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Big Brother 17 Live Feed Recap: June 26th

Live Feed Highlights for Friday, June 26th

*Please Remember all times listed are in BBT (Big Brother Time / PST)

Overnight Report
12:04AM - Houseguests are just hanging out. No game talk right now. If you're interested, the guys are getting theirs nails painted.
12:10AM - Jason, Audrey, and Jackie in HOH talking about Vanessa crying earlier.
12:12AM - Jackie and Audrey talk about Steve interrupting people when they are talking. They don't like when he is being "sneaky."
12:30AM - Audrey is talking with Jackie in HOH. She says that there is no way that she would get voted off over Jase.
12:32AM - Audrey and Jackie talking about backdooring Jace.
12:34AM - Jackie saying that Becky and Liz aren't keeping their head in the game.
12:36AM - Jackie asks what Audrey would do if she wins HOH next week. She says she would wait and see if people come up to HOH and told to her. Jackie asks if she would really target Steve.
12:41AM - Jackie says she would be fine with Jace being evicted. She says that he is the only one who has been weird with her and Jeff.
12:45AM -  So Jace wants Jason to be evicted.
12:49AM - John and Steve are talking game, but I'm not sure what they said. Cam changed right as they were finishing.
12:51AM - Jason in the HOH room saying Jace wants Jason out. Jace is upset that Jason gets to play in the POV.
12:52AM- Jason said he would take Jackie off the block if he won POV. Jace says he isn't trying to blow up his game to Steve.
12:53AM - Just wanted to update everyone on who is playing in the POV comp. They are Steve, James, Jackie, John, Jason, and Becky.
12:57AM - Jason says he thinks that he is pretty good with Austin. Jackie agrees and says that pretty much everyone is.
12:59AM - Jackie says that once Austin(I think) is out, then Liz will be more into the game.
1:10AM - Audrey and Day are in the NCR talking game.
1:20AM - Jace thinks James in on board to backdoor Jason but the plan is really to backdoor Jace.
1:27AM - Jace is talking really bad abut Becky.
1:43AM - Jeff, James, Meg, Jason, & Day in HOH chatting about Votes and how they will go. James wants a unanimous vote.
1:52AM - James, Jason, Meg, Day, & Jeff seem to have formed some what of an alliance. 
2:00AM - Day says the targets are Jace and Austin.
2:08AM - Jace apologizes to Vanessa and they hug it out. Vanessa can't handle the negativity in the house and has been crying off and on all night.
2:19AM - Jace is talking about crazy stuff like government and aliens controlling the game.
2:39AM - Austn, Liz and Jace are in the NCR talking game. They think Audrey is talking to too many people and she's scary I this game. Also, discussing bringing in Becky or John as part of their alliance.
2:43AM - They're trying to come up with a lie to tell Audrey that Clay is in the NFL, to see if Audrey goes and tells Clay. Little do they know that Clay actually is a football player.
2:47AM - Jase, Liz and Austin's game plan tomorrow is for Austin to get closer to Audrey and Liz and Jase to get closer to Becky. They say they have to look out and not just hang out with each other.
3:04AM - Austin, Liz and Vanessa talking about how Jase need to play it cool with his game. Austin and Liz don't think Jase will be backdoored. They think he's just paranoid.
3:11AM - Jace tells James his idea to lie to Audrey to see if she will tell others. James in on board and they say if the lie gets back to James then they will know.
3:18AM - James tells Day and Jason, Jace's plan with Audrey.
3:53AM - Most people are in bed. Meg gets called to the diary room. Jeff takes the opportunity to go get in bed with Jason and talk game. They are freaking out that James might be talking too much to the other side of the house.
3:57AM - The fact that Jason doesn't want to sleep in the HOH room and is choosing to sleep in the HNR is freaking Jeff and Jason out. Jason thinks he might be just telling the other side what they want to hear.
4:16AM - Jeff and Clay are the only ones still up. They are whispering in bed about bringing Vanessa in as a side deal to their alliance.

