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Let's Chat Big Brother: Finale Week

Welcome to a new weekly column featuring the writers of The Big Brother Insider! Join writers; Kaitlyn, Taylor, and Ashley as well as TBBI owner, John every week for their thoughts on BB18!

1) Who do you want to see win? Paul, James, or Nicole?

John: I haven’t been quiet about my thoughts on who I’d like to see win, but if you have somehow missed who I’m rooting for - it’s Paul. I said the following a couple weeks back, “If Paul doesn’t win, it will be one of the biggest disappointing seasons, for me, in a long time. I think Paul has played the best game this season. He escaped being the target the first couple weeks, he was the only one that was interested in discovering the secret room, he then had the round-trip return ticket, he’s been nominated and escaped eviction three SIX times, and in general has played the best social game.”

Ashley: As always, I’m still hoping Nicole will win this thing! Paul/Corey would definitely be my 2nd choice. At the same time, I think if Paul doesn’t win, we’ll definitely see him return in a future season, so that could be a good thing for Paul fans! James seems like a great guy but out of the four has really been the least strategic. I really think anyone could win right now! In most previous seasons I’ve always felt like there was a front runner: Vanessa, Derrick, Dan, etc. This should make for an interesting finale night!

Taylor: Hmmm… This is a tough one for me. I really won't be disappointed with any of the winners. I like Nicole because she’s a veteran that hadn’t been up on the block until last week, which is impressive. Plus, I want a girl to win Big Brother-- it has been too long! I like Paul because he is hilarious and has played an AMAZING game. How can anyone not vote for your boy?!? But, I’ve got a soft spot for my Texas boy James. Being from Texas, I HAVE to root for anybody from Texas. Plus, I think James is so so kind, so entertaining, and he has played a great social game for someone in a showmance. I will be happy with any of the winners… but if I had to choose, I would vote for my boy, Paul, because friendship.

Kaitlin: I’ve been rooting for Paul all season long, so it is very clear that he is my favorite this season. Personally, I think he has played the best the game this season However, I would not be upset if James or Nicole won. Nicole has rarely been on the block this season, so I have to give her props for that. James played well in the first part of the game, but he got distracted by Natalie for the last part of the game. But regardless of all that, I still want Paul to win! #TeamFriendship.

2) Who do you want to see win America’s Favorite Houseguest?

John: If Paul makes it to Final 2, then I’d like to see Victor take it. If Paul (somehow) gets cut at Final Three, he deserves it. However, I’ll tell you the one houseguest that doesn’t - JAMES. I’ve never seen a houseguest play more for AFH than James has, it’s all he want out of this - to win AFH again. I’ll also throw Da’Vonne into the ring for who I think deserves AFH, she brought entertainment all the way up to her eviction and is now giving us entertainment from the Jury House! So there it is, my picks for AFH are; Paul, Victor, or Da’Vonne.

Ashley: I think it depends on who ends up in the Final 2. I can tell you who I definitely do NOT want to win America’s Favorite Houseguest and that would be James. I’m so tired of hearing him talk about it on the feeds and I feel like almost every decision he makes, he’s thinking “What will America think about this?” and that drives me absolutely crazy! I would rather see someone focus all their energy into winning the game rather than winning America’s Favorite Houseguest! I’m honestly still surprised he beat Johnny Mac last year!

Taylor: I’ve got to say Victor. I really liked Vic, and he honestly was such a force this season so I think he deserves to win something. How can you not like El Fit Vic, the two-time returnee?! If Paul doesn’t make final two, I think he could be a top contender as well.

Kaitlin: I really want Victor to win America’s Favorite Houseguest. He has been the true underdog this season and he has been really fun to watch this season! Also Da’Vonne deserves a shot at America’s Favorite Houseguest just because of her DR sessions! Please just let anyone besides James win, I love him but being a fan favorite is just going to his head.

3) Looking back, were any of your First Impressions correct? Any of them way off?

John: Since I forgot to ever post my First Impressions (oops!), I have no record of my thoughts on the houseguests before they entered. But from what I remember, I wasn’t impressed with this batch of houseguests. I know I liked Paulie, Tiffany, and Glenn. I was also rooting for Michelle to win because she’s a superfan. I also remember liking Paul pre-season, then not liking him when feeds start, then back to liking him for awhile, then back to not, now I’m a full fledge Paul fan. Lol. I’m surprised I liked Paulie, he turned out to be a complete dick. Michelle’s game was also surprising to me, I thought being a superfan she’d know what she was doing a little more. I was mistaken.

Ashley: My first impression of Natalie was totally on point and I’m really happy about that! I feel like most people were comparing her to season 16’s Victoria and I just had a feeling she was really going to be a force to be reckoned with in this game. On the flip side, my impression of Paul was completely wrong. I could not stand him after the first episode of the season! He was so focused on getting rid of the veterans who I really wanted to see get a second chance but eventually he kind of opened his eyes and really started to understand the game. And look at him now, he’s sitting in the final four with two veterans and was even working with one of them just two weeks ago! I’ve grown to really like him and wouldn’t mind seeing him in the house again.

Taylor: I can’t be more ashamed of my picks for this season. I usually am a good selector!!! I picked Derrick to win after the first episode during his season, and everyone was shocked at how right I was. I picked Big Meech to win, along with Paulie, and Corey making it to the finale. I am still so MAD at Big Meech’s game, it even makes me disappointed in myself for having such high expectations for her. But… nothing tops the disappointment I have for who I picked to be eliminated first….. I’m so sorry to say I did not have friendship when I picked Paul to go first. I wish I would’ve picked him to win.

Kaitlin: My first impressions were waaaaaaayyyyy off, clearly I am not good at reading people. The one things that I was right about was that I knew that Paul was going to be entertaining to watch. I picked a returning player to win, and I’m hope I’m wrong about that!

4) Now that we have more details, what are your thoughts on the upcoming Big Brother Over The Top?

John: I’m excited to see what is in store! I’m hesitant to get too excited because I don’t want it to be a complete letdown, but I have high hopes for it. Between BBOTT, BBCAN5, and then BB19 in summer - we are set for a full years worth of Big Brother! Someone get me a drink! ;)

Ashley: Honestly, how could you not be excited to have back to back seasons of Big Brother? Between Big Brother 18, Big Brother Over The Top, Big Brother Canada 5 and Big Brother 19, I feel like all my dreams have come true and my favorite television show is going to be on for a full year! That being said, I do recognize that Over The Top might not be the same Big Brother that we’re all used to seeing each summer on CBS. The one thing I’m a little concerned with is that fans will be a big part of the game. The the I love most about Big Brother is the social experiment and the strategic gameplay. I hate when the viewers impact the game. That being said, I’m going into Over The Top with an open mind and I think knowing ahead of time that it’s going to be something new and different and not the typical Big Brother will help make it a great show! Seeing all competitions and ceremonies on the feeds is something most live feed viewers have been wishing for and I couldn’t be happier to see our wishes finally being granted!

Taylor: I am really really really excited for Big Brother Over The Top! Being a superfan, anything Big Brother excites me, and I’m ready to see how this online version works out! I do have a hesitation because I love the TV episodes three nights a week, but I’ll give it a chance!

Kaitlin: I’m really sad about Big Brother Over The Top, I hate that it is only on CBS All Access. I’m a fake superfan, I don’t watch the live feeds or even buy them. Instead I go to Twitter and Big Brother websites ;) to get some spoilers or see what does not make it on the TV episodes. So by not having it on CBS I feel totally left out and I’m really tempted to buy the feeds. However, I don’t know if I’ll be able to fit it all in with the rest of my fall series! SIGH

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