Thursday, August 18, 2016

Let's Talk Big Brother: Week 8

Welcome to a new weekly column featuring the writers of The Big Brother Insider! Join writers; Kaitlyn, Taylor, and Ashley as well as TBBI owner, John every week for their thoughts on BB18!

We’re changing up this week's “Let’s Talk Big Brother” article. Instead of having our writers answer questions, we’re going to have them give their opinion on the remaining houseguests. With it being week 8 in the house, only 8 houseguests left, and 8 houseguests already been evicted it just seemed like a GrEIGHT time to do it ;)

In no particular order, let’s get started:

1- Paulie
John: Where to start with Paulie? Initially, I liked the guy. He seemed nice, eager to play the game, and (physically) would be great at challenges. He proved me correct on the latter, however I was dead wrong by assuming he seemed nice. His comments in the house quickly left a bad taste in my mouth. For awhile I was low-key rooting for him, now I won’t be sad to see him go tonight - only thing I will miss is the drama he has brought this week.

Ashley: After Paulie’s antics this week, I’m completely over this guy. I honestly can’t believe I ever liked him! He’s definitely no Cody. He had such potential earlier in this game. What a disappointment.

Taylor: Up until this week, I thought Paulie was the only person who deserved to win this game. I think he could’ve went all the way to the end this season. Now I’m really just disappointed in him.

Kaitlin: At first, I loved Paulie. I never liked Cody and he seemed so different compared to him but this week he really has shown his true colors. From his rudeness to his bad sportsmanship it has been hard to root for him.  In this game, you can’t be cocky. Ultimately, that was Paulie’s downfall in this game.

2) Victor
John: Wasn’t a fan of Victor when he got evicted, he wasn’t one of the pre-jury members I wanted to come back in the house, but oddly...I kinda like him now. We’ve had the Victor show the last two weeks and it has been pretty great. He’s actually making big moves this week to advance his game, so I give him props for that. However, I still do not want to see him win because I don’t like the idea of people that have already been evicted coming back and winning. But for right now, he’s making the game entertaining so he can stay for awhile.

Ashley: Victor is okay. Not my favorite but I don’t hate him. Surprisingly, I ended up rooting for him in the Battle Back once Glenn was out. I definitely did not want to see the other 3 return. A part of me wonders if Victor could end up being the first evictee to win Big Brother. With his comp wins, he could be onto something!

Taylor: Eh… not a fan. I hope he gets eliminated soon. He’s great at competitions, and he’s funny… but his cockiness is too much for me.

Kaitlin: I’m not a huge fan of Victor, but he’s growing on me. Possibly because I respect him a lot as a player. It’s very unusual to see a someone voted out and come back in and end up doing very well. And I applaud him for that. He reminds me a lot of Hayden, the winner of BB12. Loud in the Diary Room, good at competitions, and not afraid to make the moves he needs. If the houseguests do not watch out Victor could win this game.

3) Michelle
John: This girl is one of the most emotional players I’ve seen in awhile. Originally I was rooting for her because she’s “one of us” (feedster)but I just can’t anymore. Her game is a mess, she doesn’t seem to have a strategy - not even the default “floater” strategy. I am however loving her for assisting in the demise of Paulie, however she still has a long way to go before I go back to rooting for big Meech.

Ashley: Big Meech is easily my least favorite player remaining in the game. And considering how Paulie has been acting lately, that’s saying a lot. I can’t stand the crying and if there’s one thing that really bugs me, it’s claiming to be a Superfan when you’re really not. She recently said on the feeds she’s only seen like 6 or 7 seasons. A true Superfan would’ve gone back and watched the others!

Taylor: Oh Meech. She was my pick for winner. If you watched her first interview, she seemed so smart, and such a fan of the game, that it was easy to assume she would be good at it. The crying is awful, she has no game play, and I would have much rather seen her walk out the door on double eviction night, instead of Bridgette.

Kaitlin: For the longest time, I’ve disliked her. Her comments have rubbed me the wrong way since the beginning. She gives Superfans a bad name. Look I don’t care if you haven’t seen every episode of Big Brother, but if you claim to be a Superfan, you need to act like one. PLAY THE GAME!! When it comes to being an emotional player, she is 20 billion times worse than Vanessa. At least Vanessa had some sort of strategy, Meech does not. The one thing I’ll give her credit for is that her sass and shade towards Paulie is very entertaining.

4) Corey
John: Who? I forgot this guy was even in the house until he won HOH and POV in the double eviction last week. He has zero game. Him winning those competitions I believe was sure luck. He reminds me of BB16’s Victoria - he’s just kinda there. I just hope he goes soon cause I don’t want him anywhere near the final 3.

Ashley: When I think of Corey, I think of the theme song to the Disney Channel show “Corey in the house” because that’s really all he is, he’s in the house. He’s not really doing anything and I’m still not sure he really knows what he’s doing BUT he’s a number for Nicole so he can stay. I honestly don’t mind the guy as much as the rest of the internet community.

Taylor: I don’t mind Corey at all. I think his social game is good, and clearly he can win competitions. He may not do much, or cause any crazy things in the house, but I think he’s a level headed player.

Kaitlin: I literally can not stand this guy. He has no personality at all and I do not know what Nicole sees in him. Boy is not even that cute. Corey, he’s just there and he’ll probably float to the Final 3.

