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Nick's Corner: "Will Someone Pull The Plug?!"

Welcome to "Nick’s Corner" which is a new weekly article I, BB Superfan
@bbNickRoboBot (Nick), will be posting. So what is “Nick’s Corner” you ask? Well every week I will be posting an opinion based article where I will express my opinion and be analyzing the game, the players, the comps, stuff like that.

I’m 100% looking to hear what you, the readers, have to say! I want to make this as interactive as possible, so don’t be afraid to comment with your opinion.  Expect to see pretty much anything here!

"Will Someone Pull The Plug?!"

Thursday Live Show (September 4th)

So Thursdays show kicked off with a Double Eviction, let’s make this painless and to the point. Nicole was evicted. Once again I’m not happy because she is the only one with the balls to make a big move in the BB house. Next was the HOH comp, Derrick took the win by answering one question right, pretty impressive if you ask me. Then Derrick Nominated Christine and Victoria, everyone played in POV and Frankie took home yet another win… YIPPI…. Last eviction of the night, the house sent Christine “The Wicked Witch of the Big Brother House”. As she walked out of the house, America BOOED her as she walked up to Julie Chen. Let’s get this booing situation straight, America booed her because she laid all over Cody and she’s supposed to be this married, Christian women. Honestly she does have a loving husband at home and I just hope that they can work it out, if not call me @ 1800-555-Divorce-Christine-Now. In all seriousness her husband is an awesome dude and I wish them the best of luck. Julie Chen introduced the HG to the “Golden Button” also known as  “BBRewind”.
                                            Also here's my rendition of Christine being evicted

                                                                               Gif Credit

 Well now on to Sunday......

                                                               Sunday (September 7th)

Oh yeah before I forget… Frankie won another HOH comp “I’m screaming of excitement -_-“. As the shock simmers down in the house with the Double Eviction and the useless Golden Button, Frankie Nominated Cody and Victoria. Does it matter he did this? NO! Remember nothing he does this week counts lol. Now for the long waited event in BB history, Jeff and Jordan got engaged in the BB house. The HG joined the festivities along with Jeff and Jordan’s family. I’m so happy for them and wish them the best of luck and I hope we get a TV special so we can see their wedding ^_^.
                                                                Golden Button Thoughts….

   Holy BBRewind Button, more like pointless twist that won’t do shit, but CBS ignores the stupidity of it and tries to make it look like awesome fun filled TV. Big Brother transformed the old ”Have Not Room” in to a “Game Room” with a lovely pointless “GOLDEN BUTTON”.. Really CBS that’s all you got? Anyways, the HG pushed this mysterious button and the America learns that the BB house will go “BBRewind”.  This means that whatever the HG did this week doesn't count. So you might say that I’m having the time of my life knowing that all of Frankie’s plans this week don’t count! KARMA'S A BITCH “I mean that in the most polite way  ^_^” Since the HG pushed the “Golden Button of Stupidity” they watched as the hours counted down and hysteria and emotions filled the HG… well not so much the HG just speculated really stupid scenarios about what the button could mean. Let’s just say Caleb REALLY has an overactive imagination lol. The only possible good thing that has come from this "Golden Button" is a chance of Frankie getting evicted, Lets pray about it to the BB Gods.

 Wednesday (September 10th)

The Veto was played and it was the fun “Morphing” comp. Frankie and Derrick were literally neck and neck in the comp. Frankie beat Derrick by 20 seconds.. ugh I was so freaken mad….. but wait it doesn't matter…. Just another comp that Frankie won that doesn't count “MUHAHAHA”.  Frankie kept the nominations the same. He could have at least changed the nominations to get more blood on his hands, is that to much to ask for?

               Last Thought

 I do think Frankie is a great competitor he does win comps, but that’s not all that matters social game counts as well. Derrick’s social game shines brighter than any other HG. The fact that Derrick has gone this long in the house without being on the block and winning an HOH here and there is so amazing. If they are able to get Frankie out in the coming week then the game is golden for Derrick. I do hope we see at least one more twist but I doubt it. Let’s just hope that Frankie leaves next week!

Nick's Rankings:

Houseguests Ranked (Based on Personal Level):
1. Derrick: Great social game, likable guy, very influential, and thinks through every plan.
2. Cody: Very easily influenced by Derrick... but who isn't.
3. Victoria: Kick ass partner to Derrick!
4. Caleb: Just a Beast Mode Dumb Ass!
5. Frankie: Ugh BB is influencing the game/ your game. I’m over it 100%. 

Houseguests Ranked (Based on game play):
1. Derrick: Great social game and can pretty much controls anyone / any situation, doesn't have to win comps to stay safe because of his social skill.
2. Frankie: He is a beast in comps, but lacks stability in his social game, that’s his down fall.
3. Caleb: He'a playing the best under the radar game "@TheBBinsider has me thinking this, and I agree", Hes basically coasting with a win here and there.
4. Cody: He hasn't proved himself yet to be hanging out with one of the boys. Social game is ok thanks to Derrick.
5. Victoria: Her game play is starting to come around!

Comment down below and let me know your thoughts about the comps, houseguest, and just the craziness in the house! Can't wait to read what you have to say! 

See you next week for another "Nick's Corner"!

*The opinions expressed in this article are the author's own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the The Big Brother Insider. 

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