Thursday, November 3, 2016

Big Brother Over The Top: The Final Countdown

Can you believe we're already halfway through with Big Brother Over The Top? By the end of the month we will be down to the final three! In the words of Big Brother 17 houseguest Audrey, it's time to "Buckle up, Bitches!" cause we have a jam packed month of important dates up ahead.

Important Dates for Remainder of the Big Brother Over the Top Season:

  • Thursday, Nov. 3rd - Friday, Nov. 4th: Voting for America's Care Package
    • Recipient will receive the power of Co-HOH
  • Friday, Nov. 4th - Saturday, Nov. 5th: Voting for America's Have-Nots
    • UPDATE (11/4): CBS announced that this would be the last week of Have-Nots
  • Sunday, Nov. 6th - Monday, Nov. 7th: Voting for America's Nominee
  • Tuesday, Nov. 8th - Wednesday, Nov. 9th: Voting for America's Eviction Vote
  • Wednesday, Nov. 9th: Double Eviction [Final 8 to Final 6]
    • First eviction will be followed by the Weekly Recap Episode, which will air earlier at 5pm PST/8pm EST. The second eviction will take place later that night.
    • Voting for America's Care Package - Opens at 7pm PST/10pm EST & closes 1 hour later
      • Recipient will receive the Double Eviction Veto
  • Friday, Nov. 11th - Saturday, Nov. 12th: Voting for America's LAST Have-Nots
  • Sunday, Nov. 13th - Monday, Nov. 14th: Voting for America's LAST Nominee
  • Tuesday, Nov. 15th - Wednesday, Nov. 16th: Voting for America's LAST Eviction Vote
  • Wednesday, Nov. 16th: Eviction [Final 6 to Final 5]
  • Thursday, Nov. 17th - Friday, Nov. 18th: Voting for America's LAST Care Package
    • Recipient will receive the opportunity to automatically advance to the final 4, dependent on the recipient competing in a challenge given to them by Big Brother.
  • Wednesday, Nov. 23rd  - Eviction [Final 5 to Final 4]
  • Thursday, Nov. 24th - Thanksgiving Holiday
  • Wednesday, Nov. 30th -  Eviction [Final 4 to Final 3]
  • Thursday, Dec. 1st - Finale 
That's the current look at the important dates for the remainder of Big Brother Over The Top. We will continue to update this post with any new information or dates!

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