Friday, August 8, 2014

Frankie Grande Came Out of the Closet

Frankie Grande has held a house meeting tonight and told the house that he is Ariana Grande's brother
along with letting all of his lies out of the bag. The HG are overwhelmed with this buzzing information, but some HG are pissed!
Did Big Brother influence the game to keep Frankie for rating? I honestly think that Big Brother did influence the game and even though we know they do, its completely WRONG! I have always liked Frankie and I am subscribed to him on YouTube. I'm a huge YouTube watcher and I was stoked to see him on this season, but Big Brother influencing the game is not fair. Also the "Battle of the Block" comp this week became an individual game, come on CBS I can read between the lines. When its someones time to go in the house, its their time. Thats the game NO exceptions.

What are your thoughts on the shocking situation? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. I wanted so hard to believe that BB would not fix things for ratings and I have watched every season but this really SUCKS!!! All of the players in the house gave up their life and family(time away from their children that they will NEVER GET BACK) only to have BB play favorites to boost their ratings is sickening to me. BB needs to know that their ratings would still be off the charts when playing an HONEST GAME and to let it be for REAL hince the word REALITY TV. This all really sucks.

  2. Sorry anonymous person but I disagree with you. None of them was forced to participate in the show, none of them need to stay in the house if they do not want, no viewer is forced to watch the show if they do not want!

  3. Frankie is still my favorite houseguest, I don't care who he is related to. He is playing the game, and is an excellent competitor .

  4. Frankie and his relationship with Zach is the only interesting storyline this season. Weak girls and stupid boys under Derrick's command is super boring.

    1. Agree, the only watchable people there are Zankie and Caleb.


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