Thursday, July 16, 2015

Ryan's Rankings: Week 3 Power Rankings

We're excited to Introduce "Ryan's Rankings", Big Brother 17 Power Rankings by Big Brother Superfan Ryan (@ryanscountdowns)! Stay tuned all summer long as Ryan will be doing a weekly power rankings of the houseguests all season, right here on

Here is his thoughts on the houseguests this week! Check it out!

Big Brother 17 got off to a crazy start, and 3 weeks in, shows no signs of slowing down. This year the house is filled with houseguests that promised to play the game hard, and the majority of them have lived up to their promises. As crazy as it may sound, the houseguests have already been in the house for just under a month, and with new alliances forming every day, and crazy twists like no have nots for the week, (is that seriously the twist this week?) any one of them could be walking out the door at any time.

The Power Rankings for the rest of the season will be based on 6 criteria.

  • Likability
  • Game Play / Alliances
  • Under the Radar Potential
  • Mental Competition
  • Physical Competition
  • The ability to not be annoying

The houseguests will be ranked 1-14 for each of the categories (1 being the best, 14 being the worst.) The houseguest with the lowest score will have the best power ranking.

Here are the Week 3 Power Rankings… (As of Wednesday night's CBS episode, and After Dark episode.)

14. Jeff
Jeff Big Bro.jpg
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  • Likability 14/14
  • Game Play / Alliances 12/14
  • Under the Radar Potential 13/14
  • Mental Competition 13/14
  • Physical Competition 5/14
  • The ability to not be annoying 13/14

Total - 70 points

For a few days, Jeff looked like he could actually be a contender this season. He formed a “tight” alliance with Shelli, Clay, Jackie, and John, which lasted for about 2 days, but his inability to keep his mouth shut has made him the biggest target in the house (besides Audrey, who is apparently never getting evicted.) If Jeff can somehow manage to get the votes to stay this week, he will have to really redirect his energy into sticking to one solid alliance, and stop talking game to so many people; two things that simply will not happen.

13. Audrey
Middleton, Audrey.jpg

  • Likability 13/14
  • Game Play / Alliances 9/14
  • Under the Radar Potential 14/14
  • Mental Competition 6/14
  • Physical Competition 9/14
  • The ability to not be annoying 14/14

Total - 65 Points

Despite Audrey being the biggest target in the house since the first week, she has managed to survive a month without so much as a nomination.  As predicted, nobody wants to “waste” their HoH on evicting Audrey, because she will likely be a target for the duration of her stay in the house. Apparently, being such a big target is not always such a bad thing. Audrey is also starting to become friendly with the house now, and is no longer despised by Jason and his allies. If Audrey can make it to the end of the game, the jury will likely reward her with the prize, as she will have had one of the most rocky roads to the finals in BB history.  

12. Jackie
Jackie Ibarra.jpg

  • Likability 11/14
  • Game Play / Alliances 14/14
  • Under the Radar Potential 1/14
  • Mental Competition 14/14
  • Physical Competition 12/14
  • The ability to not be annoying 9/14

Total - 61 Points

Jackie is doing a spectacular job at flying under the radar, despite her unfortunate connection with Jeff. There is literally a zero percent chance that Jackie will not make at least the jury, and more than likely will make the final 5. The main reason for this, is because I think there may be some house guests that don’t even know her name, and therefore will not be able to nominate or evict her.

11. Liz
Nolan, Liz.jpg

  • Likability 6/14
  • Game Play / Alliances 3/14
  • Under the Radar Potential 9/14
  • Mental Competition 11/14
  • Physical Competition 14/14
  • The ability to not be annoying 10/14

Total - 53 Points

Liz, and Julia, have finally been able to pull it together and form an alliance with the most powerful people in the house. They now have a solid 6 person alliance, and have the majority of the house are hoping that they will be able to compete as individuals. I am so confused as to the rules of the twin twist, because I was under the impression that they had to go “undetected” for 5 weeks until they got to play together. I am not sure about you, but I am pretty sure they have been “detected” by just about everyone and their mothers’.

10. Meg
Maley, Meg.jpg

  • Likability 2/14
  • Game Play / Alliances 10/14
  • Under the Radar Potential 4/14
  • Mental Competition 12/14
  • Physical Competition 13/14
  • The ability to not be annoying 11/14

Total - 52 Points

Poor pretty/cute/sexy Meg still thinks that there is a shot in hell that she is not going to be nominated every single week unless James and Jason are Hoh’s. NEWS ALERT MEG: You will be nominated every week, and you will still be in the house in September, but unless you make some big moves soon, you have no shot at winning this game.

9. Jason
Jason BB17.jpg

  • Likability 4/14
  • Game Play / Alliances 7/14
  • Under the Radar Potential 8/14
  • Mental Competition 5/14
  • Physical Competition 11/14
  • The ability to not be annoying 12/14

Total - 47 Points

Jason is steadily climbing the charts towards becoming my favorite houseguest. As a “superfan”, like Jason, I would be doing everything I could to stay in the house as long as possible. But Jason just doesn't seem to give a shit. He says what he wants, and doesn’t kiss anyone’s butt. Couple that with being unbelievably funny, and he has what it takes to be a BB17 fan favorite.  

HOWEVER, that is not a recipe for winning the game. If he does not make some solid alliances soon (besides Meg and James), Jason will be back in New England in time for the beautiful summer weather.

