Sunday, June 28, 2015

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Recaps: June 28th

Live Feed Highlights for Sunday, June 28th

*Please Remember all times listed are in BBT (Big Brother Time / PST)
Overnight Report
12:00AM - Audrey told Becky about Jace and shush gate a few minutes ago. Becky says how much wine Jace drank and how obnoxious he is. Its Johns birthday!
12:14AM - Austin trying to see if he can get Vanessa's vote.
12:32AM - Meg said she hopes people continue to think she isn't playing the game.
12:40AM - Meg just told Jeff that Day and Jason are shady when it comes to Audrey.
12:43AM - Meg doesn't want to win HOH next week because there is so much going on.
12:48AM - Jeff says that he needs to plant a seed with Becky because he needs Austin out of the house.
12:54AM - Meg thinks Day and Jason together is bad. But Jason without day is a good idea.
12:55AM - Jeff wants it to be him and Clay next week as HOH.
1:05AM - Becky came to Jace and apologized to him.
1:07AM - Day going to check out HNR, Audrey to cabana room, and Jason into HOH. Things could get crazy..
1:09AM - Jace and Becky hug it out right as Day comes into the HNR,
1:10AM - Jace goes back to tell Vanessa and Austin that things are good with Becky now.
1:11AM - Jace, Austin, Vanessa in the BR. Clay, Jackie, Shelli, Audrey in the cabana room talking about Becky.
1:14AM - Liz telling James she would vote whoever James wants her to.
1:16AM - James asking Liz why he got brought into the cabana room the other day.
1:22AM - Jace, Clay, Austin says there is no way there's a girl alliance,
1:27AM - Day doesn't know how to react to Steve sometimes.
1:31AM - Day, Becky, Jason, Meg, and Jeff are in HOH talking about Jace.
1:36AM - Becky wishes Jace wouldn't get mad. Jason says it's like asking trees not to grow.
2:05AM - Audrey spread some stuff about an all girl alliance, she told Jackie that Day told Audrey about the all girl alliance.
2:07AM - Audrey is paranoid right now and now she is wanting a house meeting.
2:11AM - Audrey just went upstairs to see what Day and Jackie are doing.
2:39AM - Jeff explaining the conversation with Jackie to Audrey, Clay, Meg, Jace, and Shelli.
2:52AM - Meg is telling Jackie, and James that Meg told James, Becky could get some girls together.
2:54AM - Jeff telling Clay he doesn't want to win HOH this coming week because there is going to be a lot of blood shed.
3:06AM - Vanessa is scolding Steve for taking he key out of the wall... Lol...
3:46AM - Everyone agrees that Steve is becoming funnier.
3:52AM - Jason is saying that he has a suspicion that Vanessa is America's player.
3:54AM - Audrey now wants to get Jackie out.. Audrey, Jason, James talking about nominations for next week. Jason is telling Audrey that he is trying to keep day closer. Jason also thinks that he can read Jeff's lies.
3:58AM - Audrey thinks there is a plan in the works next week and they don't know about it. She now thinks that Jeff and Austin could be working together...
3:59AM - Jason is using skittles to make a chart to figure out what is going on... Lol.
4:09AM - Jason, James telling Audrey that they can't over think things.
4:17AM - Now Audrey wants the alliance to be: Herself, James, Jason, Day, Clay, and Shelli...
4:21AM - James is confirming that Jace IS going home Thursday. He also says that he is ready to bleed for the HOH coming up.
4:25AM - Audrey, Shelli, Jason, James talking about how Vanessa is having the 'I trust you" talk with everyone.
4:32AM - James says that it is a lot of what ifs... Audrey now wants to go get Jeff. Jason says he can read Jeff like braille
4:35AM - Jason says that Audrey never talks anything out. She goes and gets people. He also says this is big brother, not the real world.. Jeff is now in the HOH.
4:37AM - Jeff says "You think I'm with someone that keeps talking shit to me."
4:39AM - Jeff is getting mad because Audrey is saying he is working with Austin. Jeff says that he has barely even talked to Vanessa.
4:42AM - Audrey tells Jeff that she doesn't know how much BB he has watched in the past, and that people have staged fake fights before,
4:48AM - Jeff tells them he doesn't mind being in the hot seat and they can question him whenever they want.

