Friday, June 17, 2016

First Impressions of the Big Brother 18 Houseguests

Another summer, another season of Big Brother! With another season of Big Brother, comes another batch of Houseguests!

Every year I, John (Owner of The Big Brother Insider), sit down and watch all most of the press day interviews and write down my thoughts on the new batch of houseguests. This year, I decided to change it up and invite my new writers join me and offer their first impressions of the houseguests as well. Our general writers; Ashley, Taylor, and Kaitlyn in addition to our opinion columnist; Matthew each offer their own take on this diverse group of newbies.

Here we go, in no particular order and based solely on first impressions from interviews/bio's....

(Note: John's first impressions will be up shortly)

Kaitlyn: Seems like he is a really fun, enthusiastic, and likable guy. He reminds me a lot of Zach Rance from BB16, so he may be a little firecracker in house. You’re either going to love him or hate him.

Taylor: Seems like he will be the first to go. Although he does seem funny, he also seems to be loud and easily agitated. Someone will set him off after the first competition and the HOH (or HOH's) will abide by the house and put him on the block.

Ashley: Based on looks alone, my initial reaction was “It’s Kenny from BBCAN2!” I loved when he told Jeff “they’re gonna be trapped with me” instead of him being trapped with the other houseguests. He did seem very hesitant to say he would shave the beard which means he’s not willing to do whatever it takes to win this game. Strategy aside, I think he will be very entertaining on the feeds.

Matthew: America, meet your pre-jury villain. I say pre-jury, because the Paul’s of Big Brother never tend to make it any farther than that. Paul clearly has not-so-quiet confidence about him, and is admittedly a lover of stirring the pot and creating chaos. Paul will be great TV, but I think the house will grow tired of his cooler-than-thou attitude and his chaos inducing schemes and he’ll see the boot in his first few weeks in the house.

John: TBD

Kaitlyn: Honestly, it would not be surprising to see him voted off early. He doesn’t seem like a big game player, but if he sticks around it will be because he found himself a showmance.

Taylor: Seems like an all-around great player. Seems friendly, competitive, and smart. His biggest downfall is not wanting to backstab, but I still think he'll make it to the jury. Maybe top 5 or 6?

Ashley: Victor, thank you for being honest and not claiming to be a superfan! That is always my biggest pet peeve with the Live Feed pre-season interviews. I definitely see him getting into an early showmance. He seems like someone who could get along with everyone though which is a great skill to have, he was also really bubbly compared to most the other males which I think could work in his favor.

Matthew: What concerns me about Victor is that he’s here for the fame, not for the fortune or to be a storied BB great. He’s personable, will be well liked, and will likely keep himself in the house to the point of making the jury, but I don’t see a situation where Victor wins it all. He’s self-proclaimedly great with people and, “A numbers guy”, but I don’t see him having the grit to go the distance.

John: TBD

Kaitlyn: Your basic bro, he’ll have a bromance or two, maybe even a showmance. He’ll have a strong social game, and should be good in the endurance competitions.

Taylor: Seems very authentic and likeable. I picture Corey and Paulie working together! (Hitmen #2?) His flirty attitude and competitiveness will allow him to make it really far in the game. Maybe even the top two!

Ashley: Were fans really begging for Clay 2.0? My guess is it's the same as the fans begging for Battle of the Block to return and we all know no one asked for that. Nothing against Clay but it wasn’t like he was that great, after all he did basically give up on the game. If Corey is smart, I could see him getting into a brigade type situation based on the strong bonds it sounds like he builds with other males.

Matthew: If you look at the cast and don’t know what role Corey fills, you probably don’t know Big Brother as well as you think you do. Introduce yourself to this year’s ‘alpha male’, ‘comp beast’, ‘good guy’ (minus those homophobic tweets that are now surfacing). Corey describes his home living situation as ‘living in a frat house’, and seems to be under the impression that its prepared him well for life in the BB house - which should tell you all you need to know about Corey’s game savvy. He’ll do well, but is another who is in it for the spotlight and ultimately won’t go the distance.

John: TBD

Kaitlyn: He is so similar to his brother Cody, so likable and so good looking. Paulie seems like he’ll be a lot more fun than Cody was on his season, and hopefully he plays well and does not ride anyone’s coattails to the final two.

