Thursday, September 8, 2016

Let's Talk Big Brother: Week 11

Welcome to a new weekly column featuring the writers of The Big Brother Insider! Join writers; Kaitlyn, Taylor, and Ashley as well as TBBI owner, John every week for their thoughts on BB18! 

1) Who do you want to see evicted this week? James or Natalie?

John: After last night's episode that painted Natalie as a villain/backstabbing James, I understand the appeal to see her go over James this week. However, I prefer Natalie over James game-wise, so I’d ideally like to see James go this week. Like-ability wise, Natalie has left a sour taste in my mouth after throwing James under the bus.

Ashley: I’d like to see James go this week. He seems like a great guy but not the best game player. I think Natalie has done a better job with keeping her finger on the pulse throughout the season, I’ve also really grown to like her. At the beginning of the season, I was worried I wasn’t going to like any of these new players but she really turned things around for me.  I think she’s probably my favorite “newbie” of the season!

Taylor: I’d prefer Natalie leave this week! I think (hope) James still has a fighting chance in this game. If he doesn’t have his showmance anymore, he will look like less of a threat to Vic, and Paul. Don’t get me wrong, I like Natalie. But, I think that James had a more solid relationship with NiCorey, than Nat did, making it easier for him to get back into the flow of things.

Kaitlin: I’d like to see Natalie go this week. Let’s be honest, the only reason why she made it this far is because of James. If she has the chance to play the game alone most likely she’ll have no idea what to do. I think James understands the game a little more and will know what to do in order to stay safe.

2) With the finale approaching, who do you think has the best shot at winning right now?

John: I think I’ve been fairly vocal these last few weeks in these articles that I’m #TeamPaul, and I still think he’s in a GREAT place to win as his partner/duo Victor is seen as a bigger target. Plus, he’s won competitions, survived multiple nominations, and has placed a great social game. However, bias aside,  Nicole is also in a good place to win. She hasn’t been nominated at all this season yet, and Corey would likely be seen as the bigger target if they ended up on the block together. So realistically, Nicole has a good shot - but I’m still rooting for Paul to pull through with the W.

Ashley: This is so tough! I’m still rooting for Nicole but I think Victor and Paul could be really tough opponents. Victor is such a competition beast that I just don’t know if they’ll be able to get him out. Paul has done so well socially, he seemed to really be at the bottom early on and now seems to have a real “Friendship” with just about everyone.

Taylor: For sure Victor. He has an appealing argument to win the whole game: I won my way back in the game TWICE. Plus, he is a competition beast. I know Paul is all about “friendship” but if he doesn’t get Vic out before the end, I think Paul will lose the entire game.

Kaitlin: As you all know, I am #TeamFriendship all the way. Paul has played the game the best this season. He started at the bottom and now he’s dominating! He’s had an excellent social game and he’s won competitions especially when he needed to! But there’s also an argument for Victor, he won his way back into the house TWICE! Man he has been extremely lucky this season.

3) What has been your favorite moment from this season?

John: The most entertaining moment this season was Paulie’s Jury House segment. The way the girls went off on him when he entered will go down in BB history and is truly an iconic moment. I also enjoyed Jozea’s delusions, those were hysterical!  

Ashley: The entire season has been great! I think my favorite moment may have been Paulie walking into the jury house. I was so proud of Bridgette in that moment.  I seriously wish we had an extra feed camera of the jury house because that footage was fabulous! Love her or hate her, we all know Da’Vonne would be endless entertainment!

Taylor: This is so hard to choose!!! I really liked the episode when the house was trying to find the way into the secret room that lead to the round trip/one-way tickets! It was so funny to see some of the house work together, and others work against each other. Plus, it was hilarious to watch Paul lie about his discovery to the house, and everyone not believe him!

Kaitlin: Man that is tough, there have been so many great moments! Paulie’s Jury House segment was amazing. But my favorite moment was probably the Zingbot Zings. This year Zingbot was on point and almost everyone had a hysterical zing!

4) If you could have any NEW player from this season return again, who would it be?

John: Obviously I think Glenn deserves a second chance (along with BB14 Jodi!!!) but in terms of those that made it past 72 hours in the house, I’d like to see Tiffany play again. I think she had a lot more to offer and this season just got the best of her early on. I also think Paul would be entertaining to see again.

Ashley: Definitely Natalie! She’s been one of my favorites for almost this entire season. I think it would be great to see her play again, hopefully without being in a showmance. I think she’s made a few mistakes this season because of James and had she just been playing for herself, she might have done a couple of things differently. Of course, this was also my hope for Nicole 2 years ago and we see how that turned out. . .

Taylor: Paul. I think he is hilarious. He adds so much life to this game, and you never know what side of Paul will be out. He can be confrontational, or all about friendship, you just don’t know what side you’re going to get! Plus, he can win competitions, and plays a good social game despite his occasional outbursts.

Kaitlin: I’d like to see Bridgette return. She was definitely an underestimated player in the beginning and she slowly started to play the game. She won some competitions and she was a great observer. Plus she played a huge role in getting Paulie out. I’d love to see what she would do with a second chance.

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