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Did You Catch That?! - Week 9

Welcome to the next 'Did You Catch That!?' article capturing the action from Week 9 in the Big Brother House. I'll be covering everything that's happened since Zach's eviction up until early on in the week on the Live Feeds. I'll include all the Live Feed action and newest episodes covering the new HOH, nominees and PoV spoiler.

The picture above was the first time we saw Zach on the Live Feeds. He lasted 63 days and became the most popular house guest the show has seen in recent years. He knew he was on his way out of the house for most of last week, which gave him time to make one memorable exit. 

He was up with Frankie late Wednesday on his last night in the BB16 house preparing for the Thursday Live Eviction.

Thursday Night Live Eviction

We had a jam-packed Thursday night episode with the Live Eviction and Juror Competition taking place. 

As expected, Zach was evicted by a vote of 5-0 and proceeded to shower the HG's with Froot Loops. His final Zach Attack of the season.

Zach joined the jury along with Hayden, Nicole and Jocasta who all got a chance to return to the game after the Live Eviction.

Nicole won the jury competition "Comeback Fight" and re-entered the BB16 house. Jocasta came in a close 2nd and missed by just a few inches.

Going into this new week, it appears to be Donny and Nicole against the rest of the house for the rest of this predictable season.

Live Feeds - Thursday Night

As the feeds returned on Thursday we have Nicole getting reacquainted  after a short week off in the jury house.

Donny is filling Nicole in on what's gone down since she left and telling her how much the rest of the house is against him. (well, both of them now) They know that they have to win HOH to avoid the block.

It appears she feels the same way as we do about the rest of the house..

The rest of the house was over in the Fire Room scheming about Nicole being with Donny. They all agree that Donny should be sent out before Nicole if they don't win HOH. Derrick also tells them not to have any closed door conversations alone with Nicole and they all agree. Not a big surprise as they would agree with anything Derrick says at this point.

The feeds cut for the HOH competition and come back just after 10 PM with Cody as our new singular HOH for the week.

Cody was talking about calling out Donny all week if he were to win HOH but once again did nothing. I'm not sure what he was going to call him out on anyways. The rest of the house (Derrick, Frankie, Cody, Caleb, Christine) seem to get upset if they discover that there are other HG's trying to play the game too.

We'll see plenty of Donny and Nicole "scheming" this week as the rest of the house isolates them.

It would have been nice for one of them to win HOH this week but should now be a rather predictable week even if one of them wins the veto. Cody is in the Fire Room telling the rest of the house that his target for the week is Donny. Cody went on to bash Donny saying how tired he is of Donny's comments and what not.

Later on Thursday night, Nicole is telling the rest of the house about what she's gone through in the last week after being evicted. She tells them about Hayden and how he's made her breakfast every morning.

They fill Nicole in on some of the competitions she missed and of course that Zach was the saboteur.

Nicole and Cody have a conversation early into Friday morning up in Cody's new HOH room. He tells her that Donny is the target but that she might be going up next to him. Nicole asks him to keep her safe this week in case of a DE next Thursday so she can return the favor. It doesn't seem like anything is going to change Cody's mind this week....unless Derrick says so.

Live Feeds - Friday

Like every morning, Donny is first up and eating his cereal out in the backyard. He shows us his new dolphin friend before heading back inside.

BB wakes up the rest of the house in preparation for the nomination ceremony taking place today.

Donny heads up to the HOH room to wake Cody up to try and convince him to make a big move this week. Donny tells him that it's Christine, Derrick and Frankie that have a final 3 deal and it would be smart to make a move against them.  Cody doesn't give him too much in response and says it's something to think about.

It's a pretty slow afternoon leading up to the nominations. Per usual, we have Cody bashing Donny in the backyard to Christine and Victoria. He doesn't think Donny should be trying to stay in the game anymore. Again he talks about calling Donny out but we all know that will never happen.

A bit later on in the afternoon, Donny is filling Nicole in on the alliances that exist on the other side of the house.

He tells her that Frankie has Caleb, Derrick has Victoria, and Christine has Cody. He says that Frankie, Derrick and Christine have a final 3 and are using their counterparts as decoys. Donny is just hoping he's there to see the 3 groups start tearing into each other. Out of everyone left on the other side, both Donny and Nicole say they like Caleb the best.

