Saturday, July 23, 2016

Big Brother 18 Secret Room Revealed?

Since Julie Chen announced last night that there was a secret room in the house, the BB fandom has gone crazy. Everyone is trying to figure the series of clues Julie showed, and what they could possibly mean. Some savvy Twitter users seem to have already figured it out, AND found the secret room.

So last night, Julie announced that there was yet another twist for the houseguests - a secret room. Julie said, "The Battle Back has just shaken up the game, but another twist is about to be unleashed. Throughout the house are clues to a secret room. Any Houseguest who figures it out will unlock this room and could gain a power to change their fate in the Big Brother house. This secret room will only be in play for the next four weeks."

While she was saying that, a series of photos or "clues" appeared on the screen behind her.

Immediately Big Brother fans began investigating the photos. Our friends over at Big Brother Network mentioned that if you take the green words in all four posters you get “Secret Destination Departing NOW!"

Then this morning, due to to some help from the camera operators on the feeds, fans were able to discover that on one side of the plane reads "Call"and the other side reads "Paris".

Some clever Twitter users began trying to figure out what all these clues meant. Quickly people noted the Departures board says "PARIS - FLT 211 - NOW DEPARTING".

Then, @BspoilerB on Twitter was able to put all the clues together and potentially figure out how to access the secret room.

They claim that in order to unlock the secret room, the houseguests go upstairs to the phone booth and dial "211" to gain access. Now, we can't say for sure this is how the room will be accessed, but it's a pretty great guess - and we are inclined to believe it. So now that we've figured out how to access the secret room, where is it?

Well, the BB fandom saves the day once again and has already figured out where the secret room is, and even what it looks like! Twitter user @JustInTimeBB revealed that he found photos of the secret room a few weeks ago on CBS Press Express.

The two photos, appear to be a room we have never seen before. My guess, and @JustInTimeBB's guess, is the old Pandora's Box/Coach's Room. The theme of this room even matches the Paris themed clues!

So what do you think, is this the secret room? Do you think the houseguests will be able to figure out all the clues as easily as we did? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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