Thursday, September 10, 2015

Big Brother 17 Is Wrapping Up!

Our summer addiction is coming to an end. Big Brother 17 is wrapping up very soon - to the relief of many. With less than 2 weeks til finale and still at final 5, we have some major changes coming to the schedule, so as Audrey says.....

As Julie Chen mentioned, the show schedule is shifting to make way for Thursday Night Football on CBS. Based on past seasons, here is what the schedule for the remainder of the season should look like:

Sunday, Sept. 13th (8:00 PM): Nomination Ceremony.
Tuesday, Sept. 15th (8:00 PM): POV Comp & Ceremony + Pre-Taped Eviction + HOH Comp.
Wednesday, Sept. 16th (8:00 PM): POV Comp & LIVE Ceremony + Live Eviction.
Thursday, Sept. 17th:NO SHOW -
Sunday, Sept. 20th (8:00 PM): Final 3 Look Back at the Season + Part 1 of the Final HOH.
Wednesday, Sept. 23rd (9:30 - 11:00 PM): Live Season Finale (Part 2 & 3 of HOH + Winner Crowned)

There will also be some changes to the Live Feed Schedule. So Feedsters, listen up!

Friday Sept. 11th: Feeds will be down from 9:45 AM to 11:30 PM PST for unknown reasons...
Update: The feeds went down because Frankie Grande came and took Liz & Vanessa to Ariana Grande's Concert in LA because Liz won the Luxury Prize in the HOH Comp.
Monday, Sept. 14th - Tuesday, Sept 15th: Live Feeds go down to Tape Special Eviction Episode.
Update: The live feeds will be off starting Monday (9/14) at 9am PST and will return on Tuesday (9/15) at 9pm PST.
Wednesday, Sept. 16th: Part 1 of the HOH Competition will be shown on the Live Feeds.
Friday, Sept. 18th: Part 2 of the HOH Competition will take place (Not Shown on Feeds).

Speaking of feedsters, don't forget, if you no longer want to keep your CBS All Access Subscription you will need to cancel it. You can cancel by calling Customer Service at (888) 274-5343, or online by visiting

Big Brother is quickly coming to an end so make sure you stay connected with us throughout these crazy 2 weeks by following us on Facebook & Twitter for all things BB17!

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