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Ryan's Rankings: Week 6 Power Rankings

We're excited to Introduce "Ryan's Rankings", Big Brother 17 Power Rankings by Big Brother Superfan Ryan (@ryanscountdowns)! Stay tuned all summer long as Ryan will be doing a weekly power rankings of the houseguests all season, right here on

Here is his thoughts on the houseguests this week! Check it out!

After many weeks of one sided HoH wins, James has detonated a bomb in the Big Brother 17 house this week. The power rankings have major shifts, and this week will likely go down as the pivotal week of BB17.
The King or Queen for the first half of the season will exit the house tonight, and their position will be up for grabs. Jury will likely start tonight as well, and double evictions will begin rocking the house. With Clay or Shelli being evicted tonight, and alliances being torn apart, anything could happen during the final month and a half.

Week 6 Power Rankings

12. Shelli
Now that Shelli and her man face inevitable separation, it would be crazy for the houseguests to evict Clay, when Shelli is such a great competitor and game player. If, by some miracle Clay gets evicted, Shelli will be out for blood, and will do whatever it takes to win the game. Unfortunately for Shelli, there is probably a better chance of getting hit in the face with a train than her surviving this week's eviction.

11. Steve
No matter who has been HoH, Steve's name has been thrown around as a pawn, or a target. Nobody seems to care if Steve stays or goes. Also, him and Becky apparently hate each other, and if she gets HoH, he will be her main target. Now that the numbers are dwindling, the rest of the houseguests will see a Steve eviction as an easy HoH, while getting no blood on their hands.

10. Clay
It is expected that, despite Clay's pleading to evicte him rather than Shelli, he will still be in the house after Thursday's eviction episode, and will be left in the house without many allies. The question is, will Clay be able to win an HoH when he needs it the most? If he can win Thursday night, he can use his power to rebuild alliances that have been damaged. If he fails to win HoH or PoV this week, he will likely be one lonely Honeycutt in the jury house. 
9. Austin
Austin is so intense, so passionate, and so obsessed with Liz, that he will never come across as trustworthy, or even likable. With his alter-ego, Judas, being revealed to the house by Clay and Shelli, and the gigantic target on his back because of his relationship with the twins, Austin may think he is in a great spot in the house, but could quite possibly be the next person from his "side" of the house to be evicted. Best case scenario: Austin is evicted next week, and Liz makes it all the way to the end; leaving Austin and Judas all by themselves in the jury house with no Liz.

8. Vanessa
Vanessa has no idea how must the past week has impacted her positioning in the house. She has lost trust with just about everyone, and many houseguests (i.e. Jackie, Meg, James) now consider her to be one of their biggest targets. However, if Shelli somehow stays in the house, Vanessa and Shelli could continue to dominate as a team. But, if Clay is the surviving "Clelli" member, Vanessa may actually be all alone in the game, much like she has been claiming for the past 50 days.

7. Jackie
Jackie has the title of most improved player. After she won HoH, she actually started talking game with people, and is surprisingly decent. The problem that Jackie has though, is that she is nobody's #1, and will ultimately be disposable, especially in a double eviction scenario. Just a few weeks ago, there was a zero chance she could win this game, but if her friends can keep winning HoH, and if she wins a few more challenges, Jackie could be a dark horse. 

But really, she still has no chance at winning the game.

6. Liz
Between Liz and her twin, Julia, Liz should be the number one target for the remaining houseguests because of her "whatever you want to call it" with Austin. If Liz goes, Julia and Austin will fall apart, and they will both be up for grabs. Liz is the glue that holds the disturbing threesome "TwinsTin" alliance together, and things would get very interesting if Liz is the first of the 3 to go.

5. James
Pre-Season James guaranteed that he has come to play the game, and he has not let the audience down. Love him or hate him, you have to admit that they guy is not afraid to make big moves, and is not intimidated by anyone. James has played an all-star worthy game so far, but will have a hell of a tough go, if he plans to win the game. If he is in the final two, he will win hands down. However, he is a huge target, and will likely be enjoying a long stay in the jury house.

4. Becky
Becky is in a very interesting position in the house. She is not in anyone's solid alliance, but she thinks she is. She is considered a floater by most of the house, but each side needs her for their numbers. If she keeps this up, she could cruise to the end, but it is becoming increasingly unlikely that anyone will throw a vote her way if she is in the final 2.

3. Julia
Julia is in a much better spot than her twin sister. She is more likable, and does not have as big of an Austin target on her back. If she finds herself on the block with Liz, Liz will go. The biggest set back for Julia, though, is the fact that she has a guaranteed 2 jury votes if Liz and Austin are evicted. Once LizTin is enjoying(?) the jury house together, Julia will likely be not very far behind them unless she can win her way to the end with HoH's and PoV's. Doubtful, but certainly possible. 
2. John
Johnny Mac is far and away America's favorite houseguest, and could not be much more likable. It's difficult imagine how a jury would not vote for him to win the game. Even though he has not made "big moves", he is playing a good game, and has the "medical school student loan debt" story to put the nail in the coffin of anyone that may be sitting next to him in the finals. 

The problem for John though, is that he may find himself on the block many times in the coming weeks because he is not solidly aligned with many people, and could be considered expendable to much of the house.

1. Meg
If I were a betting man, which I am, I would bet my bottom dollar that Meg will go very far in the game. I think as of right now, she is in the best spot in the house. Even if the Vanessa/Austin/Twins side of the house go back on their word and target James/Meg/Jackie in the coming weeks, Meg will be the last one to go. She is likable and loyal, but also someone that people may want to take to the final two. This is Meg's game to lose at this point, and I don't see her losing it any time soon.

Do you agree with "Ryan's Rankings"? Let us know in the comments below! Also make sure to follow Ryan on Twitter! - @ryanscountdowns!

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