Morning Report
5:00AM - Everyone is asleep.
9:45AM - The feeds have been fish all morning. Finally, we see everyone slowly getting out of bed and having casual conversation in the kitchen and bedroom.
10:15AM - Clay and Audrey are game talking in the lounge room. Audrey is catching him up on new info. They think James could flip. They think Jace knows something is up. They are going to try and get Becky on board with them.
10:35AM - Clay and Audrey still game talking. They spend time convincing each other that they are loyal to each other. Audrey is a little paranoid that she shouldn't trust Clay.
10:51AM -  Audrey is 100% loyal to Shelli and tested Clay today to see if he was working behind her back.
11:28AM - James telling Clay that no one has come to him(James) saying they want Clay out.
11:29AM - Day, Meg, Audrey, Jason, James, and Clay are the original of their alliance. Most of them have some side deals with other people.
11:37AM- Liz and Austin are wanting Day in their alliance.
11:49AM - Austin and Liz are saying if it was down to Steve or Jackie, they would vote out Steve.
11:55AM - Austin, Day, and Liz are all freaked out by Steve asking so many questions.
11:58AM - They start discussing what the HOH might be next week.

Afternoon Report
12:07PM - Jace is the host for the POV Comp.
12:09PM -  James telling Jeff and Clay that he wants them to trust him until James proves to them that he can't be trusted.
12:15PM - Audrey is telling Steve that people think Steve wouldn't use the veto because Jace is in his ear.
12:30PM - Jason and Day don't trust Audrey because she keeps making deals with everyone. They say Audrey is playing too hard too fast.
12:31PM -  Day is saying that Audrey needs to "fucking go."
12:32PM -  Jason is saying that Audrey isn't going to win HOH because she thinks that she is safe with everyone. Jason also says he is completely fine with Audrey going up.
12:33PM -  Day is telling Jason if they get Jace out this week then Liz/Austin will not trust Day/Jason.They think they have enough votes to send Audrey out.
12:35PM - Feeds cut for POV.
2:30PM - Feeds are still cut for the POV.
3:12PM - Feeds return. Steve won the POV. 
3:15PM - Feeds explode with drama. Clay tells Audrey Jase's idea to lie to her and see if she's a "rat". Somehow this causes problems between Audrey and Day. Jase tells Jeff they think Audrey is a rat.
3:23PM - Audrey goes upstairs to confront Day.
3:24 PM - Audrey tells Day that Liz and Austin are telling people that Day told them she's untrustworthy. They decide to confront them.
3:35PM - Austin, Liz, Audrey and Jace are discussing where the rumor started. Austin tells Audrey that Day brought up her name. They bring Day into the conversation to clear things up. 
3:37PM - Austin tells Audrey that James mentioned her name. 
3:40PM - Audrey says she's a victim and brings anyone involved in and out and discuss the situation with everyone who has been mentioned. Audrey is concerned she's going to be backdoored. Austin says his target is Jeff.
3:50PM - Everyone is asking eachother who started things but no one wants to throw anyone under the bus. They are taking in circles and being extremely friendly with eachother.
3:59 - Day defends herself and explains why they thought Audrey was the "rat". They seem to be ending the drama now.
4:10PM - Jason is cornered into saying who threw out the plan to backdoor Jason. Jason is glad he won the veto because he heard rumors about being backdoored.
4:18PM - The group conversation is basically over. Day and Jason leave the room. Day is frustrated with everyone and still wants to know how the conversation left the room.
4:23PM - Now Austin, Jace, Audrey and James are the only ones left in the cabana room. James asks what the game plan is. Apparently this foursome is an alliance.
4:25PM - Austin and Jace keep pushing to put Jeff up next to Jackie. They think he is the rat.
4:27PM - Austin, Jace and Audrey say they will vote however James wants.
4:33PM - Jace goes and gets in bed with Liz. They seem to be getting close. He is filling her in on what happened. 
4:36PM - Austin is whispering with Clay alone in the cabana room. Austin is filling him in on the conversation that just happened. They are trying to figure out how the information got leaked to Audrey. They think it could be Steve.  Clay tells Austin to tone it down with Liz because people are starting to notice they are close. Meanwhile, Audrey is telling Day that Austin threw her under the bus before they called Day into the room earlier.
4:39PM - Audrey and Day tell James that Austin and Jace said it was James plan to backdoor Jason. James says Austin and Jace are the ones who brought it up. He reveals his plan to 100% backdoor Jace.
4:54PM - A new alliance is formed: the High rollers. It's James, Jason, Day, Audrey, Meg and they will all have a +1.

