Saturday, June 27, 2015

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Recap: June 27th

Live Feed Highlights for Saturday, June 27th

*Please Remember all times listed are in BBT (Big Brother Time / PST)

Overnight Report
12:02AM - Houseguests thank Big Brother for the alcohol. Things are going to get crazy.. Or we all hope!
12:06AM - Jason and Day talking on the couch. Day asks if someone is doing damage control. Jason bets that someone is. Didn't catch the name.
12:09AM - Clay says to Steve that he is so innocent. Jeff says he is awesome.
12:10AM - Vanessa says her and Austin need to be really careful.
12:17AM - Audrey saying she is super buzzed. Jace and Audrey are asking if they are okay and are glad they are better. Audrey is obviously playing Jace.
12:18AM - Jace isn't worried about anything right now. He should be.
12:20AM- Audrey talking to Day about Audrey and Jace's convo. Audrey says that Jace was so excited and glad they did 5 Alive.
12:22AM - Audrey, Meg, Becky, Day, Jackie, Shelli in kitchen. They start doing Rachel impressions.
12:26AM - Liz/Julia is fine with not being okay with Day. She wants to be okay with Audrey?
12:34AM - Meg talking like BB in a typical white girl voice and saying "Jeff, you aren't allowed to talk about production." "Stop thaatt" It went to fish. She got in trouble. "You are not allowed to impersonate production" Haha
12:50AM - Audrey and Shelli talking about something. "They are close with Jackie." Becky and Vanessa were talking and then Audrey walked in.
12:51AM - Shelli says she hasn't spoken with anyone but Clay. Anytime Shelli would try to talk to Shelli, she says everyone is like saying "Go away. We are talking"
12:54AM - Day walks in. She pulls Audrey away to talk. Day warned Audrey to watch what she says around people.
12:55AM - Audrey and Vanessa start talking in the HN room. Audrey says they haven't really talked game yet.
12:56AM - Vanessa says that she doesn't want to talk about game yet. Vanessa talked to Clay, and said she trusts Audrey, and would love to work with her.
12:57AM - Vanessa says that she has really good feelings about Audrey. Audrey's name got called so she left. Vanessa wants to talk Audrey again later tonight.
12:59AM - Audrey goes back to HN room to talk to Vanessa. Audrey asks how much Vanessa knows. Vanessa says that she knows who is the target. Audrey asks if the person is Jace or her. Vanessa says to Audrey that it isn't Audrey,
1:00AM - Audrey says she is like Vanessa in a way because she won't say specifically who and what is happening. Clay walks in. They stop talking game and act like they were just chilling.
1:03AM - Audrey says the target is completely flipped. The people who were insecure against Audrey are now targeting each other. Austin walks in.
1:05AM - Vanessa says that Audrey is clearly intelligent and a physical threat. Vanessa says that is exactly why she wants to work with her.
1:06AM - Vanessa says that she doesn't feel really confident in her game talk yet. Vanessa says that Clay has been the only person who has mentioned Audrey's name around Vanessa.
1:07AM - Vanessa asks if anyone has mentioned her. Audrey says that some people aren't really sure about Vanessa yet because she hasn't been very present for game talk.
1:08AM - Audrey says that some groups say Vanessa may be a target because they aren't sure about her yet. Audrey says that she has only said positive things. Vanessa says that Clay and Shelli are good people.
1:10AM - Audrey is playing Vanessa big time.  
1:11AM - Jeff asks if Meg would go after anyone with them. Jeff says that they just need to focus on staying in the game.
1:12AM- Jeff believes that a guy(not sure who) knows stuff. He wants to make sure that he is good.
1:13AM - Jeff and Meg are trying to play a somewhat clean game.
1:19AM - Audrey says to Vanessa that a lot of these people are driving her nuts. Audrey also says that people run with little information and that they blow shit up. Vanessa says that everyone probably knows that Audrey has a great social game and that it's dangerous to come after Audrey.
1:27AM - Audrey and Jackie talk game by the poo table but James walks out and Jackie leaves. The reconvene in the bathroom and then the cabana room. Audrey likes that Jackie listens more than she talks. Audrey seems to really want to work with her.
1:53AM - Vanessa tells day that she's finally starting to come out of her depression today. (Finally)
2:03AM - Shelli and Clay in the hammock game talking. They discuss Audrey's loyalty and also that they like Becky but she's a little "off".
2:18AM - James flirts with meg while she is in the hot tub. Jeff keeps coming over and interrupting.
2:21AM - Audrey campaigns to Shelli in case she goes up. Shelli says she will keep her and explains further about clay questioning Audrey's loyalty.
2:39AM - Jeff and John are whispering in the bathroom.
2:47AM - Audrey has a buzz bc she drank fast and now the conversation in the backyard couch area turns to sex.
3:08AM - Meg and Jeff assure Clay that no one is coming after him.
3:13AM - Steve to the cameras says that he wants Jace to stay, he also wants to hide something of his(possibly to frame Jackie as a saboteur?)
3:16AM - James thinks Jace will make a scene tomorrow after the veto meeting.
3:22AM - General chat by most house guest that are still awake. Meg, Day and Jason are talking on the hammock. They are talking about Audrey and then eventually about Becky. They think Becky should go soon.
3:25AM - Jason says that BB will never show what Steve said to him. He is probably talking about something from the week before Feeds started.
3:29AM - Meg thinks that people are starting to get worried that people will start turning on each other.
3:39AM - Jason thinks that Jackie is a showgirl on wheels. Doesn't he mean legs? Lol.
3:53AM - Jace says he would put money on Audrey being America's Player because she is in game mode 24/7.
3:54AM - Vanessa shows up so Jace stops talking game and starts talking about exes. It's pretty obvious he was talking game.
4:12AM - Some of the Steve hate is because he was busted eavesdropping before feeds, hiding in a trashcan. 
4:20AM - Audrey says that she really wants to stay of the drama. 

