Wednesday, October 19, 2016

My View From Over The Top (Week 3)

This week has definitely been my favorite so far since BBOTT started. There were a lot of tears, a party and a few pranks (if that's what you want to call hiding candy.) What more could you ask for? Honestly though, what made the week enjoyable for me was things finally went my way.

To start things off, Scott was crowned the new HOH in what was easily my least favorite competition of the season. It looked cool but was extremely boring to watch. I think it was just told difficult to play along or even tell what was really going on.

Scott stuck with "The Plastics" (I refuse to call them the ball smashers) and nominated Kryssie and Neeley. Kryssie breaking down was a highlight of the week for me. I don't mean to be insensitive but some of the stuff she was doing was just hilarious. She was grasping and straws going through the rule book trying to find some way to get Scott out of this house.

Danielle then gets nominated by America and I couldn't be happier! I was getting so worried that this game was going to get boring and America was going to continue to vote for the same side of the house every week. If the power can continue to switch back and fourth, I think that's the best thing possible for this season, it's the reason I loved Season 6 so much. The power constantly switched between the original Friendship and the Sovereign 6. No matter which side you were rooting for, you were always on the edge of your seat to see who became the next HOH. But really, was anyone rooting for Friendship?

America also voted to give Scott America's Care Package where he had to "Pick a Veto" and ended up choosing the double veto which meant we would have two POV winners this week. I loved this competition! It only lasted about a half hour and I could tell what was happening in each round. Justin and Alex were the final two standing and my second favorite moment of the week happened, Danielle crying in the bushes outside gave me a total flashback to Rachel Reilly.

Justin ended up using his POV to save Kryssie while Alex's POV went unused. Shane was then nominated as the replacement nominee and my guess is, he'll be the third male to leave the Big Brother house this season.

I am really hoping something changes and I end up being wrong. I'd love to see Danielle get sent home this week. I really liked her during the pre-season and the first night in the house but at this point, the pity party needs to end. Girl bye.

- Ashley (@Biedazzle)

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