Taylor: Seems like he will play Cody's exact game. I think being Cody's brother he's automatically going to have a little target on his back, but his social game will repair it. I think Paulie will make it really far. Maybe top three.

Ashley: May the odds be ever in your favor Paulie and I think they just might be. It seems like this cast is stacked with Cody Calafiore fans so he’s either going to be an early target or make it to the end. Knowing that Paulie has gotten tips from Derrick going into this, I’m leaning towards making it to the end. Unless this cast grows and we see some returnees, Paulie is my winner pick.

Matthew: Paulie is interesting to me, because I don’t think he has what it takes to win BB18 on his own, but when looking at the whole situation his chances drastically improve. Two of the male HGs (Victor and Corey) are self proclaimed Cody (BB16) fanboys (Paulie’s brother, if you somehow haven’t already heard). It doesn’t take a strategic genius to see where this is going - your power-male alliance of the summer. The Cody-loving-bro-alliance of Victor/Corey/Paulie will have the physical ability to keep themselves (and each other) in the game, without having to play too much of the social and strategic aspects of Big Brother. Paul seems equally charming and more socially intelligent than his brother, but without the foreseeable bro-alliance I think his time in the house would be short-lived.

John: TBD

Kaitlyn: She is very analytical but because of how she looks and how she talks everyone will underestimate her. But her Snow White like voice may annoy people and this could lead to an early eviction.

Taylor: Seems very intelligent! I think she will be an easy target early on though. People will see that she's smart yet kind, and put her on the block as a pawn a lot, then send her home before jury.

Ashley: Bronte is so similar to Anick from BBCAN2. I see her getting on people’s nerves immediately, I wouldn’t normally recommend winning the first HOH but this girl might need to. She is definitely my pick for first boot.

Matthew: I am actually on the ‘Bronte Bandwagon’ a lot more securely than a lot of people, it seems. While yes, I hear the cries of misery over her voice, I actually think she’s going to be a strong player in this game. Despite her inability to multiple 9x9 in her head, her interview with Jeff was on the more impressive side. She cited studies of behavioral science as the foundation of her game, and demonstrated a statistical and mathematical understanding of the game that we’ve seen prove successful in the game in seasons past. She even showed us a glimpse of a more manipulative side. Your winner? Maybe not, but I think if she can avoid annoying people with her voice and personality she stands a fighting chance.

John: TBD

Kaitlyn: Seems fun, sweet, and an overall nice girl. It is hard to picture her scheming in the Big Brother house, but maybe she’ll be like BB17’s Meg and become everyone’s best friend instead.

Taylor: She seems really friendly and genuine. I don't think she will make it far in the game due to her inability to lie, and she doesn't seem to be too competitive. I don't even see her making it to jury.

Ashley: I think Bridgette could get really annoying really quickly. She might need to tone down the energy a bit, especially the first few weeks so she doesn’t stand out from the crowd. She’s a self proclaimed bad liar and seems to laugh at absolutely everything.

Matthew: Ah, Bridgette. Sweet, wholesome, and optimistic - all with a zero percent chance of winning BB18. Now, don’t get me wrong, Bridgette is a phenomenally endearing person, but she very clearly doesn’t have what it takes to win this game. She’s bubbly and happy-go-lucky, but that life perspective only takes you so far in Big Brother. She lacks an edge that will allow her to take part in big moves, and even more so lacks the feistiness it takes to fight for your life in this game week in and week out. She’ll be a lamb amongst lions and if she gets anywhere close to the end, it will be because she was dragged as a voting member of an alliance.

John: TBD

Kaitlyn: She is driven and has her eyes on the prize. She’ll be the one to watch this season, and will make it far in the competition. Plus she’s a super fan and has been watching since season three, make us super fans proud girl!

Taylor: Seems extremely real, she's knows why she's playing the game and won't be afraid to do what it takes to get to the top. I think the showmance she's talking will get her in trouble early on, but she'll make it through and barely fall short of the $500,000.

Ashley: Zakiyah is easily one of my early favorites! I hope she goes far but I am a little worried she’s too eager to get into a showmance and too eager to play this game. Her excitement about everything could be her demise if she plays too hard too fast.

