Saturday, March 21, 2015

The 6 Stages of Every Big Brother Fan

With Big Brother 17 fast approaching, and Big Brother Canada Premiering MONDAY! We thought we would get our fans excited by listing what we consider, The 6 Stages of Every Big Brother Fan...

Stage 1: Big Brother is Coming!

- OMG, I am like counting down the days!
- Watching past seasons!
- I got bookmarked. Also already following them on Twitter!

Stage 2: Big Brother is Days Away!

- The House!
- The Cast!

Stage 3: Game. On.

- Here we go!!
- OMG I love her.
- Ugh, he is annoying!


- What are you doing?
- UGHH, You idiots!
- Offf Courrrseee she wins HOH.,, ITS RIGID I TELL YOU!

Stage 5: This season is SOOOOO Long...

- Is it almost over yet?
- Just give him the money already...

Stage 6: OH MY GOSH! The Finale!

- I'll miss this season :'(
- This was the best season!

And the Cycle Repeats...

Although we aren't covering Big Brother Canada 3,  we will be covering Big Brother 17 this summer. 

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