Morning Report

8:15AM - Houseguests in bed still.
10:52AM - Austin and Vanessa in the backyard talking about alliances. They are trying to sort out who lies with who.
11:03AM - Austin says that Day is playing too hard. 
11:07AM - Wake-Up call!

Afternoon Report

12:04PM - Audrey and Jace are in the hammock. Jace says that yesterday was shitty and that it was a game of telephone all day long.
12:06PM - Jace saying to Audrey that he doesn't think James is going to put up any girl, and that it will be guys,
12:26PM - Audrey says to Vanessa that she feels that it would be hard for Audrey to fly under the radar considering she is doing her best.
12:32PM - Austin and Jace are in the bathrrom. Austin says that Jace should go check in with Audrey, and to make sure that Jace is okay with her, Austin continues to say to Jace that he made sure Jace is good with Audrey and that Austin saved that one. They are still clueless that Jace is getting backdoored this week.
12:35PM - Austin to Jace, Austin says they need to sell James on Jeff being a monster. They have to just take Jeff out and save Jace's ass.
12:36PM - Vanessa says to Audrey that Steve is smart, and doesn't need to downplay it. She also said that is makes him look a little naive. Audrey says that she caught Steve in a lie.
12:40PM - Jace freaking out and saying that he can't go up, and go home in the first week. Austin says "I know, I know."
12:42PM - Jace says the whole reason why he is fucked right now is because him and Austin were worried about Audrey. Jace says that Audrey said she had no idea what James was going to do. Austin says that is bullshit, because its either Jace or Jeff.
12:43PM - Jace says if he goes up, he can't go home. Not first week, because its embarrassing, Audrey tells Vanessa that she likes John but believes he needs to step up his social game because he is alienating himself.
12:52PM - Liz joins Audrey on the hammock. Liz says she wants to clear the air with Audrey and that she wants Audrey to trust her and also be really close with her. Liz doesn't want paranoia to ruin it. Liz saying Audrey can trust her and she can trust Audrey.
1:10PM - Audrey and Liz hug it out and head inside.
1:12PM - Austin saying to Jace that once they get past the veto ceremony it's open season.
1:21PM - Audrey is telling Meg that Liz is freaking out because Audrey confronted Liz so hard yesteday.
1:57PM - Vanessa saying she will do anything besides streak and disrespect her relationship.
2:09PM - Austin gets a "Stop That" from BB by touch the extended roof in the backyard. He tells BB that he isn't going to break anything but their shitty comp.
2:58PM - Jace was crushing Day last night with the second grade teacher questions
3:02PM -BB hit them with a "That's so annoying" message and everyone freaks out. Jason says he hasn't heard that in the past five years of feeds.
3:10PM - Day just told Vanessa that she wouldn't nominate her and after a pause Vanessa replies with "If that's the case, ditto"
3:34PM - Shelli doesn't want to feel left out of the game. She feels she thinks different than other houseguests. She is crying to Clay. She doesn't want Jace to be sent home.
3:43PM - Shelli and Clay are going through who they want out each week. Shelli said she isn't good at being a fake person. Clay sarcastically says "You're not?"
3:47PM - Shellis alliance doesn't tell/explain anything to and her and when they finally do, its too much info at once.

Evening Report
4:31PM - Jason hates saying "This is what the house wants"
4:40PM - Jason tells Day that he can't wait until there is only four people left in the house.
4:44PM - Audrey, and Jeff talking about Clay being concerned about him being left out.
4:51PM - Audrey telling Jeff about her conversation with Liz this morning.
5:37PM - Jason says he is always in comp mode, and that he is like Rachel Reilly. When its his time to go and he goes.
5:40PM - Audrey telling Jason that she is backing off people next week, because Shelli and Clay keep asking where she stands. Audrey and Jason think that Becky/ Jackie might be in an alliance.
5:45PM - Jason saying there is something about Vanessa that doesn't check out. Jason also says that he doesn't think that TA is happening again.
5:47PM - Audrey thinks Clay is an athlete. Jason doesn't think that Meg has any secrets.
5:49PM - Jason and Audrey think that people lying think that the people actually telling the truth are lying. (Not actually, but to explain this update. EX: Becky lying, she thinks that Clay(telling truth) is lying, but in reality Becky is the one lying.)
5:56PM - Audrey and Meg think that Jackie will flip on them soon.
5:59PM - Audrey had a dream that a girl won the next HOH. Audrey also says that what if one of the twists was that 1 HOH nominated 2 pairs. BB make it happen!
6:07PM - Meg said there is someone in the house that she never wants to talk to again.
6:25PM - James telling Jason that Jace just tried to get him to nominate Jason. James says that he isn't throwing the house under the bus in his veto meeting speech when he nominates Jace as the replacement,
6:35PM - Audrey and Jason thinking that Austin and Liz might not even vote to keep Jace since they know that Jace is going. Jason thinks that Austin and Liz will stay together after Jace leaves.
8:36PM - Steve said that he is throwing the next HOH.
8:56PM - Jace streaking through the house all the way to the backyard.

Overnight Report
9:33PM - Audrey and Shelli talking in the Nightclub Room about a possible girl alliance forming.
10:08PM - The houseguests get wine!
10:29PM - Audrey tells Austin to detach himself from Liz and Jace.
11:44PM - Day says that the veto ceremony is going to be fire

We will continue to update this post as events happen throughout the day/night.
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