Matthew: I like Zakiyah, and from what I gather, a lot of others do too. She’s a life long fan of the game, which always serves as one of the biggest components to a winning formula. She’s self aware and understands her shortcomings in this game, and that self-awareness and introspection is another huge asset in this house. When I look at her objectively as a player, I think, “Capable of winning Big Brother 18”. Heres her pitfall though, she’s not just open to - but WANTS - a showmance! For someone who has watched this beautiful show since BB3, as she claims, she must be aware that a showmance paints a target on your back that not even the soapiest of waters can wash off. It troubles me that a competitor so capable of winning would sabotage their own game so obviously by joining a showmance, but if she can keep her head on straight I think Zakiyah has a real chance at winning the whole shabang.

John: TBD

Kaitlyn: Comes off kind of cocky, and that could be his downfall in this game. He seems to underestimate how challenging the game will be and may just wing it. He could be one of those players who overly scheme too quickly and suffer the consequences.

Taylor: I think Jozea seems like an awesome person but I'm not sure if he is on the show to actually play the game or for fame. He could have a decent social game but I don't think he will even make it to jury.

Ashley: Jozea mentioned being an energizer bunny which to me immediately equals great live feeds. If he cries over food, I can’t wait to see his reaction to slop. I can appreciate that he’s okay with America hating him if it means he walks away with the win though.

Matthew: Jozea strikes me as socially intelligent, but perhaps too introverted to truly creates the waves he’ll need to in order to win this game. His interview with Jeff struck me as a bit awkward, and he didn’t bring the same energy to the DR that a lot of other HGs did already. His self-proclaimed BB role model is Frankie Grande (GAG) but his personality doesnt mesh right with the Frankie Grande model for gameplay. This error in continuity leads me down the path of believe Jozea understands how to play this game successfully, but will lack the tools to actually do so. Another concern of mine with Jozea is that he said he doesn’t feel that he has any holes in his game, which displays a lack of introspective ability that will cripple his chances of making it to the end. Ultimately, I see Jozea making jury, but find it difficult to say he’s slotted for finale night.

John: TBD

Kaitlyn: He’s the token older gentlemen that America will fall in love with, however, the houseguests may not feel the same way. Being a former police detective will help his game, hopefully he gets to stay around.

Taylor: I can't really figure Glenn out. He seems like an average player. Maybe won't be the strongest in competitions but what he lacks in that area he can make up by being friendly and playing a good social game. Glenn definitely makes it to the jury house.

Ashley: Are we recreating BBCAN2 here? It’s Poppin’ Paul Jackson! He even acknowledged that his mouth is going to get him in trouble! He mentioned flirting as part of his strategy, I can’t wait to see who he tries that on.

Matthew: Here's everything I like about Glenn: He’s a lifelong BB fan. Yep. That's it. I’ve seen some people in the community buying what Glenn is selling, but for me its a hard pass. While I respect his choices of favorite former HGs in Dr. Will, Evel Dick, and Mike Boogie, I don’t believe for a minute he’s going to play the manipulative Dr. Will-Derrick-esque game he thinks he’s going to play. Just because you used to be a detective, doesn’t mean you’re Derrick. Lets not forget you’re a dog groomer now, Pal. He just strikes me as the guy that on Night 1 will be scraping 10 out of the 12 HGs together for a mega alliance that is going to collapse by Night 3. He’s going to play too hard too fast, and alienate himself from the group quickly. Beyond that, with no intention of being rude, he’s 50 years old - and the sad truth is that statistically the oldies never last very long. It pains me to have the perspective I do, because I would love to see a true Dr. Will loving fan of the game rock the house and win, but Glenn just isn’t that guy.

John: TBD

Kaitlyn: Another super fan, yes please! She’s sweet and nerdy, and looks like she could be related to Nicole from BB16. She seems very strategic and has a decent game plan for the season, it will be interesting to watch her play.

Taylor: I LOVE Michelle. She seems like she can stick to her guns and play the game well. Her superfan knowledge and bubbly personality may just lead her to final 2. I'm going to go out on a limb here and pick Michelle to win.

Ashley: If Nicole and Christine had a baby, it would look like Michelle. I like that she’s a SuperFan but If you feel it’s necessary to point out that you’re not awkward, I have a feeling you might be a little awkward. It’s okay though, we all are, just accept it.

