Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Recap: June 30th

Live Feed Highlights for Tuesday, June 30th

*Please Remember all times listed are in BBT (Big Brother Time / PST)

Overnight Report
12:00AM - Clay and Meg clearing up all the rumors, and laughing it off.
12:02AM -  Jace is wanting to stay, and he is brainstorming how. Liz tells him Jackie had more people on her side.

Afternoon Report
1:27PM - Audrey saying she doesn't want to hear if Day has a problem just because she is HOH,
1:31PM - Vanessa confronts Audrey about the all girl alliance. Audrey just told Day to her face that Day started the all girl alliance rumor. Day just laughed in her face, and said "Game on."
1:41PM - Jason is going off on Audrey. Jason is literally screaming saying Audrey is the reason everyone doesn't trust anyone. Audrey saying that she is being cornered.
1:43PM - Day telling everyone that she wanted everyone in the HNR because Audrey was planting sees in peoples heads about Day.
1:46PM - Day is telling Audrey she is the one with the bullshit. Day is leaving because she is about to "crack" Audrey in the face,
1:50PM - Audrey saying Jason only spoke because Jason is Day's side piece.
1:54PM - Shelli telling Audrey that she is taking little things and blowing them up.
1:57PM - Audrey is now saying she can't trust Clay.
1:59PM - Audrey is still crying.
2:00PM - Audrey says Day caused problems in the house and Audrey was the one who kept everything together.
2:04PM - Clay goes into the HNR, probably to make sure that Shelli doesn't tell Audrey about the backdoor plan. Clay and Shelli tell Audrey that the other side of the house has been talking about her for 3 days.
2:09PM - Audrey saying the only reason people trust Day and Jason is because of Audrey.
2:12PM - Audrey is annoyed that people are believing Day and Jason. Clay tells Audrey that she needs to lay low and not confront anyone today.
2:16PM - Vanessa telling Clay that Audrey told Shelli to lie to Clay.
2:20PM - Austin said that Audrey didn't have to say a word all summer and she would've been final 4.
2:22PM - Vanessa telling Clay that it's clear Audrey was the one telling everyone about stuff.
2:28PM - Audrey saying she can't do anything now because people are just going to tell stories about her.
2:31PM - Steve saying that there is a 14 person alliance right now.
2:35PM - Audrey is still saying Day came up with the all girl alliance.
2:38PM - Shelli saying that everyone is listening to Day.
2:40PM - Audrey still says they don't know why people believe Day.
2:46PM - Jason saying Audrey isn't going to say anything to anyone. Everyone agrees that Jace still has to go.
3:17PM - Everyone is chill with each other after the whole Audrey and Day fight.
3:20PM - Jeff says to Jackie that it's never going to be okay to talk in this house with people around.

