Friday, June 5, 2015

Nick's Corner: "Red Alert"

WE HAVE A 23-19, I REPEAT, A 23-19!

Call the National Guard, call the Military, call the White House, or just call Julie Chen because the return of our summer addiction, Big Brother is on its way back!!

Less than a month to go and we are gearing up for another 2-night premiere on June 24th and 25th! However, we aren’t hearing any rumors this season like we normally do this time of year. My mind races of what turn of events can happen this summer. I’m going a little #BB16 Joey when she went a little bonkers before she walked out the door.

So here is a List of the Top 8 theories bouncing around in my head

1. Houseguest on the first night will be faced with an A or B option and when they pick A or B they are divided into tribes and shipped off to film the new season of ‘Survivor’.
The Tribe has spoken...

2. Decisions made by one houseguest will alter the game every week.
Can you say America's Player?

3. CBS spent way too much money on this season and the house will only consist of farm animals.
Watch as goats try to win an HOH! The comps will last about 2 days.

4. CBS has planned a twisted filled summer full of terrible, un-thought out twists.

This is the most likely thing to happen this season.

5. Another #BombSquad Alliance will be put into action this season… 
Future houseguest, don't do this. Its a terrible idea!

6. Julie Chen will reveal she is actually ZingBot, but would really mean she is ChenBot…
The signs have always been there. 

7. This season they have two houses and the final 2 in each house has to battle against each other for the legit final 2 positions.

8. Big Brother 17: Season of Mimes.
The Competitions would be histerical!

Will these theories actually happen? No not at all….. except for the house full of Mimes! That one is totally happening ;)

Comment down below one of your craziest theories you think could take place in the Big Brother House!

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