Friday, August 15, 2014

Nomination Ceremony Spoilers: Week 8

The following contains spoilers from the Nomination Ceremony...

Derrick & Frankie


Christine & Donny [Nominated by Derrick]

Caleb & Cody [Nominated by Frankie]

The plan currently is for Christine to throw the 'Battle of the Block' competition and have Caleb & Cody win it. Then make sure Donny doesn't win POV and send him home this week.

Also it should be noted that now, Derrick is the only houseguest left that hasn't ever been nominated...

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  1. If Donny goes home, I'll be livid. You can't dismantle Team America!

  2. Sounds like a perfect back door plan to see Frankie march out the door!

  3. Hope Donny wins and they send either Frankie or Christine out the DOOR!

    1. Hope Donny wins the POV is what I meant to say!! sorry!

  4. I like the bab doodling Christine or Frankie wouldn't that be great. What about the have and haven't competitions just picking them I like the competitions and luxury comps gives the players something to play for

  5. If Donny goes to jury, I'm done with BB for good. Too many seasons with people I don't like getting rich!

  6. Donny must not be evicted. He is an honest player and a genuinely nice man. I hope he wins Big Brother with Derrick or Cody in second place.


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