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Did You Catch That?! - Week 8

Welcome to a jam-packed 'Did You Catch That!?' article capturing the action from Week 8 in the Big Brother House. I'll be covering everything that's happened since Nicole's eviction up until Tuesday night on the Live Feeds. I'll include all the Live Feed action and newest episodes covering the new HOH's, nominees, Battle of the Block and PoV spoiler.

Thursday Night Live Eviction

When we left off last week we had Nicole and Donny up on the block following Zach's OTEV PoV victory. As suspected, we saw Nicole become the 3rd Jury member as the 8th evicted house guest of the season with a vote of 6-0.

Nicole knew the end was near but I'm sure it helped getting the biggest applause for an evicted HG by far for this season. Just as Julie told Hayden and Jocasta, she will have some kind of chance to return this season.

Before the HOH competition we got to see how BB scared the HG's with zombies in the mirrors.

They all went into the Fire Room and waited for them to come back..

The HOH competition "Dead of Household" involved asking questions based off of the Zombie Apocalypse facts they were told the night before.

Derrick and Frankie won the competition and will be the HOH's for the week. Right away, it appears Donny will be in the most trouble this week.

Towards the end the Thursday night's episode, Julie tells us that Zingbot will be making an appearance during the PoV this week. She aslo told us the BoB twist will be over AND that one of the jurors will have a chance to return next Thursday. That means either Jocasta, Hayden, Nicole or the next HG evicted will compete to re-enter the house next week.

Thursday Night Live Feeds

As the feeds return on Thursday night we have the HG's discussing the competition, Donny unpacking his suitcase, and Frankie and Caleb in the storage room celebrating.

Frankie and Caleb are discussing how good of an alliance they are and making it all the way to final 2. I know Frankie has deals with everyone but it might not be a bad idea to be this close with Caleb, especially considering they are long overdue for an endurance competition.

Donny is the target for the guys and it's just about who will go on the block next to him to throw the BoB competition. Nobody is really interested in volunteering at this point given how easy it is for this cast to switch their target so frequently.

Being that there are only 8 HG's left, Derrick and Caleb will have to nominate some of their own no matter what. Caleb says he shouldn't have to go up because he's offered to go on the block 3 times for them already. They decide to have a group discussion about nominations once Donny has gone to bed.

Over in the Fire Room, Derrick tells Victoria that he and Frankie will not be putting her on the block this week, given that she has basically lived on the block and could use a break.

A few minutes later once Victoria has left, Derrick tells the live feeders to expect some fireworks in the HOH room when they have to choose who goes on the block.

Derrick and Frankie have a conversation in the Hive Room about their plans for the week. Ideally they would like for Derrick's nominations to lose the BoB so he remains HOH and they still have Frankie to compete in a likely endurance competition next week.

They discuss the fact that Cody still won't volunteer to go on the block even though he's never been nominated. They also talk about telling Donny that everyone wanted to put him up with Victoria but they will at least give him someone like Zach to compete with.

Derrick and Donny have their conversation in the Hive Room about an hour later. Both of them being on Team America, Derrick is trying to make it appear as if he's doing Donny a favor to nominate him next to a competitor.

Donny would prefer not being nominated and thinks there are better targets for them to go after. Derrick explains to him that if Victoria went up, won the BoB, and one of the nominee's wins PoV, it would expose their alliance to not put Donny up. If someone gets pulled off the block after the PoV there will only be 3 options to choose from with only 8 HG's remaining.

Around midnight up in the HOH room, Zach, Cody and Frankie are discussing the possible nominations. Zach says if he is up there with Donny he may not be able to throw the competition. He doesn't really feel safe throwing any competitions after he found out how close he was to being evicted 2 weeks ago.

A few minutes later, the rest fo the crew joins them up in the HOH room to decide nominations. Nobody wants to be nominated or throw a competition this late into the season.

They come to the conclusion that the best way to decide who gets nominated with Donny and the two other nominees is to draw Skittles out of a hat. Everyone is assigned a color and if their color isn't picked then they are safe from the block...for now.

Christine is chosen first to get nominated with Donny and throw the competition. Then Caleb and Cody are selected to get nominated and win the BoB competition. Zach is the only one not chosen which means if someone does end up coming off the block after the PoV, the renom choices will be either Zach, Victoria, ro the dethroned HOH.

Caleb is already pissed off because he has to go on the block again, and because Zach wasn't chosen and he was the one saying he wouldn't throw the competition. He tells Derrick in the Fire Room that he would nominate Zach if he was HOH next week and that it would be great if they could backdoor him this week.

They all plan on telling Donny that Victoria is actually the target and that he was chosen to get nominated by drawing Skittles. (They don't plan on telling him that they were picking who would go up next to him to throw it, obviously.)

