Tuesday, May 12, 2015

If Big Brother Had A Season of First Evicted Houseguests

For years I've heard (and said it myself),"Why not a season of first evicted houseguest?" 
Personally, I'd like to see it instead of a season of All Winners (which we will NEVER happen, but that's for a later post). So I began to wonder, what would that actually look like, a season of first evictee's?

Well here they are...

Big Brother 1: Williams Collins
                          Age Entered the House (2000): 27 --- Age Now: 42

Big Brother 2: Sheryl Braxton
                         Age Entered the House (2001): 43 --- Age Now: 57

Big Brother 3: Lori Olsen
                         Age Entered the House (2002): 37 --- Age Now: 50

Big Brother 4: Amanda Craig
                         Age Entered the House (2003): 25 --- Age Now: 37

Big Brother 5: Mike Lubinski
                         Age Entered the House (2004): 41 --- Age Now: 52

Big Brother 6: Ashlea Evans
                         Age Entered the House (2005): 22 --- Age Now: 32

Big Brother 7: Alison Irwin
                         Age Entered the House (2006): 25 --- Age Now: 34

Big Brother 8: Carol Journey
                         Age Entered the House (2007): 21 --- Age Now: 29

Big Brother 9: Jacob Heald
                         Age Entered the House (2007): 23 --- Age Now: 31

Big Brother 10: Brian Hart
                           Age Entered the House (2008): 27 --- Age Now: 34

Big Brother 11: Braden Bacha
                           Age Entered the House (2009): 28 --- Age Now: 34

Big Brother 12: Annie Whittington
                           Age Entered the House (2010): 27 --- Age Now: 32

Big Brother 13: Keith Henderson
                           Age Entered the House (2011): 32 --- Age Now: 36

Big Brother 14: Jodi Rollins
                           Age Entered the House (2012): 42 --- Age Now: 45

Big Brother 15: David Girton
                           Age Entered the House (2013): 25 --- Age Now: 27

Big Brother 16: Joey Van Pelt
                           Age Entered the House (2014): 27 --- Age Now: 28

If we ever did have a season of first evicted houseguests, it would be the oldest cast in the history of Big Brother. Only 3 out of the 16 houseguests are under the age of 30. The "medium/average" age of the cast would be 37. The oldest houseguest would be Big Brother 2's, Sheryl Braxton. When Braxton entered the house she was 43. If she were to enter the house again, today, she would be 57.

Which begs the question, would they even come back? It's obvious that almost anyone from season 10 to now, would come back in a heartbeat. However, for some of these people, Big Brother was 10+ years ago. Some people prefer to leave their "Big Brother Life" in the past.

Needless to say, if it ever did happened, which is unlikely, it would definitely be a very interesting and diverse season of Big Brother.

So if there ever was a season of "First Evictee's", who would you want to see return? Sound off your picks in the comments below!

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  1. Wat about the after dark is it still going to come on tv for dish network and if it is Wat channel is it on

  2. Big Brother After Dark will air on POP Network, Formally known as TVGN. Check your local listings for channel.

  3. I think that would be awesome! At least have a season with more older people. Like a 45+ season.


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