8. James
Huling, James.jpg

  • Likability 12/14
  • Game Play / Alliances 6/14
  • Under the Radar Potential 7/14
  • Mental Competition 8/14
  • Physical Competition 2/14
  • The ability to not be annoying 7/14

Total - 42 Points

James is in a very tough position in the house. He has no solid alliance besides Jason and Meg, and after Jeff leaves, will likely be the number one target in the house (besides Audrey, but she does not count.) If James/Meg/Jason do not win HoH this week, which James could very reasonably do, James will be screwed. If one of them can pull it off, he will likely be gone the following week, or early jury. As good as he is in competitions, that can only get him so far in the game, and he will be sitting with Julie very, very soon.

7. Vanessa
Rousso, Vanessa.jpg

  • Likability 9/14
  • Game Play / Alliances 5/14
  • Under the Radar Potential 10/14
  • Mental Competition 2/14
  • Physical Competition 8/14
  • The ability to not be annoying Likability 5/14

Total - 39 Points

Vanessa may currently have the power, but she likely did not do herself any favors with being HoH this week. Her main target, James, is likely going to stay, and she has exposed herslef as a cutthroat player, and placed a huge target on her back. Winning HoH could have been the worst thing to happen for Vanessa, and she will likely face the repercussions sooner, rather than later.

6. Steve
Moses, Steve.jpg

  • Likability 8/14
  • Game Play / Alliances 11/14
  • Under the Radar Potential 2/14
  • Mental Competition 1/14
  • Physical Competition 10/14
  • The ability to not be annoying 6/14

Total - 38 Points

Steve has also been doing a great job at being under the radar. He has no solid alliances, but is very close with Austin, Vanessa, and Liz, and they will likely do anything in their power to save him. If, however, Vanessa and Austin have it out and are no longer aligned, Steve could be left without an alliance, and find himself a permanent home on the chopping block.

5. Austin
Matelson, Austin.jpg

  • Likability 10/14
  • Game Play / Alliances 4/14
  • Under the Radar Potential 6/14
  • Mental Competition 10/14
  • Physical Competition 1/14
  • The ability to not be annoying 4/14

Total - 35 Points

Despite the fact that Austin “has no idea what is going on in the house”, he was forced to figure it out very quickly this week when he became co-HoH with Vanessa. Austin is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with, as he is aligned with Vanessa, Liz/Julia, Clay, Shelli, and Steve, and doesn’t seem to be the target of the remaining houseguests. If Austin and Vanessa can keep it together before having a huge, blow out arguement, Austin could find himself in the house during the final days of BB17.

Burgess, Becky.jpg

  • Likability 7/14
  • Game Play / Alliances 13/14
  • Under the Radar Potential 3/14
  • Mental Competition 3/14
  • Physical Competition 7/14
  • The ability to not be annoying 1/14

Total - 34 Points

Let’s be honest… Becky is more than likely going to win Big Brother 17, but it is fun to pretend that she isn’t. The only way she will not win in the finals is if she is up against a guy, because guys do not lose to girls in Big Brother finales. If she can stay this far under the radar, and continue to be this much of a non-entity, while still winning a few challenges here and there, Becky has this game in the bag.

Her best bet: keep close with Clay and Shelli, but form a SOLID Under the Radar alliance of her, Jackie, John and Steve, and dominate the endgame.  

3. John
McGuire, John.jpg

  • Likability 1/14
  • Game Play / Alliances 8/14
  • Under the Radar Potential 5/14
  • Mental Competition 7/14
  • Physical Competition 4/14
  • The ability to not be annoying 8/14

Total - 33 Points

Without question, my favorite player of the season so far, John is everything I thought he would be, and more. He is so much of a better challenge competitor that I ever imagined he would be. He is also so damn likable that nobody will vote to evict him.

If he can continue to be everyone’s “challenge thrower” until the battle of the blocks is done, he can hopefully build some solid alliance's and be the leader of the potential dream, alliance of Becky/John/Jackie/Steve, and win his way to a spot in the final 2, crushing any of the three of them in the finals.

2. Shelli
Poole, Shelli.jpg

  • Likability 5/14
  • Game Play / Alliances 2/14
  • Under the Radar Potential 11/14
  • Mental Competition 4/14
  • Physical Competition 6/14
  • The ability to not be annoying 3/14

Total - 31 Points

Shelli is still sitting pretty as the queen of the house. The only way she will be in danger next week is if Meg/James/Jason win HoH together. She is likable, has allies all over the place, and is in the “showmance” of the season, which will scare people away from targeting her for quite a while. However, Shelli will likely go before Clay, as she is probably seen as the mind behind the operation, which will be detrimental to her game. However, if Clay somehow gets evicted in the coming weeks, and Shelli is still in the house, this game is hers to lose.

  1. Clay
Honeycutt, Clay.jpg
  • Likability 3/14
  • Game Play / Alliances 1/14
  • Under the Radar Potential 12/14
  • Mental Competition 9/14
  • Physical Competition 3/14
  • The ability to not be annoying 2/14

Total - 30 Points

Clay remains in the top spot for yet another week. Like Shelli, he really has to worry about only three people winning HoH: James, Jason and Meg. And unlike Shelli, he may have the support of James if James has to chose between the two of them.

Clay is a nice guy, but his close relationship with Shelli could possibly be the death of him. His best bet right now would be to stay under the radar challenge wise, and have Shelli get blindsided next week. Then, he should form an air-tight secret alliance with Jackie, and ride the Victoria train directly to the final 2.

Do you agree with "Ryan's Rankings"? Let us know in the comments below! Also make sure to follow Ryan on Twitter! - @ryanscountdowns!

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