Live Feeds - Friday

BB wakes up the HG's Friday morning and we have a few HG's eating breakfast in the kitchen while Caleb exterminates the ants that have invaded all of their food.

Around 10 PM up in the HOH room, Frankie and Derrick are telling Donny lies about how they chose nominations. They tell him that his Skittle was picked and he's going up with Christine with a target for the week being Victoria. Donny asks what happens if both of them stay on the block and they tell him Christine will then go home.

As soon as Donny leaves Derrick tells Frankie that he knows Donny wasn't buyin' what they were sellin'. Both of them were then called to the DR.

After the feeds come back from the nomination ceremony we learn that the Skittles have nominated Donny/Christine and Caleb//Cody. They will face off in the last BoB competition of the season sometime later today. If everything goes according to plan, Christine will throw the competition ensuring she remains on the block with Donny.

Around 2 PM Derrick is filling Frankie in on their next Team America mission up in the HOH room. Their mission is to hide an article of clothing from all of the HG's and run a neighborhood watch for 24 hours.

Derrick fills Donny in on the task downstairs in the living room. They will start collecting items to hide later on after the BoB Competition.

Not much action the rest of the afternoon in the BB house as the HG's rested for the BoB. Some random chit chat about whether or not they'll have a Double Eviction this week or if the dual HOH twist is over.

The feeds are blocked until just after 7 PM and when they return we learn that things did not go according to plan. Donny and Christine have won the BoB competition, dethroning Derrick and making Frankie the HOH for the week.

Frankie mentions in the kitchen that Christine didn't even find one bone during the competition, so it sounds like she held up her end of the deal and tried to throw the competition. We'll see how it went down on Sunday night's episode but it sounds like Donny did it all on his own. Caleb mentions that he ripped one of the pieces out of Christine's hands during the competition, he says he was playing dirty.

Derrick congratulates Donny on the win and says they're good for the week and Victoria is going home. As soon as Derrick leaves the room Donny looks up at the camera mocking Derrick as if he thinks they're on the same team.

Christine is talking to the guys in the bathroom about how Donny has to know she threw the competition. She said she tried to throw it but Donny kept finding pieces.

At this point, if Caleb or Cody come off the block, either Derrick, Zach or Victoria will be the replacement nomination.

Donny and Zach meet in the storage room to touch base after the Bob competition. Donny hopes Zach gets drawn and wins the veto to ensure his safety. Zach agrees and says he needs to in order to make sure he's not backdoored.

The feeds were blocked briefly for the player picking ceremony for the PoV. Victoria, Christine and Donny join nominees Caleb and Cody with HOH Frankie. Witht the players picked already, the HG's are thinking the competition will be sometime later tonight, until production steps in and tells them it will be tomorrow. (Little do they know Zingbot will be paying them a visit.)

Derrick and Caleb have a conversation in Hive Room about what could happen after the PoV. 

Caleb thinks it may be a good time to take out Zach. Derrick mentions that Zach would stab them right in the back if given the chance. Cody joins them and they discuss how Victoria really isn't a threat to them right now.

Live Feeds - ZingBot Saturday

BB wakes the HG's Saturday morning and one of the first conversations we have is Donny and Zach in the kitchen. Donny asks Zach that if he were to win HOH next week, who are the two biggest anti-Donnys. Zach tells him Christine for sure and one of the guys, either Caleb, Frankie or Cody.

Donny then asks Zach who it is that makes all the decisions for the group. Zach tells him it's Frankie. Donny tells him that it would be too easy for them to go after Victoria this week and that he hopes they do't go after Zach. 

It's a pretty quiet morning around the house until BB calls everyone for an HOH lockdown for the have-not food around noon.

A few hours later, Team America meets up in the HOH room to discuss their current mission. They plan on starting to steal items this afternoon.

They plan on hiding the items in the garbage can in the storage room. Donny says he can swipe some clothes when he wakes up first in the morning. Derrick makes his first move, stealing Victoria's robe while others are hanging out in the living room.

Shortly after, the feeds are blocked for the PoV competition. The feeds return just after 8 PM and we see that Frankie has won the PoV.

The HG's are talking about their 'zings' from Zing Bot and it appears Christine's zing was about Cody and she is pretty upset. We can only hope they show it during Wednesday's episode.

Frankie, Caleb and Zach are talking about Derrick being the one to tell Victoria that she's going home this week. Frankie plans on using the veto to pull Caleb off the block...but things are about to change.

Around 8:30 PM on Saturday, Caleb and Frankie have a conversation in the storage room. Caleb tells Frankie that Derrick and Cody are on board with going after Zach this week.