Matthew: Michelle is a HG I am deeply conflicted about. Her bio as a standalone makes her a clear contender for the crown in BB18. She’s a superfan, she’s a feeder, and loves and understands the game - all with a sweet personality undertoned by a manipulative dark side fueled by her desire to win. I read her bio, and I was practically in love. THEN I watched her interview with Jeff and felt as if the rug was pulled out from under me. She was awkward, didn’t seem to know how to respond to the tougher questions, and frankly seemed like she had her head in the clouds. The Michelle whose bio I read and the Michelle Jeff sat down with are so jarringly different I am completely conflicted on her potential in this game. The evidence leads me to believe that she, like Jozea, may understand what it takes to win this game, but may lack the actual tools and fortitude it takes to achieve that goal. Michelle is THE example of someone who looks great on paper, but looks like a flop in practicality. I like her, so my hope is that the Bio-Michelle is the one we’ll see this summer, but right now I am just not convinced.

John: TBD

Kaitlyn: This girl is going to be a disaster game wise, but it will be fun to watch her “play” the game. She has no real strategy, and does not have a clear understanding of the game. She won’t make it far.

Taylor: Seems like a sweet girl, and I think she could play the feisty female which would end up well. But her girly-girl side, paired with the all-girl alliance that she's already talking may get her eliminated before jury.

Ashley: Anytime you walk in that house planning an all girl alliance, you’re not going to go far. I think if she can put that idea aside and adapt to the house, everyone will want to take her to the end because there is no way this girl is winning that 500,000 dollars.

Matthew: If there's anyone I believe in less than Glenn, its Natalie. Natalie is a drama-filled train wreck waiting to happen. Her outright distaste for men (while maybe understandable) is going to alienate her from the strong men’s alliance that will inevitably form, and when they thusly catch wind of her self-proclaimed master plan to create an all-girls alliance, she will be picked off immediately. I appreciate her fire and her drive and her seeming determination to play the game and to play the game in the way she sees fit, but she’s just approaching it all wrong. Big Brother is a game of adaptability, and coming in with the tunnel vision perspective of refusing to work with men and being set on an all-girls alliance is going to cause her to flame out quickly.

John: TBD

Kaitlyn: Being Vanessa’s sister will help and hurt Tiffany, they look alike and they sound exactly same. But as long as she learns from Vanessa’s mistakes and minimizes the target on her back she should be able to go far in the game.

Taylor: Tiffany seems strong and very competitive. She seems like she could play a good mental game and win competitions when necessary. I would bet she forms a strong alliance early on. Clearly being Vanessa's sister will put a target on her back but I think she will make it to jury for sure.

Ashley: Tiffany is just like her sister Vanessa! The game hasn’t even started yet but she has clearly started playing! I definitely think she has the strategy to go far but she could be walking in with a big target based on how recent Vanessa’s season was. If I were in there, I would be targeting Tiffany for sure.

Matthew: Here she is, the most anticipated HG of BB18, Vanessa Rousso’s sister, Tiffany. Rumors swirled around Tiffany being in the house in the week leading up to CBS’s cast reveal, and as these rumors have proven true, Tiffany has become an early clear fan favorite, and for good reason. She’s intelligent, beautiful, and has a clear mind for the game. She played (and won) BB17 Audrey Middleton’s BB knockoff game ‘Sequester’, and is the blood of one of the best strategic players we’ve seen in recent BB history. Whats not to love? Well, there is one thing. In her interview with Jeff, Tiffany was already being VERY evasive about being Vanessa’s sister. Tiffany’s success in this game will hinge completely on how she handles the situation at hand. Its going to be apparent to her fellow HGs (and definitely any returning players) who she is, so if she plays it wrong - her game is over. If she plays it right, though - owns it and differentiates herself from Vanessa quickly - she will be THE force to be reckoned with in this house. Tiffany is an early favorite to win, and when I look into my crystal ball I can see it too, but she desperately needs to handle the Vanessa situation well.

John: TBD

Pick to Win:
Kaitlyn: Returning Player
Taylor: Michelle
Ashley: Paulie
Matthew: Tiffany
John: TBD

Pick to be Evicted First:
Kaitlyn: Natalie
Taylor: Paul
Ashley: Bronte
Matthew: Glenn
John: TBD

Let us know your thoughts on this seasons houseguests in the comments section!

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