Derrick, once again being the only HG who realizes that the jury votes for the winner, takes some time to talk to Donny in the backyard.

Even if he's straight up lying to him at least he's not ignoring him. Derrick is telling Donny that he's always had his best interest in mind.

The feeds are blocked late Friday afternoon for the nominations. When they return we learn that Donny and Nicole have been nominated by Cody. Donny will most likely be heading out the door unless he wins the PoV on Saturday.

It was a riveting night on the Live Feeds as the HG's.....played with sticks and blocks in the kitchen. The lack of Zach is already painfully obvious.

Up in the HOH room, Cody and Derrick are talking about what would happen if Donny wins the Pov. Cody kind of asks Derrick if Frankie would be an option to go up and out if Donny does win.

Derrick tells him that it could be done but he wouldn't recommend it. He also tells Cody that Caleb wants Christine out soon. Donny and Nicole are still the targets for the next 2 weeks but if one of them is safe it seems like Frankie or Christine could be a backdoor option.

It's business as usual late into Friday night with Christine and Cody bashing current (and former) house guests. Christine thinks McCrae from BB15 was a pussy and doesn't seem to be trying to garner any fans whatsoever. They discuss Donny being a super genius for the millionth time this season. Cody says Donny is the most disgusting player to ever play. Cody then says that Devin's picture looks like an evil criminal just to make sure he covers all of his bases.

Live Feeds - Saturday

The HG's wake up Saturday morning knowing they'll battle it out for the PoV today. Derrick and Frankie are some of the first awake and over in the bathroom talking about whether or not they'll get another Team America mission soon.

Shortly after 11 AM on Saturday, Nicole hears Victoria collapse in the bathroom and calls for help.

Victoria has been in some pain with her wisdom teeth coming in and was bad enough to have the medics take her away for a while.

The HG's were speculating whether or not she would return and how it would affect the game and veto competition this afternoon. Victoria returned from getting treatment just before 2 PM and still didn't look to be at 100%.

BB blocks the feeds soon after to pick the players for the PoV competition. Derrick, Christine and Frankie will join Nicole, Donny and Cody in the competition.

The feeds are once again blocked for the PoV competition and when they return we learn that Cody has won the PoV and has total control for the week.

Cody and his people are back in the Fire Room celebrating the victory and talking about how Donny will finally be leaving.

Donny is still the #1 target and with 5 days until eviction, it looks like it's going to be a long week. Derrick, Caleb and Frankie are in the living room talking about missing Zach. I think they all realize the effect he had on the house from an entertainment perspective.

Nicole and Donny are both aware of what's going to happen this week as well. Derrick had a talk with Donny basically telling him that it's not looking good while Cody told Nicole that she has all of their votes to stay. 

Live Feeds - Sunday

The HG's weren't up and about until at least noon on Sunday with not a whole lot on the menu today. A few of the HG's are out grabbing some sun in the backyard until the photo booth opens up around 3 PM.

There's a whole lot of nothing happening on the Live Feeds today. Some sunbathing, Donny and Nicole being sad together, Derrick sleeping all day, and a bunch of talk about the BB Play that's happening later on. The play is the mission that Team America came up with for the week which must be approved by America.

Caleb's busy talking to anyone that'll listen about how many followers he'll have and having dreams about fans recognizing him after the show is over.

Around 6:30 PM we have our 3rd fan of the season yelling things over the BB walls. This time the fan had a megaphone and said, "Frankie can't be trusted, he's the saboteur!" They're called for an indoor lock-down right after it happens. Caleb and Cody were the two that actually heard what was said. This wasn't exactly needed to let the HG's know that Frankie can't be trusted but it could effect how soon they take action if given the chance.

Veto Ceremony

Donny and Nicole are some of the first HG's up Monday morning and are out in the backyard talking about the the veto ceremony coming up today. Neither expect the veto to be used and are really just going over their speeches. After a brief block the feeds come back are we learn that Cody did not use the veto. Donny and Nicole remain on the block and it looks to be a long week until a new HOH is crowned on Thursday night.

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