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Big Brother 18 Winner Prediction

BIG BROTHER 18 FINALE - Winner Prediction

Written By: John Insider 
(Editor-In-Chief of The Big Brother Insider)

Tonight is the night! Our summer has officially come to a end. After months, and months, and MONTHS! The anticipation for this season to finally be over is here! (Thank the BB gods!)

This season we have experienced four veterans returning, someone getting "Jodied" the first night, a failed secret room twist, the BB Roadkill Twist, 4 failed teams, and we can't forget the BB Care Package. Plus showmances galore a la Nicorey/Jatalie/Zaulie, the hashtags that swept twitter; #VomitCryBaby, #PauliesEvictionParty, and #NotGayCorey, and how could we forget Jozea's delusions. But tonight that all ends!

Either James, Nicole, or Paul will walk out of the house $500,000 richer and the winner of Big Brother 18. (The runner up gets $50,000 & 3rd place gets $0). 

Continue Reading to see who I think will take it all home tonight!


**SPOILER ALERT: Paul has won Part I, Nicole has won Part II **

So here is how it will work, Paul & Nicole will go head to head in part three of the HOH competition, live! That competition is usually a Q and A of phrases Jury members said about the season. The winner of that competition will then choose who they want to go against in the final two, thus evicting the other houseguest and making them the ninth and final jury member.

The final two will then be interrogated asked questions by the jury. The jury will listen to the final two's plea speeches and then they will cast their votes for who they want to win. The winner only needs five votes to win!

The Final 3's Stats:
James: 1 HOH, 0 POV's, 1 time nominated
Nicole: 2 HOH's, 2 POV's, 1 time nominated
Paul: 2 HOH's, 3 POV's, 6 times nominated

Jury Members (In Order): Da'Vonne, Zakiyah, Bridgette, Paulie, Michelle, Natalie, Victor, Corey, and the 9th jury member will be evicted LIVE!


Jury Breakdown

Big Brother 18 Jury (Not Pictured: Corey & 9th Jury Member) / Source:
**Note: In the past I've tried to predict who each juror will vote for but it's hard to tell who will vote for whom this season. I think this will be an incredibly bitter jury but, at the end of the day, I have no clue if they will vote with their emotions and chose to be bitter or if they will vote strategically based on who played the best game.

Paul VS. Nicole (Evicting James)
Who I think will win? - Paul
Thoughts - This is the most likely scenario to happen, however it's the most complicated scenario to predict. I'd like to think the jury will not award someone who has slept for the majority of the game to win, however we know a few members of the jury (Da'Vonne) do plan to vote for Nicole. And we already know that both of them already have one vote locked in; Nicole has Corey, and Paul has Victor. Either way, if Nicole and Paul end up in the final two together, it will be a very close vote.

Paul VS. James (Evicting Nicole)
Who I think will win? - Paul
Thoughts - Paul plans to take Nicole if he wins the final HOH, however that's not a great option for Paul. If Paul takes James instead, it will be his greatest shot at winning the $500k. If Paul takes James over Nicole I feel he will have the majority of the jurors votes on his side.

Nicole VS. James (Evicting Paul)
Who I think will win? - Nicole
 Thoughts - This is Nicole's greatest shot at winning the $500k, however it's an unlikely scenario as it would require Nicole to win the final HOH which I don't foresee happening. I think the jury would vote heavily in Nicole's favor as she's played a better game than James. However, I could see a few bitter jurors voting for James in this situation.


Who Should Win? 

James should win because... Um...To be honest, James doesn't deserve to win over Nicole or Paul. However, that doesn't mean he hasn't accomplished anything in the game - just means he hasn't accomplished much. I'll give James credit for staying off the block until Week 11 when he was put up with Natalie and she was ultimately evicted. However, other than that, James hasn't done much to deserve the win - in my opinion. People say, "Well James has a daughter, he could use the money!" James got $25k last year for winning America's Favorite Houseguest, then he got $25k just for returning this summer. Plus, if he gets taken to final two by either Nicole or Paul, he'll get $50k minimum. So, James is fine on money. I love James as a person and he's played a okay social game, but honestly, he's done nothing worthy of winning this game - especially when you compare his game to that of Nicole or Paul's.

Nicole should win because... Well, first off, I'm not a Nicole fan. However, I will give her credit for not being nominated until Week 13! That's incredible in this game - especially being a returning player. However, her lack of playing the game until Day 80 (or something) is one I don't take lightly. I like and appreciate gamers, and sitting in bed hanging all over Corey isn't playing the game nor can you classify it as a strategy. Perhaps this is giving her more credit then she deserves but protecting herself with a "meat shield" a la Corey got her to final three, and kept her safe when she needed it - so I'll give her props for that. Plus, she's made it to final three so she had to do something right, I'll give her that. If she wins part three and evicts Paul thus taking James to final two - she deserves to win.

Paul should win because... FRIENDSHIP! Duh! Lol. I don't think I've ever wanted someone to win more than I want Paul to win. Paul has played a amazing game and I am flabbergasted by it. He went into the house as a loud obnoxious player and which quickly gained him a target on his back. He survived 6 nominations and won 2 POV's - his scorecard is one the speaks for itself when compared to the other two. A big plus for me was he was seemingly the only one interested in discovering the secret room. He then happened to be the round-trip ticket holder! He's played a brilliant social game and made an alliance with Victor that hes been loyal too and that lasted him nearly the entire game. Simply put, if Paul doesn't win this season, I'll be PISSED.


John's Final Thoughts

I am full on rooting for Paul to win. I've mentioned this a few times in our "Let's Talk Big Brother" articles, but Paul's game has truly blown me away. I don't think I've ever gone back and forth on how I felt about a houseguest more than I have when it comes to Paul. I started off kinda liking him pre-season, then hated him, then back to liking him, then hated him for his over use of pissed and friendship, then all of the suddenly I started liking Paul again! He's played a amazing social game and managed to keep us entertained in doing so and I'd like to see him rewarded for that.

As for who I think will win "America's Favorite Player", I'd like to see Victor take it. He's loved by america, won his chance to go back into the game TWICE (this is different then just lucking into it), was evicted a record three times! The man deserves more than just his weekly stipend for that. I really hope he wins. I mentioned this in this weeks "Let's Talk Big Brother" article but the one houseguest I don't want to see take it is James. I hope/predict the top three houseguests will be Victor, Paul, and Natalie. However it's more than likely that James will be in the top three somehow.

John's Finale Night Predictions:
Winner: Paul
Runner-Up: Nicole
America's Favorite Houseguest: Victor

"We Want YOU to WIN!" Results: You want PAUL to win! He received 57% of the votes!

Thanks for reading and thank you for being a loyal fan of TBBI this season! I look forward to returning for Big Brother: Over The Top in ONE WEEK!

See you next week,
John (The Big Brother Insider)

**Please Note: I have NO idea what the Jury is thinking. Every year it shocks me who votes for who. I'm just guessing right now and none of the above was a statement, just a theory/prediction. It's always hard to determine who will win in which scenarios and why each one deserved the win. 
I hope you understand my thought process and respect it. 
Let me know your thoughts by sending me a tweet - @TheBBInsider**

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