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Let's Talk Big Brother: Week 1

Welcome to a new weekly column featuring the writers for The Big Brother Insider! Join writers; Kaitlyn, Taylor, and Ashley as well as TBBI owner, John every week for their thoughts on Big Brother 18.

1) What did you think of the 2-Night Premiere? 

John: I thought it was awesome! The two hour premiere on night one really allowed us to watch more than just the intro segments. I felt like the amount of twists was overboard though. That three part competition was very confusing and I felt unsure of where the whole thing was going. Eventually, on night two of the premiere I felt things were back on track. Overall, I enjoyed the two night premiere with the two hour night one episode, and I hope they continue that in the future.

Ashley: I absolutely loved it! Seeing Nicole pop out of that trunk and surprise everyone made me so excited for the summer! I wish the other three veterans had a different “stowaway” spot, that could’ve been a really cool moment! The only issue I had was seeing Glenn get sent home on the second night. 

Taylor: I LOVED it. The two hour premier made me feel extremely excited for the season, and actually made me feel the season had started! I agree with Ashley, I think the other veterans should’ve had a different “stowaway” spot. I was so happy to see Frank pop out of the trunk, I loved him in season 14, and think he deserves to be back.

Kaitlin: Like the rest of the BB Insider gang, I loved the two night premiere! It was awesome to have Big Brother back, especially for a special two hour premiere episode. If only every episode could be two hours long. The only qualm I had with the premiere was the three part competition and eviction. The “Hit the Road” competitions got a little confusing at times, and it was completely unfair to evict a houseguest that way. However, seeing the four Veterans come back was the highlight of the entire premiere. 

2) Glenn was the first evicted, what do you think of that? Plus, do you think for him to be evicted from the house from a competition is fair?

John: As sad as it was to see Glenn evicted, his time was only cut short of the inevitable. He was our token “old guy” this season and I could tell he wouldn’t make it far. It was a sh*tty way for him to go, but that’s Big Brother for ya. I suspect he will get the chance to come back via a pre jury revival competition or vote.

Ashley: I hate seeing people go home so early, especially if it’s someone who’s a fan of the show and really wants to be there. Knowing that it wasn’t even because of his social game has to be a hard pill to swallow, that competition was clearly not going to be in favor of Glenn. I couldn’t help but wonder if Frank was reliving Jodi’s time in the Big Brother house all over again, I know I was. 

Taylor: I was so sad that Glenn was evicted so soon. I wish Big Brother would’ve casted another “older” contestant, just so he wasn’t the “clear” choice for being eliminated. After the two hour premier, every tweet/comment I saw was about how they knew Glenn was going home. I wish it wouldn’t have been so obvious. I think it is fair to go home after a competition, because competitons makeup Big Brother, but it does make me feel bad for Glenn. 

Kaitlin: It was definitely unfair that Glenn was evicted so early. Sure he was the token old guy, but that doesn’t mean he would have been evicted early in any other scenario. Competitions are important but they aren’t everything. Big Brother is a game all about social skills. Plus let’s not forget, in that second Hit the Road competition, Glenn told the Freakazoids the puzzle was wrong. Glenn was dealt a bad hand, and the dog groomer from the Boogie Down Bronx will be missed.

3) What are your thoughts on the returnees? Love the choices or hate them? Plus, how do you feel when Big Brother mixes returnees and newbies?

John: To be honest, this isn’t the batch of returnees I’d choose. In fact these four wouldn’t even be some of my top ten choices to bring back. If they were going with a “second chance” batch of houseguest’s there is far more deserving players then someone who got voted out second (Da’Vonne). Don’t get me wrong though, I love Day! I just don’t see a point in her returning for anything other than whitty diary room’s. I think this is a very odd group of four to have return. To answer the question about how I feel when Big Brother Mixes? I mostly hate it. I’d rather either see all newbies or all returnees. I, personally, was really hoping to see a “Second Chances” or “Heroes vs. Villians” type season with all returnees. I think mixing newbies and returnees generally gives returnees the upper hand.

