Monday, June 1, 2015

Big Brother 17 Live Feeds

The Big Brother Live Feeds are back this season! This time the feeds have switched over from a stand alone service and are now bundled with CBS All Access. With CBS All Access you will not only get the Big Brother Live Feeds, but you can also watch all 16 seasons of Big Brother.

CBS All Access is only $5.99 a month! That's a 25% cheaper difference from last years price! Best part? You get a one week free trial to see if you like it!

You can also stream CBS All Access and the live feeds to your iPhone/iPad/Phone/Tablet and all other mobile devices! No app required to download. Simply login to your CBS All Access account on and enjoy binge watching your favorite CBS show *cough* BIG BROTHER *cough*. CBS not only allows you to stream to all your devices but you can also stream using your Roku Player and or Chromecast! Watch the feeds has never been easier.

Not sold yet? Here are the features of the Big Brother Live Feeds:

Archives - (Also called Flashback) Did you have to go to work and you missed that big fight?! No problem! With the Archives you can just pick a day and time, within the season, and you will be able to watch it again and again. ANY TIME!

Highlighted Moments - Speaking of that big fight you missed...Don't know the day or time? Not a problem. With the new feature called "Highlights". CBS will Bookmark/Highlight a important moment such as that big fight you just missed. This feature is great because you don't have to mess with the Archives to find the exact minute something happened because it has already been done for you!

Subscribers Only Vote - Want to see that Houseguest you hate have to do the laundry of the
houseguest you love? Well now we can directly influence the houseguests with the return of the subscribers only vote! (We hope this season that they give us better options then what the have nots should eat)

Members Only Chat - You can chat with fellow fans LIVE. You can join "official" chat room or create your own! You can set up your own username and chat with and private message other users. If they get annoying, you can even block them. You can chat in multiple chat rooms at the same time and you can even watch the live feeds and be chatting with other fans and friends and not miss a moment.

Houseguest Tracker - Keep up with whats going on in the house with the Houseguest Tracker! You will be able to see who is HOH, who got Nominated, and who won that all important POV! Also they have added features to keep tabs on your favorite houseguest! With a comprehensive stat card - from game play wins to meltdowns! So, you can now keep up with all the winning your favorite houseguest is doing!

Mobile Devices - You can watch the live feeds on your iPad, iPhone, Android Phone or Tablet. You
will be able to watch them just as you would on a desktop or laptop computer. You don't need to download an app or anything. Just make sure your device is compatible with the live feeds. New this season, stream All Access and feeds to your Roku Player or Chromecast!

Cams and Quad View - The Live Feeds will offer 4 different cameras you can watch, plus a quad cam view to see all 4 cameras at once.

Live Chats with Past Houseguests - Jeff Schroeder will be back with LIVE video chats with former Houseguests!

Already Announced Live Chat Dates:
BB16 Derrick Live Chat - June 10th
BB16 Frankie Live Chat - June 15th
Meet the New BB17 Houseguests LIVE - June 16th

--- Frequently Asked Questions ---

Q: "Will I be able to view the feeds in Canada"
A: No. Unfortunately for our friends up north, CBS has announced that Canadians won't be able to purchase All Access subscriptions thus no live feeds. Their currently is no known work around that works. We will keep you updated if CBS changes their minds or if we find a work around.

Q: "How Much will my People Watching Addiction Cost?" (How much is CBS All Access?)
A: Unlike past seasons, their isn't a "Early Bird Special" or a "3-Month Special". The only option is $5.99 a month.

Q: "How many times will my card get charged"
A: After your one week free trial, your card will get charged monthly until you cancel it.

Q: "When will the Live Feeds start?"
A: On June 25th, after the west coast airing of the second night of the premiere.

Q: "Will I have to call and cancel my live feed subscription after BB17 is over?"
A: You can cancel your subscription at any time by calling Customer Service at (888) 274-5343. We will also post reminders on our Facebook & Twitter's at the end of the season to cancel your subscription so you won't have to keep paying $5.99/month after Big Brother is over.

Q: "When I sign up, Will part of the proceeds go to you?!"
A: Yes. Signing up using THIS LINK, greatly helps us. For every All Access subscription we sell, we get a small commission from that sale. It keeps us going and keeps us providing you quality Big Brother coverage. Best part? It doesn't cost anything more for you to use our link! It simply helps us out.

If you have any further questions about the Big Brother Live Feeds thru CBS All Access, that I may not have answered in this article, please feel free to comment below or tweet me on Twitter.

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Big Brother Live Feeds

Big Brother Live Feeds
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