Wednesday, October 5, 2016

My View From Over The Top (Week 1)

First off, wow. Can you believe it’s only been 2 weeks since we saw Nicole become the winner of Big Brother 18? It already feels like forever ago thanks to Big Brother Over The Top! It doesn’t seem real to have another season so soon after the last but hey, I’m definitely not complaining. Not yet anyways. . . 

A week ago today we saw 12 brand new houseguests and Jason (thank God) move into the Big Brother house to start a brand new game. Were they really all new houseguests though? At first glance I see Jason, two blonde sisters, and a guy resembling the winner of Big Brother 17. Are we sure this is new? Seriously though, I don’t think anyone, including CBS, really knew what to expect. That first night was torture. I was really worried that this Over the Top thing was going to be so terrible it would kill the Big Brother franchise. Honestly, who’s bright idea was it to have each person move in one by one? I’ve got nothing against Scott but it was so boring watching him walk around by himself and then him and Morgan. They should’ve at the very least had 3 people move in at a time to keep things interesting and not force all of us to stay up all night.

Then came Day 2 and all my troubles from the day before seemed so far away. This is absolutely amazing! As a long time live feeder, this is everything I’ve ever hoped for and more. I’m not constantly seeing fish or Jeff Schroeder showing the same pointless clips over and over while I impatiently wait to find out if my favorite houseguest won the Power of Veto or not. Instead, I’m seeing everything! Now my only concern is what happens when Big Brother 19 starts and I’ve got to go back to watching fish? 

The first HOH Competition definitely threw me for a loop. If you blinked you basically missed what was happening. A bottle of liquid in the living room that only one person can drink. If I were in that house, I would’ve grabbed that bottle and drank it faster than CBS came up with the idea to do a Fall season of Big Brother. After Shane downed the blue drink I thought he was either going to be the HOH or get to pick the HOH. Instead, he had to infect someone else who would then infect another person and so on until one person was left standing. 

In the end, we end up with Monte as the HOH. I definitely don’t hate the guy as much as the rest of the world. I am however tired of hearing him constantly talk about loyalty and walking around with the HOH key around his neck. He’s a typical Big Brother recruit though and I’ve learned to accept them for what they are, throwing a bunch of Superfans in the house would make a very boring game.

This brings us to the Safety Ceremonies. These were not at all what I was expecting. I was really hoping it would be similar to the old nomination ceremonies where everyone who was safe got a key. Instead they all walk around with these stupid necklaces on that light up green when you’re safe. Half of them don’t even notice when it lights up and I’m not sure you can really call it a ceremony if everyone’s off doing there own thing throughout the house. The one thing I do enjoy about it is the drama it could create with half the house being safe and the other half still waiting to find out their fate. In the end we saw Jason and Danielle nominated by Monte and Cornbread nominated by America. Nominating Jason, as much as I like him, was probably the best decision just based on the influence America is going to have on this game. Or was it the worst decision because of the influence America is going to have on this game? Hmm. . .

The Power of Veto Competition took place on Monday and confirmed that the competitions this season are definitely not going to be what we’re used to. No big set builds or lockdowns seem to be in the works this season and I’m honestly okay with that. I watch this show for the strategy, not the competitions. My only concern is will these competitions get old after a few weeks or will they be able to come up with enough new ideas to keep us all entertained? Time will tell I guess. I was definitely happy Jason managed to win the POV because he definitely needed it. There was no chance he was surviving this week. Hopefully this serves as a wake up call and he stops sitting in the same damn spot in the backyard all day everyday smoking away. He did this two years ago and we see how that turned out, get it together Jason!

Jason of course saves himself from eviction and Monte nominates Kryssie in his place. At this point I would like to see either Kryssie or Cornbread go home. Kryssie will not stop talking about her boyfriend 24/7 and only really seems to want to be there to help out her music career. Cornbread also seems like a bit of a fame whore, he’s definitely not my favorite houseguest. Danielle seems to know a bit more about Big Brother than the two of them and I’m all for supporting a fellow fan. I’m totally over this showmance she’s got going on with Shane though, it really reminds me of Shelley and Clay. Both got so close so fast and I think they’ll end up being a huge target soon. 

Overall, I’m really enjoying Big Brother Over The Top. So much has happened in the past week that I could honestly sit here and talk about it all day. The highlight for me was the Live Diary Room Sessions. I LOVED hearing everyone’s unedited thoughts and I think they did a great job keeping things moving. This is something I could definitely get used to. Other than that, I’m excited for the first live eviction tonight and to see how things turn out moving forward! #TeamShelby

- Ashley (@Biedazzle)

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