Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Big Brother 19 Coming This Fall?

Rumors are swirling around online that Big Brother's next season, Big Brother 19, could be airing as early as this fall!?!

Rumors surfaced online after RealityBlurred.com posted an article claiming that, "A person close to the casting process told me the show is casting now and will air mid-September, after this season concludes. No other details were available."

Reality Blurred goes on to claim that casting has been actively recruiting for an upcoming season in recent days, but without mentioning an air date.

The part where it gets interesting is Reality Blurred claims that Big Brother 19 won't even air on CBS. Reality Blurred suggests BB19 could go to one of CBS's sister networks such as POP network or straight to CBS.com through CBS All Access - like CBS is doing with a new Star Trek series.

Now, we agree with Reality Blurred on some points. It does seems difficult (basically impossible actually) to fit 3 nights of Big Brother with CBS's already very packed fall line-up. It would make sense for them to push it to CBS All Access as they're trying to boost their original content on it to compete with sites like Netflix.

Reality Blurred mentions casting actively recruiting in recent days, which is true. The BigBrotherCasting.TV website has been scrubed of all things Big Brother 18 casting. The eligibility requirements and terms and conditions are very vague and offer no details around time frame, like it usually does.

The part that Reality Blurred mentions that doesn't make sense to me is airing the show in mid-September. The Big Brother 18 finale isn't even until September 21st. So unless they plan to have Julie say, "Thanks for watching Big Brother 18, good night....But First, the game is not over yet....Welcome, to Big Brother 19!" I just don't see it happening in September.

Not to mention they'd have no time to redecorate the house (which is a must for a new season of Big Brother). I could see them potentially doing another winter edition, but September? Eh, that's a bit of a stretch for me.

To further fuel rumors, there are reports that Robyn Kass of Kassting, the Big Brother Casting Director since Season 2, has been replaced to cast for Big Brother 19. However, we can't confirm or deny this. It is interesting however to mention the email on the contact page of the BigBrotherCasting.TV page has switched from a @KastingInc.com email to a @Gmail.com email.

Regardless, this is still a rumor. CBS has yet to confirm that Big Brother 19 is even happening. They haven't given it the "green light" for another season yet (publicly at least). So all this could just be a giant rumor, which is what I assume it is.

What are your thoughts? Do you want to see another season of Big Brother this fall? Let us know in the comments below!

UPDATE: CBS has announced an online-exclusive season of Big Brother titled Big Brother Over The Top airing this fall.
Read More: http://www.thebbinsider.com/2016/08/big-brother-19-confirmed-for-fall-2016.html

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