Evening Report
5:05PM - Audrey tells Jeff that Austin and Jace threw him under the bus.
5:23PM - Jeff says Austin, Jace and Liz have to go because they are throwing his name around.
7:00PM - Day tells Audrey in the storage room that Austin apologized to her for the confrontation earlier. He wants to work together. Day tells Audrey that they won't be working together.
7:15PM - Day is eating slop and talking to John in the kitchen. They are whispering about where they are positioned in the game. Day says she's other people's +1 so she knows what's going on but is not directly involved. She says she wants to build trust between her and John and have that be her main alliance.
7:45PM - Day and John are still talking in the kitchen. They systematically went through every person on the memory wall and said if they were worried about that person or if they trusted them. They are teaming up hard, getting on the same page about every person.
8:07PM - Steve just told Day he didn't say anything negative about her and wants to know what's up. She said we'll talk.
8:16PM - "Something Special" is being prepared for the houseguests.
8:23PM - Houseguests are having just general chat.
8:24PM - Camera didn't change but voice changes to Audrey and Austin? talking about being 100% together. Audrey says to Austin that she will have his back after the first eviction.
8:26PM - Audrey asks Austin how much he trusts Liz.
8:28PM - Audrey and Austin say that Liz may be more predictable than Day and someone(couldn't catch the name.) They also say Jeff and or James is pretty transparent. Wishing they would change camera over to their room.
8:29PM- Austin assures Audrey that he has Jace under control and that he is predictable.
8:31PM - Audrey says "What if James doesn't put up Jeff?" She is probably trying to plant a seed that Jace is getting backdoored. Austin says he distrusts Day.
8:34PM -  Clay, Becky, Vanessa in the kitchen talking about the veto competition. Veto was probably a spelling game.
8:40PM - Audrey talking to Jeff about getting Day out next week. Jeff asked if they are still getting Jace out. According to Jeff, Austin hates Jeff.
8:41-8:42PM - Audrey says she is really close with Clay and they aren't gunning for him. James wants Jeff on board with getting Day out next week. Audrey says one of them needs to get power next week.
8:42PM - In the HOH Austin says to Jace the plan is to get Jason out this week, then Day next week.

Formation of the "5 Alive" Alliance
8:45PM -  Clay, Jace, Austin, James, Audrey in HOH form an alliance. Name is "Five Alive" Its fake for Audrey, James, and Clay.
8:51PM - Audrey, James, and Clay are all around looking and laughing about the "alliance."
8:54PM - Audrey wants Clay to tell Day about the new alliance to build trust with her. James says he knows what Austin and Jace were trying to solidify that they aren't going on the block.
8:55PM - Clay asks if James is actually apart of the alliance. He says "Hell no"

