Thursday, September 10, 2015

Ryan's Rankings: BB17 Final 6 Power Rankings

We're excited to Introduce "Ryan's Rankings", Big Brother 17 Power Rankings by Big Brother Superfan Ryan (@ryanscountdowns)! Stay tuned all summer long as Ryan will be doing a weekly power rankings of the houseguests all season, right here on

Here is his thoughts on the houseguests this week! Check it out!

With just two weeks left in the game, the Austwins will finally be separated this week, and former bottom dwellers in the power rankings have positioned themselves very comfortably for the remaining evictions. The spotlight is finally on the Nolan twins, and there are not enough coup d'etats in Studio City to save them both this week.
Power Rankings
6. Julia
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While there is no logical reason why Liz should not be voted out tonight, it is looking as though her twin sister, Julia, will be the one to get her eviction papers. If Vanessa and Johnny Mac keep Liz, they both deserve to lose to her in a final vote. If they kept Julia in the house, there would be a possibility she would turn on Austin and they could persuade her to make him her target. Additionally, it is becoming increasingly unlikely that Julia could beat anyone in a final vote, or just about anything else for that matter.
Bottom line: Julia wins my vote for houseguest I would most like to go to the bar with, and this will be the only vote in Julia's favor tonight.

5. Johnny Mac
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The only way Johnny Mac can make it to the final two and win Big Brother 17 is if he wins HoH tonight, wins POV next week, and he (or Steve) wins the final HoH. Johnny Mac is likable enough to win votes from the jury, but will they reward someone that has not made any big moves, and has barely won any competitions? Not likely. If Johnny Mac can make a run at winning the final challenges, it may be just enough momentum for him to win the game.
On the other hand, the next week he does not win a challenge, he will be walking out the door, again.

4. Liz
Nolan, Liz

Liz will continue to be the target of Steve and Johnny Mac until she is gone. She is as good, or better, at challenges than Austin, and much more likely to win in a final two vote than Austin. At this point, Liz could probably beat anyone in the final two, but after losing her sister, and running out of places to hide, it will be a long two weeks of her trying to get there. Liz will be in tears when Julia leaves tonight, but will be in full-on meltdown mode if Johnny Mac can pull off his first HoH victory.

3. Austin
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If, and when Julia exits the game tonight, Austin will likely be the new goat to take to the final two. Not because he has not done anything in the game, or has not won challenges, but because he is least likely to win in a jury vote. A) He is not likable. B) He has openly expressed many times that he does not care if he wins the game. He is just there for TV time. And C) the thought of Austin winning this game is too nauseating to properly comprehend.

2. Steve
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Steve has finally started to play the game, but may have pissed off just the right amount of people to have screwed him out of the $500,000. After nominating Austin/Liz/Julia in one week, it is unlikely that either of them will vote for him in the end. He does not have Becky's vote, that has been established. So he would need all of the remaining jury to vote for him in order to win. It could happen, but it is seeming highly unlikely. If, however, he is sitting next to Liz/Austin, his chance of victory could be drastically more in his favor.

1. Vanessa
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As much as it pains me to say this: even though the house has all caught on to her playing both sides and having a final two with every remaining houseguest, they will all be to dumb to bond together to get rid of her. She will (and should) throw this HoH. She should (and will) win the final 4 HoH. And she will win the final HoH taking whoever she wants to the final 2, and the jury will reward her scheming and manipulation with a half million dollars: a tiny portion of her annual income.
Prediction: Vanessa will return for All-Stars and will be voted out first. And I can not wait.

Do you agree with "Ryan's Rankings"? Let us know in the comments below! Also make sure to follow Ryan on Twitter! - @ryanscountdowns!

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