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Let's Talk Big Brother: Week 2

Welcome to a new weekly column featuring the writers of The Big Brother Insider! Join writers; Kaitlyn, Taylor, and Ashley as well as TBBI owner, John every week for their thoughts on BB18!

1) What are your thoughts on Victor getting backdoored this week? Think that was the best strategic move for Paulie?

John: I think Paulie backdooring Victor was the best option for him and the 8 pack alliance. It was smart to backdoor him and not giving him a chance to play in the veto (Thanks for picking Zakiyah, Paul!). He’s the strongest member on “the other side” of the house and I can’t say I liked nor disliked Victor, so it’s ‘meh’ on my feeling seeing him leave the game. Currently though, he has the best odds (in my opinion) to win his way back in the Battle Back competitions. Him re-entering could be interesting.

Taylor: I think that Victor being backdoored was a good strategic move for Paulie. Paulie hasn’t been working with Victor, and even though Paulie didn’t have a hand in getting Jozea out, I don’t know that Victor would trust Paulie moving forward. I think Victor is fairly good at competitions, which makes him a threat to everyone.

Kaitlin: It makes sense for Paulie to backdoor Victor this week, because he is one of the bigger threats in the house. He is a tough and strong competitor, plus he also can be very intelligent. Did anyone else expect him to win that BB Roadkill? I certainly did not see that coming. However, I have noticed that he lacks common sense, which will be his downfall.

Ashley: I definitely think backdooring Victor was a great move for Paulie and the 8 pack as well. Victor was never going to be on their side, he was always going to be a number for the other side of the house. He's now proven he can win competitions and really take a shot at Paulie's side of the house. I can't say I'm going to miss him!

2) If you had to pick one person who is playing the best game right now, who would it be? Why?

John: If I had been asked this question last week, I would have said Frank. Unfortunately for him, his game is blowing up this week and it doesn’t look good for him. In the house it currently seems like everyone is everyone’s target - whether that be short term or long term. The only names I haven’t heard getting thrown around a lot is Michelle and Zakiyah. I think these two girls are in the best positions right now to win the game. In terms of who is playing the best game out of those three? I’d have to say Michelle. She’s sticking tight to the 8 pack alliance and the Fatal 5 girls alliance. And although I don’t see either alliance lasting very long, I do think Michelle will slide under the radar for the better half of the game and staying off many people’s radar in doing so.

Taylor: I think Paulie is playing the best game right now. He may not be on the inside of the “Eight Pack” but he has a close relationship with almost every single member of their alliance. By going up on the block as a pawn he has gained trust, and seems extremely loyal, and then winning the next HOH proves that he is a strong competitor. Paulie is also playing a really strong social game. He’s not pushing anyone’s buttons, and he’s not floating through the game. I think he’s playing a great game so far!

Kaitlin: Right now, I’d have to say Da’Vonne is playing the best game right now. Compared to last season, she’s a changed woman. She’s playing a much better social game this time around by making friends and being in a strong alliance. She’s biting her tongue and watching what she says to the other houseguests. Plus it is insane how perceptive she is, I expect her to make some big moves this season.

Ashley: I think there are quite a few people in really great positions right now. If I had to choose one person, I would go with Paulie. He has a great thing going with Frank and Corey. Nicole and James seem to be bonding with him because of his ties to former cast members. It definitely seems like he's Tiffany's number one thanks to their sibling bond and his HOH this week has really put him in a great position with being able to now earn some trust with Paul, someone who was initially completely against him. With the Vets self-destruction, Paulie is looking better and better as time goes on.

3) If you had to pick one person who is playing the worst game right now, who would it be? Why?

John:  Tough question as many of them aren’t playing a great game, in my opinion. I think this week Frank is playing the worst game. People are talking and realizing he has deals with everyone, he works both sides of the house, and everyone knows he’s a comp beast. So he has a huge target on his back, and it’s gonna be a hard target to get rid of.

Taylor: This is a tough one for me! I guess I will say Bridgette. I think her game turned upside down when she went upstairs to spy on the people who weren’t included in Jozea’s house meeting, and Bronte so openly announced it to everyone in the house meeting. It caused the Eight Pack to not trust her, and even though she has her “Spy Girl” alliance, I don’t think having their trust is enough to keep her in the game.