Late Night Report
9:02PM - Austin tells Jace he still doesn't trust Audrey. He just formed the alliance to keep him safe.
9:03PM - Jace to Austin "Do you think that Five Alive was a real alliance? Austin says he thinks so. He also thinks that it will at least it will get them through the week. Little do they know, Jace is actually being targeted to be backdoored.
9:07PM - If you're interested in knowing, it is day 9? Jeff talking to Jackie saying that Clay is the person he trusts the most besides her.
9:08PM - Jeff tells Jackie that alliances are just temporary and that he has her protected. He says that Audrey and him are just making shit up to keep people fighting.
9:09PM - Jeff going on about Austin and Liz, and how much that he doesn't like them and how they threw him under the bus.
9:11PM - Jeff to Jackie, "Austin and Jace are cocky. I just want to laugh in their face and say that they are leaving in the next 2 weeks."
9:15PM - They might get the backyard tonight! Right now, most talk is back to general chat.
9:17PM - Jeff and Meg talking about being shady and weird. Jeff displaying dislike for Austin.
9:18PM - Jeff is asking if he is getting played. He knows that Meg and James are in an alliance. She says its not really set. Jeff is trying to figure out if him and Jackie are okay. Meg is saying "they" don't really trust him and Jackie.
9:19PM - Meg saying her, Clay, Shelli, Jeff, and James all have a good relationship.
9:20PM - Day asked Audrey if they went along with Austin and Jace saying they want her out. Audrey doesn't say anything so it started to get awkward.
9:22PM - Jeff says he should probably get closer to Day. They want Clay in the HOH, but Clay and Day are gunning for each other. meg agrees with Jeff that Austin and Liz should go next after Jace. Jeff thinks Austin should go first.
9:25PM -  Jeff, Meg, and Jackie agree to use the 7 person alliance to get to jury.
9:27PM - Jeff says that Austin needs to go immediately. Someone walks past in the hallway. Jackie says shh. Jeff says that he doesn't give a fuck.
9:28PM - Audrey to Jason and Day saying that a girl is playing ruthless and she could go for anyone.
9:32PM - Meg is in stealth mode. She is trying to appear as staying low. Jackie says "Poor James. He has gone through so much."
9:33PM - Meg says that James probably had a plan starting on day one. Jackie says she really likes him.
9:35PM - Meg, Jeff, and Jackie are laughing about how Jace is going to be backdoored.
9:37PM - Audrey says that Jace came up with the stupidest alliance name ever.
9:38PM - James joins them and agrees.
9:39PM - Jason saying that Liz may go off if Austin gets put up.
9:40PM - Day saying Liz is hood. Audrey asks how James is going to drop the bomb for putting up Jace.
9:41PM - James saying that Austin is probably going to be gunning for James next week because James got Austin's boy out.
9:42PM - Lots of game talk going on. I will try to keep it up for you.
9:43PM - James wondering what Steve is going to do if Steve won HOH. Jason says Steve is probably not going to try and win. He says Steve won't play until he has to.
9:44PM - Jace and Austin saying that the whole house is paranoid. Jace wants to go up to HOH to see what they are talking about.
9:45PM - Clay joins Austin and Jace. Fish a little after that.
9:46PM - Austin says that its all good.
9:47PM- Clay says "We just gotta get there" he leaves. Jeff says that Steve didn't want to win the veto.
9:48PM - Austin and Jeff saying that Steve killed it.
9:49PM - Audrey and Jason say that things have been crazy today but they were brought back together.
9:51PM - Audrey asks Day if she feels better about Clay. Day says she doesn't want to speak on that yet. Jason says he does but not 100% yet. Jason says he will never trust Clay as much as he trusts Audrey, James, and Day.
9:52PM - Jason and Audrey saying Shelli isn't playing the game. They say Shelli won't really play game unless she is in danger.
9:53PM - Jason and Audrey questioning Vanessa's actual occupation. They are saying she may be a competition threat.
9:55PM - Jason thinks Vanessa is part of Team American and is faking her tears.
9:58PM - Day saying the house is a sitting germ. Audrey saying Jeff is paranoid so he is going to play hard for HOH. Jason says everyone needs to fight hard for HOH.
9:59PM - Day saying Jason did good at the veto comp.
10:00PM - Jason, Day, and Audrey talking about possible ways the HOH comp will go.
10:02PM - Day saying that Steve is here to play hard.
10:06PM - Meg says she is excited for them to finally all play a comp together(next HOH). Jace is extremely positive that Rachel will be one of the BBTakeover guests.
10:07PM - Meg loves that there will be a new twist every week, and that it will be fun.
10:12PM - Audrey, Jasone, and Day want Liz out. They think she is more dangerous than Austin.
10:13PM - Day called out Audrey saying Day thinks that Audrey has something with Clay and Shelli.
10:16PM - Audrey tells Day that she is her ride or die. Day doesn't really seem to be buying it.
10:19PM - Day tells Audrey that Clay lied to her face twice, so she can never go back to where she was with Clay.
