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Big Brother Round-Up: Wedding Bells and Babies

Welcome to another addition of 'Big Brother Round-Up', where we round-up some of the biggest Big Brother headlines happening right now.

Continue Reading to find out which past houseguests have recently tied the knot and find out just how many houseguests have announced they are expecting!

Jeff and Jordan Announce Marriage and Pregnancy:

Source: UsWeekly / Louis Martinez
In what came as a shock to most fans, last week, Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd announced not only have they tied the knot, but they are expecting as well. The Big Brother 11 and 13 stars planned to get married in Mexico this September, after getting engaged in the Big Brother backyard during Big Brother 16. However, once they found out that Jordan was pregnant, the two decided to get married at the local courthouse as soon as they could - on March 15th.

The couple broke the news exclusively to Us Weekly. “I was not expecting it...My mind was completely on wedding mode and not on baby mode — was not expecting babies for like another two years, and, yeah, so then that’s what happened." said Jordan.

“It definitely threw us through a loop, and we were kind of like, ‘Well, we need to figure this out, because the baby is going to be born October 20,’ and I don’t want to be walking down the aisle nine months pregnant, and my dress won’t fit,” the Big Brother season 11 winner says.

The couple found out about the pregnancy on February 22nd, and are expected to find out the gender next week. As for that big wedding ceremony they originally had planned? Well, the two plan to have an official wedding ceremony with friends and family next year, after the baby is born.

Watch the happy couple make their official announcement on their YouTube channel!

Brendon and Rachel Welcome Baby Girl:

Source: @RachelReilly / Twitter
Big Brother 12 and 13's Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas welcomed their baby girl, and their first child into the world Friday, April 8th.

The couple, whom met and fell in love during Big Brother 12, announced their pregnancy on a episode of Big Brother 17 this past summer.

Source: @RachelReilly / Twitter
Rachel broke the news on Twitter, saying, "[Brendon] & I are officially parents! Omg! ­čĆ╗thank you for all the prayers and well wishes it was long hard and we did it all natural!" Brendon followed-up with that by tweeting, "I have raced around the world & survived the BB house w/ [Rachel] but watching my wife deliver our girl made me fall in love all over."

Although we are still waiting for the first photo of the little bundle of joy, Rachel has been sharing photos of Brendon in scrubs and how her first days as a new mother are going, tweeting "#NEWMOM DAY 2! Sleep = maybe 7hours since L&D learning 2 burp/change diapers/breast feed thank God 4 [Brendon] so in LOVE with my fam!"

Congratulations to them, and we hope that this #BrenchelBaby is happy and healthy.

Update: We have learned that the babies name is Adora Borealis Villegas. Adora was 6 lbs, 10 oz. and 19.5 inches long. Read more about the meaning behind Adora's name in an interview Brenchel gave to People Magazine.

Dan and Wife, Chelsea, Announce Pregnancy:

Back in February on Valentines Day, Big Brother 10 winner Dan Gheesling announced that he and his wife, Chelsea, are expecting their first child!

The couple sent out tweets announcing the exciting news. Dan tweeted, "Both [Chelsea] and I are excited for our first baby due this summer!" Soon to be mother, Chelsea tweeted, "Lots of love in the Gheesling family this Valentine's Day. [Dan] and I are adding another member this July!"

We will be anxiously awaiting the arrival of Baby Gheesling, who is due in July.

Aaryn Gries Pregnant:

Source: @Aaryn_Williams / Twitter
We can add Big Brother 15 houseguest, Aaryn Gries (now Aaryn Williams) to the now long list of past houseguests who are expecting. 

Fans who follow Gries on social media already know, but Gries announced back in November that she was two month pregnant. Fast-forward to right now, and Aaryn is 7 months pregnant!

You can follow her journey on her YouTube channel!

Elissa Reilly Pregnant:

Source: @Elissercise / Instagram
We forgot to add this Reilly sister to the list of expecting houseguests. Big Brother 16's Elissa Reilly is 4 month pregnant!

Elissa, Rachel Reilly sister, announced the news back in March on Instagram. The excited couple announced by posting a photo of them eating spagetti with "Prego" cans around them (See Photo Above). With the caption, "'PREGO',,We're Beyond EXCITED to announce were adding 2 the Slater crew Slater due September 12th #pregnant #preggo"

Currently, we don't know the gender or name, but baby Reilly/Slater is due September 12th.

Wow, a lot of Big Brother babies coming into the world! Congrats to all past houseguests on the exciting news! We can't wait to see all the babies compete on Big Brother Season 40! 

I hope we didn't miss anyone. If we did, please let us know in the comments!

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