Friday, August 29, 2014

Nick's Corner: The Big Brother House Is DOOMED

Welcome to "Nick’s Corner" which is a new weekly article I, BB Superfan @bbNickRoboBot (Nick), will be posting. So what is “Nick’s Corner” you ask? Well every week I will be posting an opinion based article where I will express my opinion and be analyzing the game, the players, the comps, stuff like that.

I’m 100% looking to hear what you, the readers, have to say! I want to make this as interactive as possible, so don’t be afraid to comment with your opinion.  Expect to see pretty much anything here!

Lets dive on in!

Thursday's Live Show (August 21st) /  Nomination Ceremony Show (August 24th)

Good Hello Interweb, so Zach was evicted this past week and the house has been completely boring. I wish he could have stuck around in the house because I really think he could have switched sides in the house and helped take down Frankie, Christine, and etc... Can we just take a minute and enjoy this legendary moment from Zack! #FrootLoopDingus ^_^  

Anyway the HOH was played Thursday night but of course they didn't show us live feeders. CBS aired it on Sunday’s episode “YIPPI! ….. NOT!” I’m personally annoyed with the lack of endurance HOH Comps and not seeing them  on the Live Feeds.

 First of all, Nicole won the Juror Comp to come back in the house and then had to play the HOH Comp that was about remembering which day’s events in the house happened. That wasn't fair because she was taken out of the game and didn't have any clue what day it was, and usually when someone comes back in the house they are safe for the week so I call BULL SHIT! Out of all people to win this HOH Comp Cody won it.  I was on the edge of my seat really pulling for Donny and I wish he won. This was really anyone’s game because it looked like none of the HG had a clue what’s been happening in the house. Then Cody nominated Donny and Nicole… 
I would have liked to see Christine and Frankie on the block, but Noooooo. Maybe this upcoming week we will see one of them take a seat on the block.

POV Show (August 27th)

The Lovely “Power of Veto” was played and it was a “Stay or Fold” Comp. I do believe if Donny wouldn't of folded so much he would have knocked Cody out and Donny could of won the VETO. Since Cody won the VETO he also won a viewing of the new CBS show “Scorpion” and it was nice that he picked Donny and Nicole to join him. I do think it was a smart move on his end to pick them so they couldn't talk game to anyone, but even if they did I don’t think it would have worked. This week Cody was thinking of using the VETO and putting up Frankie, but Derrick got in his ear and the nominations stayed the same. I would have killed to see Frankie on the block this week then evicted on Thursday! One can dream right?
(Viewing Party)

Final Thought

All week its been a flip flop of who is going to go home. I do really like Donny and Nicole a lot and I don’t want to see them go, but who ever does go I hope who stays wins the HOH. I do think either Donny or Nicole have the same chances in winning HOH this week as anyone else. Lets hope for a power shift at some point this season.

Nick's Rankings:

Houseguests Ranked (Based on Personal Level):
1. Derrick: Great social game, likable guy, very influential, and thinks through every plan.
2. Donny: Love the man, great guy, and can pull wins out of his ass. 
3. Nicole: She’s trying to take down the house but only has Donny behind her and I hope she gets a chance to take them down. I do think she can win comps but she needs to be able to pull a win when she really needs them.
4. Cody: Very easily influenced by Derrick but runs everything by Christine, He can’t think for himself. He ALMOST had the balls this week to put Frankie up.
5. Victoria: Can’t hurt a fly, doesn't do shit, and I hate her for cutting up the pink hat.  RIP pink hat.
6. Caleb: Believes anything, thought he would more, and not so “Beast Mode Cow Boy” … More like “Beast Mode Douche Bag” and he thinks he's going to be so famous... Please take a seat!, But his best quality is that hes super loyal! 
7. Christine: Send her back under the bridge which she crawled out from under. Leave Cody alone, didn't ZingBot zing you enough?
8. Frankie: Ugh BB is influencing the game/ your game. I’m over it 100%. 

Houseguests Ranked (Based on game play):
1. Derrick: Great social game and can pretty much controls anyone / any situation, doesn't have to win comps to stay safe because of his social skill.
2. Nicole: She’s the only one with the lady balls to make BIG game moves and she has a few comps under her belt.
3. Donny: He knows what’s going on in the house, but nobody is on to him, and he can win comps when he needs to.
4. Frankie: He is a beast in comps, but lacks stability in his social game, that’s his down fall.
5. Christine: Plays a well social game, but she is associated with Frankie and that was her down fall. She thinks she’s off the radar lol oh no she’s not!
6. Caleb: He'a playing the best under the radar game "@TheBBinsider has me thinking this, and I agree", Hes basically coasting with a win here and there.
7. Cody: He hasn't proved himself yet to be hanging out with one of the boys. Social game is ok thanks to Derrick.
8. Victoria: M.I.A all season.... All jokes aside, Derrick controls her game and that’s it!

Comment down below and let me know your thoughts about the comps, houseguest, and just the craziness in the house! Can't wait to read what you have to say! 

See you next week for another "Nick's Corner"!

*The opinions expressed in this article are the author's own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the The Big Brother Insider. 


  1. Not bashing or anything, but you should be using "have" instead of "of", as in would have, should have could have, not would of, should of, could of. It would make your great analysis even more impressive.

  2. Thank you! I appreciate the feed back! Hope you enjoyed the article ^_^


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