Thursday, June 18, 2015

First Impressions of the Big Brother 17 Houseguests

Another summer, another season of Big Brother, with another season of Big Brother, comes another round of Houseguests!

Every year I, John (Owner of The Big Brother Insider), sit down and watch all most of the press day interviews and write down my thoughts on the new batch of houseguests. These first impressions are based solely on bio's and interviews and are in no particular order. Lets get started...

Jason Roy: Meet our resident gay guy for the season. Jason calls himself the "Gay Glue" and plays that up often as being "able to bring the girls together". He seems to be a legitimate Superfan, as he mentioned he's a International Big Brother watcher. Big up's in my book for proving that by mentioning Jokers Updates. He seems willing to cut a bitch in order to win the game, I like that. He is funny but I can see him getting annoying, fast. He's likely a pre-jury houseguests.

Meg Maley: Quite possibly my favorite in the bunch. I love her bubbly personality. She is goofy and funny superfan and seems ready to play. Has a likable personality and I'm glad she's an AVERAGE GIRL. Not a model (Finally!) I like her so much, I listed her as a potential winner in my notes.

Becky Burgess: Blah personality. Her interviews were lackluster at best, and I tuned out during them. Becky seems unsure of what she's doing here. She's to nice for the game. Said she's willing to stab people in the back....but not really. She's my pick to be in a showmance this summer.

Audrey Middleton: First off, I applaud Audrey for her bravery to share her story with America. I watched her interview with Jeff before I found out the news of her being Transgender. When I originally watched her, I wrote down the following things...It's not Audrey NOT Aubrey. Don't get it wrong otherwise she turns into a totally bitch...which she already is acting like one. She's a "Superfan" (I say superfan with quotes because I can tell the difference between a legitimate superfan and a casual viewer that may have been recruited). She's our next, "Social Media Mogul" as she is a digital consultant (Posts on Social Media for Companies). She says she is "Not a Wallflower"...but totally is. She plans to play like Dexter Morgan and be ruthless, but I doubt she will. Seems like she has a "Love to Hate" personality about her. Personality reminds me of Victoria from BB16...After the news about her being Transgender, I re-watched her interviews and I found I didn't dislike her as much as I did the first time around. I am VERY interested to see how she plays the game.

Austin Matelson: This guy is also a huge superfan of the game. Seem like he is willing to stab anyone in the back that gets in his way of the $500k. The split personality/Judas thing is weird but if it helps him make big moves, go for it. He mentioned he was injured during his wrestling career, I'll be interested to see if that affects his game in competitions. Plans to play like Dr. Will which is interesting and I doubt he'll be able to live up to that. He is funny and an early favorite of mine.

Shelli Poole: Nice and bubbly but this game will eat her alive. She says she is adaptable so I am interested to see how she adapts to the twists this season. She told Jeff she would rather be loved by american, and lose then to be hated and win. This is a usually a instant "I dislike you" in my book but yet I still find myself liking her. I'll be interested to see how she plays but I won't be surprised if she's a pre-Jury boot.

James Huling: I'm not like a lot of people, I'm not obsessed with this guy. In fact I am quite the opposite. I don't like him. I don't see what he brings to the table other than fulfilling a stereotypical houseguests (Bonus points to casting for finding an Asian Redneck). He seems funny and deserving but I'm not a fan. Calls himself "Hillbilly Asian", I call him Asian Donny. I think he will end up playing a bland game like Donny played.

Clay Honeycutt: Meet this years token "hunk". Clay claims to be a "Superfan" but has only watched since 4 months ago *cough* RECRUITED *cough* NOT A SUPERFAN. Unfortunately for Clay all he has going for him is his looks. He speaks fluent dumb-a-nese. Will most likely be a Cody of this season and say he is going to make a big move and then will chicken out. He told Jeff he'd rather be loved and lose then win and be hated. So for that reason (and others) he's made my first impressions dislike list. Can I also just mention that sexual tension between him and Jeff was just awkward to watch.

Steve Moses: HE IS ONE OF US! Steve is a fellow Feedster! He's a legit superfan! He is funny and likeable, reminds me of Ian Terry from BB14. I really like him and he's a early favorite of mine. I look forward to his insight and thoughts on the game both during and after this season. My official pick to win.

Liz Nolan: First off, her voice is very weird, every time I heard it I was surprised it was her voice. Anyways, she is ditsy and blonde. Likely recruited as she said she is a "fan" but only has watched one season. I pick her as a early boot or someone that will float to the end.

Da'Vonne Rogers: As a poker dealer and superfan of the game, I am very interested to see how Da'Vonne plays. She is funny as hell and is a early favorite of mine. Da'Vonne is a proud mother of a 7 year old (#DavonneHasADaughter) and doesn't plan to tell the houseguests she is a poker dealer, so I am interested to see how that plays out for it.

Jace Agolli: Meet our token "Surfer dude". However, unlike stereotypical "surfer dudes", Jace actually seems like he has a whole brain and not a half of one. He seems very smart and willing to do whatever it takes. As he is a fan of the game, I am interested to see if he is able to "Walk the Walk" and actually play a good game. I have high hopes for him.

Vanessa Rousso: Meet our hot lesbian of the season! Vanessa is an attractive professional poker player who I see going far in the game. I think she is going to play a very heavy mental game and will likely be a puppetmaster of many people. I'm very interested to see how she will apply what she does in poker, to how she plays the game.

John McGuire: Our Diary Room shouter for the season. Within the first 15 seconds of his interview with Jeff, I was annoyed. As was Jeff. John is annoying as fuck. He claims to be a "Superfan" and a "Physical Threat" both of which I disagree with. He says he is smart but people often tell him he is dumb....that's because he is. He is very over dramatic and manic, reminds me of Nick Uhas during his pre-season interviews. He is my official pick to be the first evicted houseguest.

My Top Three Players: Steve, Jace, Austin.
My Pick to Win: Steve

My Bottom Three Players: John, Liz, Becky.
My Pick for First Out: John

There is my opinion/first impressions. I hope some of them prove me wrong ;)

BONUS: Here is the First Impressions of the new houseguests from our new webshow, The Unfiltered Feedsters! Co-hosted by BB Superfans, Nick and Rachel!

Let me know your thoughts on this seasons houseguests in the comments section!

Thanks for reading,

John (Owner of The Big Brother Insider)

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