this point America has spoken and I still have hope that one of the Ball Smashers will win the POV. 

The Veto Competition this week was super boring for me. So many people seemed to be on the edge of their seats watching this one but I had a hard time figuring out who was in the lead and why people were having to reset. Maybe I was just watching the wrong camera but I was lost. It did seem like more of a "BB Proper" competition though minus all the fluff/theming surrounding it. Jason pulls out his second veto win of the season and you can now mark me down as officially off the Jason train. This entire game I've been behind him even though he was on the opposite side of the house. I was a fan in BB17 and I've enjoyed seeing his take on Big Brother Canada and BB18. I was ecstatic he was getting a second chance. He is so into the feeds, it was nice to support "one of us" but his celebration after the veto just put a sour taste in my mouth and I'm completely over him. At this point, I'm almost wishing I had voted Jozea back into this house and I never thought I would say that!

During the POV ceremony, Jason saved his friend Danielle and put up Morgan in her place. At this point I'm crushed, defeated, how did us Ball Smasher fans go from such a high of seeing Shelby win HOH to now knowing a Ball Smasher will be leaving this house and possibly followed by second one in the same night? It was a crazy ride getting to this point but the fight that took place in the backyard after all was said and done made whatever happens tonight worth it! This is the kind of thing I live for on Big Brother and we didn't have to worry about fish or Big Jeff getting in the way! 

As sad as I am that things are not looking good for the Ball Smashers going into this Double Eviction, this week has been my favorite by far. Shelby revealing her secret to Alex was one of the funniest and oddest moments to happen this season and I loved it. After that Alex and Morgan revealing their own surprise of being sisters and Shelby tackling them was another fun moment. It's been so refreshing to see this group of girls actually be able to work together in an alliance. I honestly never thought we'd see this happen, so thank you BBOTT. 

C'est La Vie Mama,
Ashley (@Biedazzle)

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