Monday, August 11, 2014

POV Ceremony Spoiler: Week 7

The following contains spoilers from the "Power of Veto" ceremony.

POV Winner:


Zach used the Veto on himself.

Replacement Nominee:


Current Nominees:

Donny & Nicole


  1. Christine, you just lost my respect for you for that move.

  2. Sorry Brian but I think its an unfair comment. It is true that Christine bounce everywhere, but she is always thinking about what is best for her game, which is exactly what everyone should do! We can not forget that this is just a game, there are no heroes or villains, and the truth is that there are players, including Christine, which are better than Nicole. Nicole's attitude of crying when things don't go her way and making drama like she was losing to the "villains" is extremely childish. Interestingly, she does not considers herself a villain when she is plotting against others, but when it is the other way around...
    Finally, she knew where she was getting into, she knows how the game is, if she can't take it, then she shouldn't have gone there.


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