Monday, June 29, 2015

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Recap: June 29th

Live Feed Highlights for Monday, June 29th

*Please Remember all times listed are in BBT (Big Brother Time / PST)

Overnight Report
12:00AM - James is trying to figure out who the snake in the house is. He is wondering if it could be Jackie. Audrey and Meg are with him and tell him they don't think Jeff is the snake. James tells them if he finds out it's Jackie they will blow her game up and keep Jace.
12:05AM - James calls up Day and Clay to the HoH room. He tells them he thinks there is a mole in their group. Day says if she finds out there is rat, she's done with their alliance.
12:20 a.m. James, Meg, and Audrey are paranoid about who told Jace about the song. They say they should go straight to him and ask him. Jason comes in and tells them that Vanessa was watching them all come up to the HoH room to talk.
12:30AM - Day tells James they should tell Jace they will flip the votes if he tells them who the mole was. Audrey doesn't think this is a good idea and wonders if maybe Jace just overheard someone singing it.
12:35AM - Jason asks Audrey point blank if she doesn't think it's a good idea since Jace heard her singing it. Audrey says no way and that it wasn't her. 
12:41 a.m. Jason tells James and Meg he think Audrey was singing it and that's how Jace found out about the song.
12:45AM - Audrey is getting very upset and tells them that the only person she said anything to about the song was Vanessa. She claims Vanessa is the anti-christ and she wants to spread a lie about Vanessa saying she knew about the song because she overheard them singing it.
12:46 James tells them they will drop it and move on. After Audrey leaves he tells Jason and Meg that Audrey for sure was the one that told Jace about the song, and they'll deal with her later, but the good thing is that she has no idea they are on to her. 
1:05AM - Jason went to Clay to tell him he thinks the reason Jace knew the song was because of Audrey. Clay says Audrey is someone he trusts the most in this game and that they should drop it and forget about it. 
1:07AM - Clay goes to Audrey and tells him what Jason has been saying to them individually. Audrey claims to have seen Liz and Day go into the HN room and thinks Day slipped up and is trying to deflect to Audrey now.
1:40AM - Jeff and Jackie have a meeting in the storage room. Jackie tells him Audrey needs to go sooner rather than later.
2:15AM - James approaches Jackie in the back yard and tells her to watch what she says around Audrey because it will get around the house.

Morning Report

10:45AM - Austin is up and is talking to Clay in the backyard. Clay tells Austin that Liz approached Jeff last night and said she's looking for a new alliance as she's distancing herself from Austin and Jace.  
10:47AM - Clay asks Austin what his feelings are on Vanessa. Austin says he trusts Vanessa the most in the house and that he really likes her. Clay says that is a good thing and too keep Vanessa close and let her know their alliance is real to build the trust between them. Austin agrees with that.

Afternoon Report 

11:15AM - Jason tells Clay their solid group need to target the following people in that order: Liz, Austin, Steve, John, Vanessa, and Becky.  
11:45AM - Julia is now in the house in place of Liz.
12:05PM-  The houseguests discuss 9/11 for awhile. They discuss Monica in season 2 and her cousin. They all say that most of them were in middle school when it happened.  
12:31PM - Jason and Shelli discuss how awkward Jace is making everyone and she wants to be there for him but she doesn't want to make it even more weird.
2:08PM - Jace is working on votes and tells Steve that he's going to drop a bombshell at the live show and hopes it will sway Steve to keep him. 
2:09PM - Jace is working on a rap for the live show petition.
2:14PM - Day tells Jace not to give up and a pre jury member might get to come back and he'd for sure have a shot.  
2:28PM - Jace offers John incentive to keep him. He offers him safety for down the road if he stays. 
2:30PM-  Shelli is telling everyone about the twin twist from season 5 and basically describing the rules for Julia/Liz having to make it to week 5. They can't believe no one noticed a completely different person being in the house for days on end. 
3:45PM - Meg and Austin have a conversation about game play and Meg is trying to feel Austin out. Austin tells her he doesn't really know what's going on and he think he doesn't know as much as some of the other house guests do. He says he's okay with her, though and she says she agrees. Meg says that action speaks louder than words. Clay breaks up their conversation in the bathroom. Meg and Austin agree they should communicate more.
3:55PM - Meg tells James that Clay went up to Audrey and told her that Jason and Day think that she's the one who told the other side about the song.  James said that's ridiculous. Jason and Day wouldn't have told him that. James said Audrey is making things up and she said the same thing to him when she realized he was going to go confront Jace about who told him about the song. Meg said Audrey thinks Day is working with Liz.

Evening Report

3:57PM - Meg says there is no way Liz is working with Day, because Liz threw Day under the bus in the hammock room.
3:58PM - James says that Audrey is a liar and everything she says is a lie. He wouldn't even believe her if she says the sky is blue. He says we don't trust her anymore. She's running around like a saboteur stirring up drama and trouble. We'll let her think she's in control until we backdoor her or evict her. 
3:59PM - Meg says what if we convinced Jeff to convince Liz or Austin or someone from the other side to put up Audrey, so we don't have to do it. Meg says she's confused about Jace entering the conversation today and he said he had a dream about who backstabbed him. She said Jace looked at Audrey and told her he knew it wasn't her. 
4:00PM - James says we know now that Audrey had an alliance with Austin and he has loose lips and went and told Jace. James said Jace came up and only got one part of the song right. Meg says that Audrey is planting seeds and stirring up trouble. Meg wants to confront Clay about it and James said no. 
4:01PM - Meg says there is something between Clay, Shelli, and Audrey. James says Shelli is going up on the block too. He wants to stick with Meg, Jason, Jeff, and Day and weed out Clay, Shelli, and Audrey. 
4:06PMJames tells Meg he doesn't trust Shelli and think she has no idea what's going on in the game and she's lazy and doesn't offer anything to their alliance. He says that Audrey is now in damage control because she got caught in a lie. 
4:09PM - James says Audrey is acting like a saboteur, not for the show, but she is just acting like one.
4:14PM - James saying that Clay hasn't shown them anything in this game besides his mouthpiece and that doesn't even mean anything. James and Meg don't know where Vanessa stands and think she will be the only one trying to keep Jace.
4:16PM - James wants to see Audrey's facial expressions when she is put on the block, Meg laughs. James says that Audrey is worse tan Jace. Meg saying that they need to make sure they have the votes to get Audrey out, because she will get everyone to turn against the other person on the block.
4:26PM - Austin saying that if him or Liz win HOH they could really start getting plans in motion.
4:52PM - Meg saying that Audrey is trying to start problems with Clay, and Day again.
4:56PM - James says "Bye Felicia!" to the camera about Audrey.
5:00PM - Day is so glad that people are seeing Audrey's bullshit.
5:02PM - Jason and Day go rally against Audrey. Day says Shelli is way easier to read than Clay. Jason says he is able to tell by people's body language to see if people are lying.
5:06PM - Day wants to get close with Shelli so she can figure out what Audrey is saying,
5:08PM -Day and Jason say the first opportunity to get Audrey out, they are going to take it.
5:10PM - Day says Meg can't sit in Final 2, because she will win hands down.
5:13PM - Day and Jason don't think Clay is 23.
5:47PM - Just general chit chat.

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  1. Why is Clay so attached to Aud? I like Clay, but he has been deceived by the great deceiver.

  2. I believe it is because he thinks he can get far with Audrey. Personally, I believe she is playing way too hard, and she will come crashing down within the next week or two, maybe even sooner!


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