Morning Report
5:11AM - Audrey still thinks that Vanessa is orchestrating everything..
5:22AM - Jeff, Jason, and James mention the time and how late it is. Audrey quickly changes it back to the subject. Lol
5:32AM - Jeff asks Jason why is the drama always around Audrey. Jason says that Jeff isn't telling him anything he doesn't know.
5:33AM - Jason thinks Audrey is trying to save Jace. Jeff says that Audrey HAS to go
5:35AM - Jeff telling Jason that Jeff is telling Clay not to get Day out.
5:40AM - Jeff says to Jason that Clay is brainwashed into liking Audrey. Jeff says that he isn't saying that Clay is stupid, it's just that Jeff is smarter.
5:42AM - Audrey told Jeff that Day is wanting Jeff out. Jeff just asked Jason if that is true.
5:44AM - Jeff and Jason are trying to figure out how to get Audrey out before she gets them. Jason says Audrey is trying to play like the winner will be crowned tomorrow. Jeff now wanting to work with Jason. (How many more alliances do we need?!?)
5:51AM - Jason says that he isn't afraid to go after Audrey because she's transgender, like most people in the house are.
5:53AM - Jason saying that Audrey says one thing to one person, but something completely different to another.
5:57AM - Jeff says he almost laughed when Audrey asked him what is relationship with Austin was. Jason thinks that Audrey wants Jace to stay.
6:00AM - Jason says he wouldn't let Audrey take his kids to the park.
6:03AM - Audrey just came and got Jason, Jeff from outside because everyone is in the HOH room waiting on them... (Here we go..)
6:19AM -Audrey is needing to know how to approach Day,  Jeff saying that they are all family.
6:23AM - Most houseguests are in bed.

