Monday, July 20, 2015

POV Ceremony Spoilers: Week 4

The following contains POV Ceremony Results...

POV Winner:

Vanessa used the POV on Jason.

Shelli then nominated Audrey as the replacement.

Current Nominees:
Audrey & John

It has been an interesting 24 hours in the Big Brother house for Audrey. Last night she had a 3 hour Diary Room session. Then today, she had a 5 hour session that delayed the POV Ceremony. Once Audrey left the DR she went straight to the Have-Not room and slept. Shortly after, the POV ceremony took place WITHOUT Audrey. It's unclear at this time why Audrey is struggling in the house. It appears that she is the target this week. However that can change.

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  1. Well these are Ryan's OPINIONS. So there is not a "accurate" vs. "not Accurate" view....Also these are Pre-Season Rankings, it is week 4. They've changed.

  2. I was just saying its not accurate because its clearly not what happened lol.

  3. i may be slammed for this but I am glad Audrey may go! From day one the tension and the stuff she stirred up bothered me! She was playing the game to fast! What did she think was going to happen to her> She annoyed people and they didn't like that! All the lies she told she couldn't keep up with! Bye Audrey!!


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