Thursday, June 25, 2015

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Recap: June 25th

Live Feed Highlights for Thursday, June 25th (Feeds Turn On)!

*Please Remember all times listed are in BBT (Big Brother Time / PST)

Evening Report
4:32PM - The Big Brother 17 Live Feeds "Leak"!
4:32PM - We learn that Vanessa is a Have-Not and Jackie & Jeff are officially in the house.
4:44 PM - Feed leak ends.
Overnight Report
9:01PM - The Big Brother 17 Live Feeds officially turn on.
9:02PM - Houseguests start giving shout-outs to their families.
9:14PM - Shout-Outs end, everyone returns to normal activities.
9:30PM - Jace and Austin discuss who they like and don't like. They refer to themselves as "Jastin".
9:34PM - Austin and Jase are already talking about final 5!
9:36PM - Clay, Audrey, and Meg are in the Nightclub room talking about live feeds.
9:42PM- Jason has been going off in the DR. He comes out sweating. 
9:49PM - POV has not yet been played.
9:50PM - There seems to be a big plan going on. Jackie is talking like everyone got to pick their own players for the POV.
9:53PM - Steve pulled Houseguest Choice when picking for the POV.
9:54PM - James, Jackie, Steve, Becky, and John are playing in the veto, as far as I know. The plan is to backdoor Jace.
10:00PM - James is building trust with Shelli and Jackie. James is saying that Jace tried to form an alliance with him.
10:03PM - Jackie, James, and Shelli are still in the cabana room.. They are on and off about talking game.
10:08PM -  POV is probably going to be tomorrow.
10:13PM - Austin was telling James he wants to target Steve and Jeff. Jace was talking to James and says he is targeting Becky.
10:36PM - Clay, Meg and Audrey are in the HOH.
10:37PM -  Clay and Audrey are talking about wanting Day(Da'Vonne) out. Meg, Clay, and Audrey don't really know where Becky's head is at.
10:39PM -  Possible that Becky and John were nominated by Jason.
10:40PM - Meg talking about how John and Becky were working really good together(talking about BOB?) Meg also said she'd try to get Becky out next week if she won.
10:40PM - Meg, Audrey, and Clay continue to talk and they say when they target people they want to backdoor them.
10:41PM - Its pretty clear the they are all working together.
10:42PM - Jason and Day seem to be pretty close.
10:43PM - According to Clay, James thinks Day is unstable and plays with emotions.
10:44PM- Clay thinks James is close with Day with the kid bond. He also thinks that Jason can flip people easily.
10:49PM - Clay, Meg, and Audrey are all on the plan to BD Jase.
10:51PM -  James Shelli, Jackie, Jeff, Clay, Meg, and Audrey all know the plan to BD Jace.
11:12PM - Not much game talk. All 4 cameras on HOH. To recap James and Jason are HOH. Steve, Jackie, Becky, and John are nominated. Jason ended up losing his HOH power. James remains HOH and he wants to backdoor Jace. Jackie and Steve are the nominees for the week.
11:18PM -  Cam change to HNR with Jace and Austin. Austin says feedsters can change cams now that they are done talking game. Aww :( We missed game talk.
11:22PM -  Jace says he likes Liz. Austin says he only wants to hang out with her and that's it.
11:23PM- Jace says to Austin "If they put me up I am going to have to do some serious shit"
11:24PM - They think they can get Clay to work with them, but he doesn't know Clay can't stand Jace. Jase asks if Austin promises to gun for James if he puts Jace up.
11:37PM - Audrey says "Veto is so tomorrow."
11:45PM - Audrey opens HOH card for James and says its about James to pick two houseguests to form an alliance for america. It's all a joke. It was really for the have-nots.
11:53PM - I believe that Julia(Liz's Twin) is inside the house.

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