Wednesday, October 26, 2016

My View From Over The Top (Week 4)

The moment Kryssie became HOH, I knew week 4 was going to be a long one. How did this even happen? We had the best HOH competition of the season and the worst possible outcome. Paul hosting the competition was hilarious, I loved seeing him interact with the houseguests throughout the night. It made me feel even more confident than I was before that he will be back in that house in the future. I also love that production brought him back to host something so similar to a competition he won last season. And honestly did anyone think this competition could get any more difficult?

Kryssie's nominations were to be expected. I know she can't stand Scott and clearly one of the "ball smashers" would be going up next to him, it was just a question of which one. America's Nominee  however was a bit of a toss up for me. I actually really enjoy Neeley and thought she was kind of off the radar of the house and America. She's not someone everyone loves but she's also not hated. I definitely wanted someone from Kryssie's side of the house up in that seat though and I guess Neeley makes the most sense out of that group with Danielle not being eligible.

The veto competition had houseguests climbing across a rock wall and answering a question about one of the first three evicted houseguests. I liked the concept of this competition but was really surprised there were so few questions. I don't remember ever seeing something with so few questions before. The competitions this season make me wonder if the name of this season should be Big Brother Over The Top or Big Brother Back To Basics. . .

Either way, Morgan looked like a monkey going across that wall and I can't imagine how quick her time would've been had she got all the numbers correct the first time around. If she were on MTV's The Challenge, I think she definitely would've earned a "You Killed It" from TJ Lavin. That being said, I think he might've kicked Kryssie off the show for her "injury." I hate blisters as much as the next person but that is not as serious as she was making it seem. When's the last time we had someone be this dramatic in the house? Chima?

n the end Morgan won the veto with Scott coming in a close second. I guess he needed a few more minutes of pep talk with himself to pull out the win. As expected, Morgan used the POV to save herself and  Kryssie nominated Whitney as the replacement nominee and I have to say, as much as I dislike the girl, I really like her nominations as far as what I want to see happen in this game. I don't find myself rooting for any of the three on the block. Neeley seems really great but isn't on the side of the house that I like. I don't mind "The Virgin King" but how many times are we going to see the Scott's of the world win this game? We already have Ian and Steve and I'm content with that. Whitney or Wheat-Knee as the internet prefers seems so nice but I need her to talk faster. Her Diary Rooms are just painful. I don't expect her to be the next Gilmore Girl or anything but my goodness spit it out already.

Overall I'll be happy with whoever leaves this week and next week honestly will rely heavily on America's Care Package. It'll definitely be interesting to see who this one goes to. I'm really starting to worry about Jason's life in this game. He has not had the greatest things to say about America lately and I don't see that helping his case in a season like this. He's also giving me flashbacks to his bestie Da'vonne on her second chance. I worry his hatred for Shelby is going to cloud his judgement similar to Da'vonne with Frank. I hope he's learned from her to keep his head in the game and focus on the prize, even if it is smaller than last time.

Until next time,

Ashley (@Biedazzle)

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