10:21PM - Audrey says she feels like Meg does the exact same thing as Audrey. Day says that Meg isn't as smart as Audrey. Day is getting serious. Day says that there are times when Audrey is talking to people and Day walks up and then Audrey shuts up.
10:22PM - Audrey says that Day shouldn't question her, and that Audrey hasn't done anything to Day. Its serious paranoia, Audrey says.
10:31PM - James says that he should have known Steve was going to spell a 600 long word, and that Steve is a genius. By the way, Steves word was trombonist.
10:33PM - Meg "They think that I am an idiot, I haven't been spoken to once by them" As this happens. Jackie, and Meg join Audrey and Day in HOH to plot against Jace, Austin, and Liz.
10:34PM - Clay is telling Shelli about the Five Alive alliance and how Jace and Austin were so excited about it.
10:37PM- Shelli says to Clay that every single time Shelli talks to Clay or Audrey there is three other alliances going on and Shelli is sick of it. Clay says that Audrey is dipping her hand into way too much shit and she is bringing Clay into it.
10:40PM- Shelli says she can't keep up with Clay because he talks too fast. Shelli says she has no idea what Clay is talking about.
10:42PM - Shelli asking Clay where James stands, and Clay tells her that James wants Jace gone.
10:48PM - Clay tells Shelli that Audrey gives a lot of info but she is everyone, and will have to eventually stick somewhere. Jackie is cautious of Becky, Meg, Day, and Audrey feel cool about her. Austin has figured out that Day is a poker dealer because she keeps asking for cards.
10:49PM - Clay tells Shelli that he trusts Jeff for now but knows that Jeff would turn later in the game.
10:50PM - Twin Juilia is supposedly inside the house right now. She is trying to catch up on everything that has been going on.
10:51PM - Vanessa walks in on Liz or Julia, and Austin talking game. Austin makes is obvious that they were talking game.
10:54PM- Day talking about Liz/Julia, she says that the picture on the memory wall and what she looks like don't match. 
10:56PM -  Audrey, Meg, Day, and Jackie are questioning Vanessa. They think that she is staying low this week but could blow up next week,
10:58PM - Austin wants Liz/Julia to talk to Audrey. She is concerned because she doesn't know what to say, so she is asking for some lines
11:20PM - Jason says that he things someone evicted will return before jury, so they need to send Jace's people out the door after him.
11:22PM - The backyard is finally open! Houseguests were going crazy.
11:25PM - Audrey asking Day about if they are good. Audrey says any info she gets, she will bring it to Day and James.
11:26PM - Day wants to stay friends with Audrey after the game, so she doesn't want Audrey making her look bad.
11:34PM - Day, Audrey still talking game. James left the room.
11:35PM - Day says that Audrey is fucked. Audrey says to Day that they are good. They need to get back into normal ways.
11:38PM - Audrey telling Steve that Austin, Jace, and Liz tried to turn Audrey and a few others against each other. Apparently Day said that Steve said something rude about Day. Day jumps from another room and says "Day said what"
11:39PM- Day and Steve have a mini convo and Day is kind of upset. She leaves and lets Audrey and Steve finish their conversation.
11:40PM - Steve goes into the HN room so he can talk to Day. Audrey went with him, and says to Day that Steve didn't mean to heat things. Day says its fine, and walks away.
11:41PM - Day walks back and Steve is asking her if everything is okay. Day is all sweet and says that its all okay. Steve is really nervous.
11:42PM - Audrey says that Jason trusts Steve and that he is telling more people.
11:43PM - Steve says that Jace is getting more paranoid, and is trying to get closer to Steve. Steve says that he is definitely going to use the veto to use it on himself.
11:45PM - Steve saying that Liz is trash-talking quite a few people. Steve continues to say that he hasn't trash talked anyone. Steve says that he likes everyone in the house and feels bad what they have to do.
11:48PM - Steve says he needs to start staying calm and not get too excited when drama starts happening. Audrey says everyone is super impressed about Steve winning the veto.
11:52PM - Steve says again, that Jace is trying to get close with him. He asks if anything is up with Vanessa?
11:53PM- Steve is glad that he won the veto and is more calm. Audrey says she going to keep her mouth shut the next couple of days. Audrey asks when the veto ceremony is. Steve says at earliest, Sunday, or Monday. They end their conversation.
11:54PM - Steve alone in the comic room talking to us saying that Audrey is really good at this game. He also says if he could choose a winner right now, he would choose Audrey. Steve also says that he needs Audrey in the house.
11:55PM - Update about the rest of the house. Right now Austin and Jace working out in backyard, others are in the pool, hot tub, or just hanging out. Cams aren't showing much.
11:59PM - Clay, Jeff, and Becky getting alcohol for the others.

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