Thursday, August 11, 2016

Let's Talk Big Brother: Week 7

Welcome to a new weekly column featuring the writers of The Big Brother Insider! Join writers; Kaitlyn, Taylor, and Ashley as well as TBBI owner, John every week for their thoughts on BB18!

1) If you were in the house this week, who would you evict? Michelle or Zakiyah?

John: Four weeks ago I said both of these girls were playing the best game...Now I look back and laugh at myself! They’ve both been playing the worst game. They do nothing! Don’t win comps, have no social game...I just can’t with them. Anyways, all that aside the decision on whom to evict would be easy for me - Zakiyah. She’s in a showmance flirtmance with Paulie. ALWAYS get rid of the showmances. It’s amazing to me that we have three of them and nobody is batting an eye!

Ashley: I think it would depend on my position in the house, who I was aligned with and which of the two girls would help my game the most by staying. From purely a viewers standpoint, I’d like to see Michelle go. She’s driving me insane both on the feeds and the show. I can’t handle the crying over every little thing and she is making no effort to get along with the other side of the house.

Taylor: BIG MEECH!!! My goodness I am sick of watching her cry. As bad of a judgement as it is, I expect superfans to play a better game than everyone else. Michelle has played a terrible game, and I would be happy to watch her leave. Plus, Z rarely bothers me. I wish she would get away from Paulie, and make a big move.

Kaitlin: If I was in the house, I’d evict Zakiyah. She’s an numbe for Paulie who is controlling the house. It’s time to dwindle those numbers down and take down that big alliance. Big Meech may be super annoying and gives all us superfans a bad name, but I would hope she starts to turn her game around IF she stays.

2) Who are you hoping has the round-trip ticket?

John: I had hoped that Da’Vonne had the round-trip last week, but as we know that didn’t work out. It’s hard for me to hope that one person has the round trip because I just can’t see any of the ones left going back in a “making a big move”. It would be interesting though to see whomever goes in the double eviction have the round-trip - they could potentially go back in a shake things up, but I’m not holding my breath on that one.

Ashley: Of course, I’m hoping “My Girl” Nicole has the round trip ticket and she’s still the person I’d like to see win this game. A part of me is also hoping for Victor, not because he’s a favorite of mine or anything, I just think the reactions we’d get from the other houseguests would be fabulous! Imagine one person being lucky enough to come back in the game twice!

Taylor: I would like to see James or Natalie have the round trip. I really like both of them. I think it would be awesome to watch Bridgette leave and come right back in though since she was a target for so long.

Kaitlin: I really wanted Da’Vonne to have the round trip ticket for pure entertainment reasons, but that was not the case last week. So I hope James has the round trip ticket, he’s the only one in the house I’m really rooting for this season.

3) Who do you think is in danger of going home during the Double Eviction tonight?

John: I think whomever survives the block tonight will be in danger - in addition to Bridgette. Both whomever is left and Bridgette are clearly the lowest on the totem pole in the house.

Ashley: After Michelle/Zakiyah I think whoever survives from that pair or Bridgette will be the next casualty. Last week I was thinking Victor but I do feel like he’s put himself in a better place with the guys now. I was hoping for something more exciting and a big move but I think the double eviction is going to be fairly predictable and not be used to take out a major threat, similar to last year with Steve holding the power. But hey, it worked out well for him right?

Taylor: I think Victor. He is too cocky for my taste, and his nomination speech could have rubbed people the wrong way. I think that Z or Michelle will be at risk as well.

Kaitlin: Double Evictions are always the best part of Big Brother! Most of the time, major drama occurs and you have no idea what happened, and someone you didn’t expect to be voted out is gone. If this season continues to be as predictable as it has been, it will probably will be Zakyiah or Big Meech, depending on how the eviction goes. Fingers crossed it’s someone unexpected!

4) Who do you want to see go home in the Double Eviction tonight?

John: In terms of who I HOPE will go home? Paulie. Hand’s down. But once again, I’m not holding my breath on that one happening...

Ashley: I’d love to see any of the board members go home just to shake things up a bit. I just don’t see anyone being willing to take that shot. Even if Michelle or Zakiyah ends up winning, I’m not sure they’d do it. I worry they’d just try to take out one of the girls for some silly personal reason.

Taylor: I would love to see Big Meech walk out the door first, followed by Victor. I’ve had enough of the crying and cockiness. I would like to see Nicole and Corey start making some big moves though, maybe they will put the PP duo on the block: Paul and Paulie. That would make for a great episode.

Kaitlin: I want Corey GONE. I think he’s bad for Nicole’s game, and she’s a better player than what she has been doing this season. He’s a distraction for her, and if he goes a fire will be lit under her butt and she’ll finally start playing this game.

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