Kaitlin: I have to say Tiffany is playing the worst game. She swore she’s nothing like Vanessa but when I watch her on TV that’s all I see!! The crying, the hats, the paranoia, and even the sunglasses indoors, it’s all too much! Are we even sure Tiffany is her real name? What if she  really is Vanessa? Trying to win the POV this week showed that she does not trust her alliance and she is not a trustworthy alliance member. No one wants to work with someone who only cares about their well being and not willing to take one for the team.

Ashley: This is a tough one! So many people this season are just making so many mistakes! I think Frank is really starting to put himself in a bad spot. The house is starting to realize he basically has a final four deal with everyone in the house. Bridgette seems to be the only person who still believes everything he says to her. If Frank is not careful, he's going to have to play the same game he played in season 14, win every single competition to save himself. What worse is, I'm not sure he's realized any of this yet!

4) Do you think Tiffany not revealing she’s Vanessa’s sister to some people will eventually hurt her game?

John: If Tiffany was the only sibling in the house, I’d say no - this wouldn’t hurt her game. However, the fact that Paulie opened up about him being Cody’s sister the first night, and she didn’t - doesn’t put her in the best spot. With “the other side” of the house in the dark about her secret, it’s reveal could give them a reason to evict her if they gain the upperhand. However, with her alliance with the Vets and them being targets before her, I don’t think it will end up affecting her like it would in a normal season.

Taylor: Yes! I think because Paulie was so upfront and honest with everyone so early on, it will make her a target when everyone does find out. She is so similar to Vanessa, from her mannerisms, to paranoia, when everyone finds out that she’s related to someone so iconic, she’s going to get the backdoor.

Kaitlin: When Tiffany told only a few select people that she was Vanessa’s sister, she earned trust and respect from those players. It’s astonishing that no one else from the other side of the house has a clue, especially since they’re practically alike. I think knowing that she is Vanessa’s sister immediately puts a target on her back in the house, especially with the Vets, since they know Vanessa very well. And the fact that she wanted to hide it does not help her at all, especially since Paulie was so open and honest.

Ashley: Initially I thought this would hurt her but now as time goes on, I think a lot of people know and most honestly don't seem to care. I think Tiffany acting just like Vanessa did last year is what's going to hurt her in the end, not keeping her sibling a secret. She needs to stop being so paranoid and stop crying. The house is starting to see her as a loose cannon. I'm annoyed hearing her ask 85,000 times a day if she's safe, I can only imagine how annoyed the other houseguests have to be getting!

5) The BB Roadkill is in it’s second week, what do you think of it so far?

John: I’m pleasantly surprised how much I like the BB Roadkill. I was weary of the idea of the houseguests competing in a RV (Like how stupid does that look to people just tuning into Big Brother for the first time? Seriously Big Brother?) but these last two weeks of it have made Sunday’s episode a little more interesting. I enjoy getting to see them play individually, no matter how weird the comp is... I also like the added anonymity of the nominations in conjunction with winning a competition, it is a nice twist on the failed MVP twist during BB15.

Taylor: I really like BB Roadkill! I like that even though they’re playing in teams, BB Roadkill adds an individual competition for them, and allows them to do something anonymously.

Kaitlin: Adding the BB Roadkill challenge was an awesome addition this season! A third nominee really can mix up the voting process, and I think it will lead to some awesome blindsides. Plus the anonymity behind it really shakes up the game and adds even more paranoia to the house!

Ashley: I'm still enjoying the BB Roadkill competition, anything's better than another summer of Battle of the Block. I definitely do not want to see this competition be a permanent staple for future Big Brother seasons but it's been a nice consistent twist for this season. My only complaint is that I wish they showed us everyone's times in some way after each competition so we could see how close everyone was to winning but it doesn't look like we're ever going to get that information. I'm hoping the results of this competition will bring some extra drama in the future! I can only imagine what will happen if someone tells Bridgette that Frank nominated her during week 1!

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