Monday, June 22, 2015

CBS Accidentally Leaks 2 Additional Houseguests

Today CBS posted a new "Meet the Houseguests" video. In the video the houseguests talked about themselves and how they plan to play the game. CBS had them write little saying or mantras and sign their name. The problem is, CBS then showed a board will all the houseguests notes. On the board there was 16 notes, not 14. 16 notes indicates that CBS interviewed 16 people/houseguests.

The only new houseguest name we got out of the board was Jackie.
Now, normally this would mean nothing. We would just assume a new houseguest named Jackie and another houseguest whose name we don' know. However, a few days before the cast was announced, Big Brother Spoiler; Miss Cleo, said Amazing Race 26 star Jeff Weldon would be on Big Brother this season. When the cast was announced and we saw No Jeff, it was assumed he was an alternate (if someone decided to drop out of the process, Jeff would fill their place).

However, the interesting thing is, Jeff's racing partner on Amazing Race was named Jackie. Jeff and Jackie were a part of Amazing Race's "Blind Date" twist in which they paired strangers together as couples and had them race together.

Jeff & Jackie's Amazing Race 26 Picture
The nail in the coffin for this rumor was when Miss Cleo tweeted out a photo of Jackie's signature on the note compared to her signature on the Amazing Race season 26 flag.

Photo Credit: @MissCleo, Placed side by side by @TheBBInsider
It's a dead match. So, this basically confirms that Jeff and Jackie will be the two additional houseguests this season.

What do you think? Are you excited to see Amazing Race players on Big Brother? Let us know in the comments below!

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