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Nick's Corner: The End of Zankie

Welcome to "Nick’s Corner" which is a new weekly article I, BB Superfan @bbNickRoboBot (Nick), will be posting. So what is “Nick’s Corner” you ask? Well every week I will be posting an opinion based article where I will express my opinion and be analyzing the game, the players, the comps, stuff like that.

I’m 100% looking to hear what you, the readers, have to say! I want to make this as interactive as possible, so don’t be afraid to comment with your opinion.  Expect to see pretty much anything here!

Lets dive on in!

Thursday's Live Show (August 14th):

Let's start with Thursdays live show, yes sadly Nicole was evicted by a vote of 6-0. Then the houseguests couldn't wait for her Memory Wall photo to get grayed out, except Donny! Poor Donny has nobody left in the game. 

Then it was time for the HOH comp which was called “Dead OF Household”, the night before in the house the houseguests were "suffering" from a zombie apocalypse and they had to remember facts that were given to them. Well nobody woke Donny up so he could listen along with them, which was pretty messed up if you ask me!  

Anyways back to “Dead Of Household” Julie had asked the houseguests a series of questions and they had to answer “A or B”. Well everyone’s favorite houseguest, Frankie won, alongside with Derrick. I was pulling for Donny/Derrick to win so they could maybe work together to get out either Frankie or Christine.

Nomination Ceremony Show (August 17th):

Derrick and Frankie had to make nominations. Derrick nominated Christine and Donny and Frankie nominated Caleb and Cody. The plan was for Christine to throw the "Battle of the Block" comp and have Derrick remain HOH and have Donny evicted this week. 

“Battle of  the Block” was played and the houseguests were put in to a black box. The HG couldn't see anything and this was the perfect comp for Christine to throw because Donny wouldn't be able to see anything Christine was doing. The object of this comp was to collect 5 bones that fit in to the spots, but there were bones that didn't fit. Christine handed Caleb and Cody all the bones she found but karma bit them all in the ass because Christine only found bad bones. Donny won the comp single-handedly. Derrick was dethroned and Frankie remained HOH “YIPPI -_-“. 

Donny said that he knew Christine was throwing the comp and he did it all by himself! It’s really sad that 3 houseguests working together couldn't beat a 42 year old man, are you freaken kidding me. Way to go Donny! I’m pulling for you.

 POV Show (August 20th):

Now the "POV" comp was underway and Americas favorite Robot "Zingbot" paid a visit to the house. Oh wait and the wonderful Kathy Griffin. Before the comp started Zingbot wasn't giving his normal "Zings", he was giving the HG "Props". It was a scary situation, but Kathy Griffin saved the day. She Zinged the hell out of Zach!

(Credit for gifs)

. The "POV" was based on the HG saving Zingbots "Zings" by connecting wires to to power Zingbots chamber. Of course everyone's favorite HG Frankie won (thats sarcasm Ladies and Gentlemen). Zingbot was restored and Zinged the crap out all the HG ^_^. Then the "Veto Ceremony" took place and Frankie took Caleb off, Frankie then said a little poem, and poor Zach was put up.

I really wanted to see Donny win and keep the nominations the same. I was more than pissed off when Caleb was taken down and Zachy boy was put up. I'm not at all impressed with Frankie's game move, but Derrick installed the seed to back door Zach. Frankie's game is very easily influenced by anyone and when he re-watches the season he will face palm the crap out of himself. I just really wanted the Veto King Donny to pull out that win!

Live Show Returning Juror (August 21st)

The battle of the Jurors began. Hayden, Jocasta, Nicole, and Zach battled out to win a spot back in to the house. The object of the game was to push a disk down your lane, but you only had five seconds to do it or a door at the end of your lane closed. Each HG had 7 chances to get closest to the middle. This was such a close call between all the HG, but our beloved Nicole won the spot back in to the house. Honestly I think once Nicole won the other HG were shaking in their boots. I was rooting for Hayden, Nicole, or Zach to come back in to this game to shake things up! I'm so happy that Donny has a real friend back in the house!

Nick's Rankings:

*Nicole's ranking will be included next week.
Houseguests Ranked (Based on Personal Level):
1. Derrick: Great social game, likable guy, and thinks through every plan.
2. Donny: Love the man, great guy, and can pull wins out of his ass. At this point in the game he has no body left he can trust. Hopefully that changes when a Jury member comes back.
3. Zach: Only HG with the balls to say shit to someone’s face! He's always down to have a good time, but his immaturity gets him in loads of trouble.
4. Cody: Very easily influenced by Derrick but runs everything by Christine, He can’t think for himself. Pretty much Victoria’s perfect match. Also stop hanging around Christine the way you do… ewww!
5. Victoria: Can’t hurt a fly, doesn't do shit, and I hate her for cutting up the pink hat.  RIP pink hat.
6. Caleb: Believes anything, thought he would more, and not so “Beast Mode Cow Boy” … More like “Beast Mode Douche Bag”
7. Christine: Send her back under the bridge which she crawled out from under. Leave Cody alone, didn't ZingBot zing you enough?
8. Frankie: Ugh BB is influencing the game/ your game. I’m over it 100%.

Houseguests Ranked (Based on game play):
1. Derrick: Great social game and can pretty much controls anyone / any situation, doesn't have to win comps to stay safe because of his social skill.
2. Frankie: He is a beast in comps, but lacks stability in his social game, that’s his down fall.
3. Donny: He knows what’s going on in the house, but nobody is on to him, and he can win comps when he needs to.
4. Christine: Plays a well social game, but she is associated with Frankie and that was her down fall. She thinks she’s off the radar lol oh no she’s not!
5. Zach: Speaks the truth to people’s faces, pulled off a VETO, surprised he wasn't gone sooner.
6. Caleb: He came in to the house as a “BEAST” but what have you done? I thought he would of shined more.
7. Cody: He hasn't proved himself yet to be hanging out with one of the boys. Social game is ok thanks to Derrick.
8. Victoria: M.I.A all season.... All jokes aside, Derrick controls her game and that’s it!

Comment down below and let me know your thoughts about the comps, houseguest, and just the craziness in the house! Can't wait to read what you have to say! 

See you next week for another "Nick's Corner"!

*The opinions expressed in this article are the author's own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the The Big Brother Insider. 

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