Afternoon Report

12:21PM - Audrey, Clay, and Shelli talking, Shelli asking if the other girls have an alliance.
12:34PM - Outside Lockdown. Veto Ceremony To recap, Steve is going to use the veto to save himself, James is going to nominate Jace, Jace knows that he is being backdoored. Get ready, because the house is gonna blow!
1:33PM - Feeds return.
1:35PM - Jason confirms that Jace is on the block. Surprise! Jason to Austin and Day, he says no offense to Jase but he's glad it isn't him.
1:39PM - Sadly, Jace is in the DR!
1:45PM - Jace just said that he just wants to walk out of the house right now. Austin says that they can get seven votes.
1:46PM - Jace asked why James put him up. Austin says because there is a big alliance.
1:49PM - Jace goes into HOH room to talk to James. James saying to Jace that Jace tried to flip something on James. Jace says that its Audrey.
1:50PM - Jace asked why would he would flip on Jace. Jace also asked James why he would flip on Jace. Jace said he has had James' back since day one.
1:51PM - Jace saying that James has a lot of liars around him. Jace is saying that James fucked up. Jace thought that he could trust James.
1:52PM - James says he is sorry, then Jace says no James doesn't.
1:53PM - James just said as a game player, Jace should just go and try to get votes. Jace is saying that whoever is in James' ear, they are throwing Jace under the bus, and are afraid of him.
1:54PM - Jace asking why James went against him. James says he doesn't know. Jace says exactly.
1:55PM - Jace saying that James is gonna go and embarrass Jace and his family.
1:56PM - James says why would he put up someone weak. James said that Jace almost won HOH. James said don't make it personal. Jace said that it is personal.
1:56PM - Jace said that he knows there is a big fucking alliance.
1:57PM - Jace just told James "Look at that bracelet, it says 'What would Jesus do?'" James asks why Jace is bring Jesus into it.
1:58PM - Jace said because its on James fucking wrist. He also said that Jesus would never go against his word.
2:00PM - Jace says that he isn't disrespecting James. He is just coming up to the HOH room just to see where James stands.
2:02PM - James says he respects Jace as a person. He only put him up because he sees Jace as a competitor. James also said he doesn't want to be up on the BOTB against Jace.
2:04PM - Audrey and Clay went into HOH to check on James.
2:05PM - Clay said that he just talked to Jeff to talk about Liz just to make sure if she wants to go with them for votes. Audrey goes downstairs.
2:06PM - James says to Clay that James told Jace that he respects him, but game play wise, Jace is a beast.
2:07PM - James is recapping his conversation to Clay.
2:10PM - Jeff saying to James that Liz is kind of scrambling in the BY.
2:11PM - Jeff says that Liz is kind of like "Fuck, I'm a target now"
2:12PM - Jace telling Jackie that she has nothing to worry about, no one is threatened by her, and that everyone is threatened by Jace.
2:16PM - Audrey telling Vanessa that Audrey is a very transparent person. Audrey tells her that she is really hurt by Vanessa.
2:17PM - Audrey tells Vanessa that someone told Audrey that Vanessa was threatened by Audrey because the way she approached her about the job.
2:19PM - Audrey says that Vanessa went to Austin saying that there is a girls alliance. Vanessa says that Audrey has no reason to be hurt.
2:22PM - Audrey talking about a conversation with James to Vanessa. Vanessa says she doesn't remember that conversation and she never heard a conversation about backdooring Jace or Jason. (Either I heard wrong. or Audrey just said Jason instead of Jace...)
5:20PM - Jace confronted Audrey right now!
5:25PM - Audrey doesn't understand why everyone keeps turning things back to her. Jace telling Audrey that she's not in the hot seat. Its not her that's the victim. It's him.
5:34PM - Jace just told Audrey that it's fucked up they had an eviction song, she told him that she had nothing to do with it.
5:55PM - Jason said tomorrow he is going to tell Jace to stop campaigning to Jason because he isn't changing his vote.
6:57PM - Austin is pushing for a house meeting and also telling Jace that this is your bible speech.
7:02PM -Jason says to Austin that it's better Jace leaves this week for his game.
7:05PM - Jason working Austin reassuring him that Jace needs to go.
7:10PM - Jace tells James that he isn't his target if he stays(He probably won't stay) Jace asks if there is anything he can do to stay. James says that things have already been set in motion(LOL)
7:22PM - James says he will talk to a few people, and if Jace stays he will tell Jace who wanted him out. James says "You stay, I'll help you"
7:26PM - Jace still buttering James up, he is promising the world. Jace leaves and James says "SHIT!"
7:29PM - Jace will be calling a house meeting(You should've bought the feeds to see this! Get them here!)
7:31PM - Jace plans to cry during the house meeting to add the visual effect.
7:57PM - Jason telling Audrey and Meg that he had a conversation with Austin.
8:08PM - Audrey think Jace is trying to emotionally manipulate people in the house.
8:37PM - Jace telling Audrey that she is killing him and that she makes it so hard to be upset(lol)
8:50PM - Audrey went to the bedroom and said "Its like trying to reason with a four year old.
8:58PM - Jason tells Jace to lie low and chill, and maybe people will flip to him.
9:08PM - Jace tells Meg that people are still making up lies and saying he is gunning after people.
9:11PM - Austin says to Liz how dumb does Audrey think he is. Austin saying that if Audrey doesn't get HOH next week, she will "burn"
9:13PM - Austin saying that Audrey is playing a paranoid game and they can get her head spinning by planting seeds.
9:21PM - Austin thinks Audrey is making stuff up.
9:39PM - Jace tells Austin and Liz that Clay is more against them than Audrey.
9:45PM - Jace says he can't do anything and doesn't want to wait 3 days. Liz says she feels blindsided.

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