Ashley: I guess for me it’s a bit of a mixed bag. I absolutely love the choice of Nicole! Frank was not exactly my favorite in BB14 but I do think it will be interesting to see if he’s grown at all as a strategist. Da’Vonne has been killing it in the diary room which is always a plus. I could do without James, we just saw him and he wasn’t one of my favorites last season. I’m not sure we’re going to get anything new from him, it will be the same game with maybe a few new pranks. I would have so much rather had an all returnee season rather than mix newbies and vets. 

Taylor: I like the returnees, but I do think it’s a weird group. I really liked Nicole in her season, and it was impossible not to like prankster James in his season. I’m glad they’re both back! I was really excited to see Frank back in the game, he may have been immature, but I can’t help but love a person who is so good at competitions and fights to stay in the game. The choice of Da’Vonne just seems strange to me. I would’ve never picked Day to be in the game, even if she is hilarious. I hate the mixing of veterans and newbies, if I was on Big Brother with veterans I would be pretty mad, because it changes the entire game.  I definitely would prefer an all returnee season instead of a mixed season. 

Kaitlin: I’m always happy to see some fan favorites come back into the Big Brother house. Would I have picked all these returners? No. But I’m pleasantly surprised with Frank, Nicole, James, and Da’Vonne working together and to see their personalities complement one another. Personally, I like seeing newbies and returners together in the house, because if I was in the Big Brother house I’d want to work with the returners. Of course, I still want an All Star season though!!  

4) What are your thoughts on the highly talked about/controversial houseguest, Jozea? 

John: Oh Jozea….Where do I begin. This guy…. First, Jozea said a lot of controversial things before the feeds turned on. These are things I don’t want to discuss here (you can Google them if you wish) but his comments and actions disgust me. Secondly, although he has said some things, his delusions make him highly entertaining for me. I love how he thinks he’s going to use BB as his jump-start to fame, when that’s just not going to happen. Personally, I can’t wait to see the look of ‘awe’ on his face as he gets evicted tonight.

Ashley: Evict him! I can’t stand the guy. I don’t know how he could possibly think he knows so much about everything in that house. Did he even bother to watch any seasons while in sequester? Definitely a guy who thinks this show is going to catapult him into superstardom and that’s the only reason he’s in that house. I think he might be the only person to have his finger farther away from the pulse than Devin in season 16!

Taylor: I can’t wait to see Jozea’s face when he walks out the door. Like Frank said, I hope his ego is able to fit out the doorway. Considering the horrible things Jozea has said in the matter of a week, I will love the day he leaves the house. 

Kaitlin: Jozea needs to go. Big Brother is NOT some MTV reality show, you’re not going to become some instant celebrity after this show. His lack of knowledge of the game and complete lack of common sense is frustrating. I can’t wait to see the look on his face when he’s the second one evicted.

5) Overall, it being Week 1, what are your thoughts so far? 

John: Overall, I’m not loving it. Sure, it’s entertaining but this cast lacks something for me. Not sure what. I also think the twists are beginning to get in the way in terms of gameplay. These twists are making the game less strategic and more “Can you undress yourself fast enough in this RV?” That’s not Big Brother to me, that’s “Minute to Win It”. I’ll be interested to see how the season plays out though with the four returnees though.

Ashley: I’m definitely enjoying the show because it’s Big Brother and I think I will always enjoy it but so far, I’m really not impressed with this cast. There are so many people I can’t stand! I’m hoping as time goes on they start to grow on me. I don’t remember any other seasons where I felt this way. One thing I AM happy about is no more Battle of the Block! It will also be interesting to see how the new Roadkill competition plays out this season. I’m not sure I want it to become a staple in future seasons like the POV but it could be an interesting twist for the time being. 

Taylor: Although this cast may not be my favorite, I love how unpredictable the game is, and I can’t wait to see it all unfold. I love that every week someone is able to put someone on the block anonymously. I think that it will add more paranoia to the house, which is always entertaining. I can’t wait to see what other twists happen throughout the season! 

Kaitlin: Personally, I think the casting on this season is a lot better compared to last season, and I have high hopes for the rest of this season. The new twists make the game fresh, which is refreshing to see. I think it’s definitely going to be an interesting season. I’m hoping for a lot of blindsides, backstabbing and some real strategic moves! Fingers crossed there will not be a big focus on showmances!

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