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Let's Talk Big Brother: Week 6

Welcome to a new weekly column featuring the writers of The Big Brother Insider! Join writers; Kaitlyn, Taylor, and Ashley as well as TBBI owner, John every week for their thoughts on BB18!

1) If you were in the house this week, who would you evict? Bridgette or Da’Vonne? Why?

John: Game wise, Da’Vonne is the biggest threat to their game. She is a veteran, has gotten both of her targets out the last two weeks, and she’s playing a great social game. You can always get out Bridgette later, she’s alone in the game. Plus, since she is alone in the game, you can use her as a number as she’s likely to do whatever you need so she can stay in the game. However, entertainment-wise - I hope to see Bridgette go, but I just foresee that happening this week.

Taylor: I would evict Da’Vonne. I wouldn’t want to be aligned with her because she doesn’t really contribute to the alliance, she doesn’t win competitions and she gets into spats with other houseguests. Bridgette on the other hand could win some competitions, and would do what her alliance wanted to do because she is extremely loyal.

Ashley: I would definitely want to evict Da’Vonne. I love her as a character but that girl starts up a lot of drama and is SUPER smart. Bridgette has no one in that house right now and someone would just be nice to her, they’d probably have a loyal ally to the end. After Da’Vonne’s performance in the endurance HOH competition, I can now see her actually winning competitions in the future. The odds are going to continue to get better the less people there are in the house.

Kaitlin: If I was playing Big Brother, I would be an idiot if I did not vote out Da’Vonne. Sure Bridgette has won a couple competitions but Da’ is playing a great social game this time around. She’s gotten her targets out and she is a very perceptive player. As a fan, I’ll be rooting for Mama Da’ to survive this week, the house will not be the same without her amazing DR commentary.

2) What are your thoughts on this “Big Brother Care Package” twist?

John: I’m indifferent about the BB Care Package twist because on one hand, I like raw untouched/uninfluenced game but then I have to remember it’s Big Brother - twists like this are to be expected. In general, I like it. I definitely love some of the packages, like the I’m looking forward to seeing how “America” (I say “America” because I’m never really sure our votes matter, but that’s a different subject) decides who gets what package in the coming weeks.

Taylor: I like the Big Brother Care Package twice, a lot. I love fan interaction, and I love how excited players get when they receive something from America. Plus, I think that since the houseguests have to reveal what they have to everyone else, it adds some really entertaining drama.

Ashley: I don’t love the idea of fans being involved in the game, I prefer to see things play out amongst the houseguests without interference but I do think it will be fun to see who gets what and how the houseguests react. I LOVE that Big Brother is making them open the packages in front of everyone so there are no secrets. I was also happy Natalie won the first one, she’s easily become my favorite out of the Newbies this season so it’s nice to see America rooting for her as well.

Kaitlin: As a fan, I like to have a say when it comes to Big Brother, so I like the Big Brother Care Package twist. Do America’s votes really count? Probably not… But I like to think they do. What I really like about the fan influence is that it gives the houseguests an idea of how America feels about them. There’s always at least one houseguest who believes they are America’s favorite but they’re actually hated (COUGH COUGH AARYN BB 15)! The first care package was sweet, and I’m happy Natalie won’t be eating slop anymore, but it will be great to see some of the game changing type of gifts come into play.

3) Who do you think is playing the best game and the worst game right now?

John: Paulie is playing a pretty strong social and physical game. He’s definitely put himself in a great position to take it all...However, doing so well can put a target on his back. However, he seems to have everyone in the house on his side so I don’t foresee that happen.  As for the worst game? Nicole definitely. She’s focused more on cuddling with Corey than winning comps or strategizing.

Taylor: Paulie is playing the best game!!! He tells people what to do, and they listen, and he is a competition beast. He’s also created some really solid alliances. I think he’s an incredible player.
As for the worst game, I’d say Zakiyah. She is too obsessed with Paulie, and she’s a floater. I wish she wouldn’t have had a showmance, I would’ve really enjoyed to see her actually play the game.

Ashley: Paulie is definitely back out in front. I was worried for a bit there that he was starting to get in over his head but I don’t see anyone coming after him anytime soon. Even the girls who are onto this whole “guys alliance” are going to continue to take out each other knowing it’s a bad game move. I’m really disappointed in them. They went from the Fatal Five to just being fatal to their own games.

The person who I think is playing the worst game is Michelle. She doesn’t seem to want to try to get along with people she doesn’t like and being a true superfan, I expect more from her. She has to know that in the end you need jury votes to win and telling people “I’m nice to you, sometimes!” is not going to get her those votes! She’s letting her emotions get the best of her and now has ZERO chance of being crowned the winner of Big Brother 18.

Kaitlin: Paulie is playing a really great game so far, but he needs to calm down otherwise he’s going to come up short. Once he gets out all the big targets, he’ll be the next one to go.  For who is playing the worst game, I’d say it is a tie between Nicole and Zakiyah. FIrst off Nicole is focused on Corey and NOT the game. And with Zakiyah you forget she’s in the house half the time. Both these girls need to step it up.

4) We’re approaching the halfway point here soon, so right now, what are your general thoughts about this season?

John: In general, I’m indifferent about the season. Around this time I usually am rooting for someone in particular and I’m not and when I don’t find that someone, I tend to not enjoy the season. However, I still enjoy this season and hope we don’t lose the entertainment too much when Da’Vonne leaves tonight.

Taylor: I am actually enjoying this season. I mean don’t get me wrong, I have some complaints… like what is with all the showmances? I like it when there is only one showmance, it makes it seem more real. But, I am enjoying the overall season. I think being a newbie and going into a season with veterans would be really difficult, but most of them are handling it well. I like that they put Da on the show, she creates comedy gold in the diary room, Paulie is a great competitor, and Paul plays a great “friendship” social game. If someone would just make a big backdoor move by getting out Paulie the Powerhouse, it would really make the season for me.

Ashley: The season is not my favorite but I am still enjoying it. I think I will always enjoy Big Brother no matter what. If we survived season 9, we can survive anything they throw our way. I’m still 100% Team Nicole, even if she’s making mistakes in this game, no one’s perfect. I wish we could’ve seen her play without being in a showmance and see what she could do on her own but that’s just not how she plays Big Brother and that’s okay. To each their own. No matter the outcome, I think we will all safely be able to look back on this season and say “Remember that time someone thought it was a good idea to name their alliance P.P. . . “

Kaitlin: I’ll always enjoy Big Brother not matter what, but is this the best season of all time? No. But it is a lot better compared to some of the other seasons. I like the comedy and I’m really digging Paul’s showmance with friendship, but there needs to be a little more drama. We need less buddies and more rivals! Speaking of showmances, I am sick of it!! Everyone is seems to be focusing on hooking up rather than the game! Shaking my head!!!

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