Evening Report

5:06PM - Audrey is asking Austin what she can do to build trust. He says you honestly got caught up in playing too fast and she start crying.
5:08PM - Audrey says she has no one and Austin agrees(Lol) Austin says everybody is comfortable with having somebody to get out next week. Austin tells Audrey to chill and that people forgive. He forgives and he is just leaving it open just in case Audrey wins HOH.
5:20PM - Audrey offers to give Austin her ring as collateral(hahaha)
5:38PM - Audrey now asked Austin to hint to Shelli to come back to her. She has the people she hurt coming to her.
5:43PM - Liz saying she is keeping her mouth shut and not talking to Austin. 
5:56PM -Austin telling Jace they need to use Audrey to their advantage.(I'm sorry, but at this point I don't think Audrey is that good for you , Austin.)
6:32PM - Clay saying Audrey entertained the idea of backdooring him. Audrey tells Clay that he can't be friends with all the guys.
6:35PM - Austin saying that he is work on a plan to save Audrey and she will know it before eviction. Shelli says Audrey is going to exploit the alliance(It pretty much already is...) Audrey saying Clay and Shelli are sitting good, Austin says too good. Shelli is worried about Audrey telling Austin about their alliance.
6:37PM - Vanessa says she needs to talk to Audrey because she is super hurt. Vanessa is the next to talk to Audrey. Austin tells Audrey she needs to have really good conversations with Vanessa and Jace. Austin says that Audrey isn't dead yet.
6:40PM - Audrey saying she is sticking to her story and she questioned Vanessa. Audrey says Shelli has selective memory
6:43PM - Jace telling James there is no hard feelings. He tells James that he is basically giving up. Vanessa asking what is the deal with the rest of the house, if Day and Jason are making shit up.
6:46PM - Audrey just told Austin about the 8 person alliance!! Austin just told Clay and Shelli. Shelli saying its not going to stay together.
6:49PM - Austin wants to start talking game with Becky. Austin wants to float like Clay and Shelli are right now. Vanessa wants so badly to believe Audrey but she feels betrayed.
7:02PM - Audrey saying everybody but Liz, Austin, and Jace knew that Jace was going up.
7:06PM - Vanessa saying that at the end of the day, they will have the footage to see what really happened.
7:50 PM - Clay, James, Meg, Jeff, and Jason are talking about how no one believes anything Audrey says and they need to ignore her. They also think it's weird that Audrey and Jace are best friends again and that they are teaming together to try and flip the house. 
8:02 PM- Austin and Vanessa try to convince Shelli they need to work together and to bring in Clay and bring in Becky. Shelli isn't sure about Becky because she begged Jason to put her and Clay up to get rid of the showmance. Austin tells her that Becky has an awful social game and doesn't know how to talk to people. They talk about how Day isn't very trustworthy. Austin tells Shelli he's going after James when he wins HoH because he's lied to his face and he talks down to girls in the house. 
8:08 PM- Austin and Vanessa talk about their final 2. She tells him she will not save Jace unless Austin promises her that he'll take her Final 2 over Jace if they get to F3. He says yes. She says she'll think about it more tonight and give an answer tomorrow.
8:13 PM- Jace is livid. He tells Vanessa that there was a group of 8 and he wasn't part of it. He feels betrayed and that he embarrassed himself and his family on national television. He feels so betrayed by James. He says he got played for a fool. Jace found out that people were making fun of him since day one and said he got treated like this in high school. He feels sick and wants to throw up. Vanessa says she lost her crap when she found out people were making fun of him. Upstairs, Jason tells the HoH group he'd go up on the block next to Audrey that's how confident he feels.
8:15 PM-Vanessa asks Jace for a F3 deal with Austin if he stays. He says absolutely. He says he doesn't know what he did to deserve to be treated so poorly and why everyone hates him. Vanessa says it's not about hating but about being scared. Vanessa says their target next week isn't Audrey it's James for being a terrible person or making up the song about Jace. He tells her he needs her help and agrees to the F3 deal.
8:21 PM- Jason, Meg, Day, and James assure Jackie she's going nowhere. Jackie says if she doesn't get  a unanimous vote she'll be pissed. She can't imagine why anyone would vote to keep Jace. 
8:24 PM- Jason tells Meg if Audrey somehow managed to come back in the house after she gets evicted, he'll set her on fire at the door. He says you know production is going to give Audrey the answers so she'll get a perfect score and end up as HoH. 
8:25PM- Liz and Austin talk about taking James out. Liz says she's up for that. They talk about how Jase was really rude to Steve during the BotB competition and aren't sure they can keep him around. 
8:28 PM - Austin calls the group in the HoH room the Nerd Herd and wants to know who is going to put him up on the block, because he'll win. He also says the people in that room they are not loyal. Austin says that Clay/Shelli are loyal and they were the ones cut first from the alliance because they were loyal to Audrey.  He says they might have to cut Jace. 
8:30 PM - Clay comes out and Austin tells him that Jeff told him they are watching everyone like hawks who talk to Audrey and they made comments that Shelli and Clay are still being too loyal to her. Clay is upset and wonders why Jeff would say that. Liz tells Austin when Clay leaves that he threw Jeff under the bus. Austin tells Clay he's not throwing Jeff under the bus and he came to Austin with the info, he thinks they can trust Jeff and bring him over to their side. Clay agrees. 
8:35 PM- Shelli comes up and they ask her how Vanessa is doing. Shelli says that during the fight earlier, Vanessa flipped out and cursed at Audrey. They start making fun of Jace and how stupid he is for lying about having the votes to stay. Shelli wants to know how they'll be able to pull off keeping Jace. Meg says that this is Jace's only shot but it won't work.
8:48 PM- Jace tells Steve he's a terrible person for not being willing to vote for him to stay. Jace is telling Steve he was supposed to be his friend. Jace says no one in the house cares about Steve and they have said terrible things about him and make fun of him behind his back whenever he leaves. He says you're a giant joke. Steve says okay. Steve apologizes for hurting him. Jace tells him he doesn't believe that he's sorry. Jace asks Steve why he would try to go after the one person who cared about him. Jace says he's been payed like a guitar this week.  
9:00 PM- Day and Jason talk about how they have to careful otherwise their alter egos will come out and it won't be pretty. They talk about how Audrey manipulates everyone. Day gets called the DR and gets excited to get everything off her chest. 

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