5) Nicole
John: I didn’t mind Nicole during BB16, she was a likeable girl playing a “okay” game, so I expected to feel the same way about her this season….I was sadly mistaken. Nicole has been a huge disappointment this season. Instead of playing a better game this time around, she is repeating her BB16 game, nearly to a tee. Not winning any comps, no great social game, and having a showmance. I really wish I could root for her, but I can’t root for someone who is just there for a showmance.

Ashley: I will always always ALWAYS be Team Nicole! I don’t care if she isn’t playing the greatest game, I still think she has a shot at this thing! I would love to see her win this or at the very least be the last Veteran standing. I think it’s been fun to watch her play and get mad over every little “freakin’” thing!

Taylor: I love Nicole. She’s so quirky and cute… but not too much of a fan of her anymore. In BB16 I rooted for her, and I liked her showmance with Hayden. But, c’mon. The same game play for both seasons? Including showmances? Not cool.

Kaitlin: I loved Nicole in BB16, I thought she was so likeable and quirky. But this season, I don’t know what it is. Maybe she’s hanging out with Corey too much because his blandness is rubbing off on her. She’s just floating through this season and EVEN America is helping her float even more with this Super Safety care package. It’s really disappointing to see one of your favorite players just be in the house and not really play.

6) Natalie
John: Right now, I am rooting for Natalie. It’s weird that I find myself rooting for her because she hasn’t won any comps, but she is playing a pretty good social game. She also seems to be the only person in there with the drive to stir things up and flip the game for herself. I just really hope she gets some power soon before she becomes the target. Also, I absolutely LOVE her and James together, and I hardly ever root for a showmance to make it work outside the house - but I hope they do.

Ashley: Natalie is the savior of this season. She seems like such a nice person and is a breath of fresh air in that house. So many people thought she was going to be the Victoria in the house but the girl has got some game! I would love to see her win!

Taylor: I LOVE NATALIE. Natalie and James are the sweetest showmance. She genuinely gets excited about things in the house which I love. She’s adorable, and even though she hasn’t won any competitions, I wouldn’t be mad if she won.

Kaitlin: With my first impression of Natalie, I did not like this girl. I thought she was going to be like a Victoria from BB16 or there solely for a showmance. I was wrong about her, sure she has something with James but she’s playing an excellent social game. I underestimated her. Sure she has not won any competitions but she went from a target to flying under the radar. I don’t see her winning, but she has a good shot to win America’s Favorite.

7) James
John: James, another disappointment this season. This guy was funny and brought entertainment to BB17, but was just there for a summer vacation. So when I heard he was returning, I had hoped he would come back with a drive to actually play the game. I was wrong, he’s still just in there to have a good time. His social game is as good as ever, and he is finally stepping up and participating in making big moves these past two weeks. I’d like to see him get power and finally start playing the game.

Ashley: James is still James. Not much has changed. He’s still the same guy as last year but he found a girl to return his love this time around. I think he will go far. No one really seems to be bothered that he is there and he’s still getting along with pretty much everyone.  

Taylor: I will forever be a fan of James. I think he’s so kind, and genuine. He’s so funny, and it’s hard not to love James. I think he’s playing so much better this season. I would love to see James win it all.

Kaitlin: I love James, he’s my favorite, so I may be a little biased towards him. Sure he isn’t making big power moves like Paulie before or Victor currently. But I think his little moves count. He’s liked by everyone in the house, his social game is great, and he’s made little moves with voting, like voting out Zakiyah. Let’s not forget he did get Frank out of the house. Hopefully he starts to step it up and win some competitions, I’d like to see what he would do if he wins HOH.  

8) Paul
John: I think Matthew said it best in his “From My P.O.V” column this week, he said, “Paul confounds me. I have never, in my entire BB Fandom, been more conflicted and up and down over a single player. At first, I hated his loud mouth attitude and superiority complex. Then, I liked him. I found him entertaining, cheeky, fun, and he seemed to be picking up on the nuances of the game. Then, I hated him again. I couldn't stand his “OHs” and his “PISSEDs” and his “FRIENDSHIPs”. Like, really. I couldn't stand it. It was getting to the point where I was feeling real world anger every time they would show him yelling one of his stupid catch phrases. NOW, I respect him more than any other player in the house in terms of the game he is playing.” I couldn’t agree more Matthew!

Ashley: At this point, how could anyone not like Paul? I thought I was going to hate the guy based on the first two episodes but he’s now someone I’m rooting for! If he leaves soon, I’ll definitely be “PISSED!” The guy has really come along way and truly seems to understand this game more than most first time players. I love that he took the first shot at Paulie.

Taylor: During week one I wanted Paul out first, and now I think BB18 would be horrible without him. He’s so comedic, and a GREAT player. I really think Paul deserves to win this game.

Kaitlin: At first he was too much, then he toned it down, then he got loud again, then he started picking up on how the game works, then he started with the catchphrases, the catchphrases caught on and now all I know is that I love him. I don’t understand how all this happened, but there is FRIENDSHIP with Paul. He’s my boy. Maybe all the repetition sunk into my head and I was coaxed into liking him, but I don’t mind. I think he’s funny and playing the game superwell. I’m really impressed by Paul. And I’m also really impressed with how he looks without his beard, just saying. Paul could really win this game, and if he doesn’t I think we all may be PISSED.

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