Friday, September 5, 2014

Nick's Corner: "Long Live The Beard"

Welcome to "Nick’s Corner" which is a new weekly article I, BB Superfan @bbNickRoboBot (Nick),  will be posting. So what is “Nick’s Corner” you ask? Well every week I will be posting an opinion based article where I will express my opinion and be analyzing the game, the players, the comps, stuff like that.

I’m 100% looking to hear what you, the readers, have to say! I want to make this as interactive as possible, so don’t be afraid to comment with your opinion.  Expect to see pretty much anything here!

"Long Live The Beard"

The HG played such a safe and predictable game this summer which leaves us viewers annoyed and doubtful. There is no twist CBS can throw at us to make us think otherwise. This season had the potential to be an unforgettable summer but the HG are the ones that stopped it right in its tracks. None of the HG are thinking for themselves and Derrick is still running the game from day one. The last hope for flawless game moves was Nicole and we know that isn't going to happen. We can hope that the remaining HG start playing the game and realizing that four people can't sit in the final two chairs. I think once the HG realize it’s a cut throat game from here on out, they will maybe get their strategies together and pull some big moves... “don’t see that happening at all”.

Thursday's Live Show (August 28th)

This week has been emotional for the BB community. Our beloved Donny was evicted from the house, but he was granted with a role on the hit CBS soap opera "The Bold and The Beautiful" maybe he will a grounds keeper lol ;).  The HOH comp took place Thursday night and continued on the Live Feeds and America watched as they sat on the edge of their seats hoping Nicole would win. Sadly she didn’t and I and others were upset knowing that she would go home and no big game moves would be made. Nicole even knew if she didn't win the rest of the season would suck because these HG are playing to safe! I really would have loved to see Nicole win HOH and turn the house upside down, but not once this summer was there a power shift. Caleb and Christine were neck and neck the entire HOH comp and I really didn’t know who was going to take home the HOH key.  Caleb did win but not by a land slide. I did have hope that Caleb would do something big with his HOH but no >:(

Poor Nicole, WE LOVE YOU!.... Damn that cricket..

Nominations (August 31st)

As a shock to Christine, her and Nicole were nominated and Christine was pissed. By her being nominated she finally realized how disposable she was to the “Detonators”. I truly don’t know how she didn’t figure it out that she would be the first one out if the group to go, even though she thought Nicole and Victoria would go up on the block. Derrick of course had his hands in on the nominations as he does every week. Even though the CBS shows Frankie's edit of him igniting the final plan, lets be honest hes not that good.  I just think it’s funny how Derrick still calls the shots and nobody has caught on yet…. but Nicole!


 Power of Veto (September 3rd)

The plan for the POV was for everyone to play but Victoria, so they said. Christine was the target this week but she pulled a win and won the VETO. The thought was in the air to back door Frankie and get his ass out of the house, but Caleb couldn't committee and this lead to Victoria going on the block next to Nicole. Now I feel that this comp was perfect for Nicole to win and I honestly thought she would have had it in the bag, I really couldn't believe she “blew it” (pun intended). Again I feel America sat on the edge of their seats pulling for Nicole to bring home a win. Did I mention that Cody has to wear a dinosaur costume? lol. I'm really pissed at Caleb for not putting Frankie up this week, all I can say is WTF Caleb, you had the chance to make a big move Beast Mode Cowboy more like Beat Mode Dumb Ass. I’m not disappointed in Nicole for not winning; I’m disappointed in the game decisions the HG have made up to this point.

Final thought, I said it from the beginning that Derrick will take home the 500k his game play has been phenomenal and nobody has caught on but Nicole and the Jury members at this point. The HG are currently to insecure to make big game move and that’s because Derrick has them trained like circus animals. As much as the season sucks and we want better game play, look at who has the house in the palm of his hands “Derrick”. We can't fault him for that at all. The only person that is capable in my opinion to make a game move would be Frankie because he will do whatever he wants, but then again Derrick could turn everything.  This blog post isn’t about praising Derrick but I’m shining light on the current situation at hands. I can hope in the coming weeks that we get a blood bath of back stabbing and paranoid HG. At the end of the day if Derrick is sitting in the Final two I find it very hard that he will lose the game. Oh and one last thing WTF Caleb really? you had one job and that was to put Frankie up on the block! ugh....

Nick's Rankings:

Houseguests Ranked (Based on Personal Level):
1. Derrick: Great social game, likable guy, very influential, and thinks through every plan.
2. Nicole: She’s trying to take down the house, Wish she would of won the comps she needed!
3. Cody: Very easily influenced by Derrick but runs everything by Christine, He can’t think for himself.
4. Victoria: Can’t hurt a fly, doesn't do shit, and I hate her for cutting up the pink hat.  RIP pink hat.
5. Caleb: Hes a FOOL for not putting Frankie up! Dumb Ass!
6. Christine: Wicked witch, will someone drop a house on her already!
7. Frankie: Ugh BB is influencing the game/ your game. I’m over it 100%. 

Houseguests Ranked (Based on game play):
1. Derrick: Great social game and can pretty much controls anyone / any situation, doesn't have to win comps to stay safe because of his social skill.
2. Nicole: She’s the only one with the lady balls to make BIG game moves and she has a few comps under her belt.
3. Frankie: He is a beast in comps, but lacks stability in his social game, that’s his down fall.
4. Christine: Plays a well social game, but she is associated with Frankie and that was her down fall. She thinks she’s off the radar lol oh no she’s not!
5. Caleb: He'a playing the best under the radar game "@TheBBinsider has me thinking this, and I agree", Hes basically coasting with a win here and there.
6. Cody: He hasn't proved himself yet to be hanging out with one of the boys. Social game is ok thanks to Derrick.
7. Victoria: M.I.A all season.... All jokes aside, Derrick controls her game and that’s it!

Comment down below and let me know your thoughts about the comps, houseguest, and just the craziness in the house! Can't wait to read what you have to say! 

See you next week for another "Nick's Corner"!

*The opinions expressed in this article are the author's own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the The Big Brother Insider. 


  1. Great article! look forward to more of your insight. I think on a social level Christine played a HORRIBLE game. Other than be Cody's summer groupie. She idolized one of the dumber players in the house hoping he would keep her safe. Cody never had her back if it was inconvenient to him. This is the season of shoulda, coulda, woulda to me. If Christine hadn't of become so enamored of the boys and turn her back on Hayden and Nicole. If Cody could of just trusted what Hayden and Nicole said to him (the truth) over Derrick's lies. If Donny had just stepped it up earlier and spread his zen like knowledge of the game to turn the tides. If Jacosta didn't get so dehydrated. Nah, forget that she still would of passed out. If Derrick doesn't win BB then something catastrophic will have happened. Right now we are poised for a turnover as the button has been pushed and the rewind game is in play. Or the predictable will happen either way. The boys will band together and kick out Victoria/Veronica at 5 as they all keep saying. I hope we do see a big move on Wed to change the predictable plays for the rest of the season.

  2. Thank you so much! I really appreciate the feed back ^_^. I agree with you and love your insight to what could of been, because its true. This game is a game of shoulda, coulda, woulda, but didn't and at the end of the day they screwed up everything and we can only hope something great will come from this "Golden Button". Ill talk about the "Golden Button" in my next "Nick's Corner" but I'm so happy that Frankie's week of HOH is a waste. Let his true colors show and let him be evicted next! ^_^.


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