Frankie just wants to make sure everyone is on board and wants it to be a group decision.

Caleb, Cody and Derrick are talking in the Fire Room when Caleb tells them he thinks Frankie is on board with evicting Zach this week. Frankie joins them and says he wants to "euthanize" Zach this week. Once Frankie/Caleb leave the room, Cody and Derrick mention that Frankie/Caleb are the couple that they have to beat.

Around 11 PM up in the HOH, Frankie is telling Christine that the guys want Zach out this week. He says they should have a group meeting and tell him all together. Of course Christine is on baord 100%. Frankie says he was already pissed at Zach because he still brings up the fact that he tried to get him out 2 weeks ago. It's as if Zach was hurt by a friend and needs time to recover, crazy right?

A bit later on, Caleb, Christine, Cody, Frankie and Derrick are up in the HOH room going over the reasons why they should evict Zach. They all agree that Victoria is more of a number for them than Zach is. They're all trying to decide when the best time to tell Zach would be, either on Sunday or right before the meeting on Monday morning.

Just after 4 AM, Frankie and Derrick are in the Storage Room after taking Zach's gator shirt and Christine's teddy bear.

Live Feeds - Sunday

With not much action planned for today, most of the HG's are sleeping in this morning. Donny is still the only one awake, playing pool by himself, around noon.

The HG's get their photo booth time in the early afternoon. Then we find Derrick and Frankie out in the backyard going over Team America plans and how they'll coincide with telling Zach he's going home.

Derrick tells Frankie that he hinted to Donny that Zach will be going up. He plans on telling Zach that no one can trust him anymore and that everyone came up to him and told him to nominate Zach. Derrick tells him he should be downstairs in case Zach does something to him so he'll only be 5 or 6 seconds away if needed (They seriously think Zach is some kind of animal that will start attacking house guests)

Caleb, Cody, Derrick and Frankie are now talking in the backyard about telling Zach he's going up. Now Caleb is mentioning that he should be there as a body guard in case Zach does something.. The plan is to tell Zach after dinner tonight.

Frankie and Derrick are talking again in the backyard about their mission. Frankie says they need to blame everything on Zach and use him again. Sounds like they only have 2 more items to steal before they start blaming Zach for all the missing items.

Just after 5 PM, Cody notices his hat is missing and runs up to Frankie in HOH. Frankie tells him they have a hat thieve in the house.

As Zach and Frankie are out playing pool, Frankie mentions that Derrick and Cody's hats are gone. Zach says he thinks some shit is going to go down tonight and thinks there may be a Saboteur.

The HG's are starting to notice their missing items and call a house meeting in the living room.

There is mass chaos in the house on Sunday afternoon. It starts to get extremely frustrating for Zach because Christine and Victoria start yelling at him saying they are 100% sure it was him that stole the items. Everyone pretty much jumps on board with the idea that it was Zach who stole their stuff.

Frankie starts listing different things that Zach has done to get others to believe he is a Saboteur. Caleb, Cody, Christine and Frankie decide in the Hive Room that they no longer have to meet with Zach but just roll with him being a Saboteur and nominate him on Monday.

The plan is now officially set for Frankie to save the person who literally sat down beside him last week to throw the BoB (Caleb), and nominate his "friend" Zach after spreading Sabotuer rumors about him throughout the house. (Frankie in a nut shell)

Wednesday's episode will show more of how this went down and how easy it was for the whole house to rally around a made-up rumor.

Out in the backyard, Cody is telling Zach that he knows he's the saboteur and if it turns out that he isn't, "my bad." At this point, Zach knows what's happening around him and knows this paranoia will be used to target him this week.

Zach got frustrated enough to eventually play along with being a fake Saboteur. While being watched by a mix of Caleb/Cody/Derrick/Frankie, Zach managed to slip the cue ball in his sweatshirt pocket. He made it to the bathroom before they Caleb and Cody realized it was missing. 

They tracked him down in the bathroom and found the cue ball hiding in the trash can. If there were any HG's that still believed Zach, they didn't believe him after this happened.

Also I should note that Frankie (obviously knowing he set up Zach) is running throughout the house telling everyone how much sense it makes for Zach to be a Sabateur. Now Caleb thinks Zach must have just been told by the DR to steal their cue ball as another act of sabotage.

A few minutes later, Caleb and Cody found all the missing items in the storage room under the trash can, exactly where Team America planted them.

Frankie is seen yelling to Zach in front of everyone "No one is going to believe you." He later tells Cody and Christine that this is "making his soul feel better." 

Zach is outside telling Donny that he's pretty sure that he's going home now. He also tells Donny that is was everyone's plan to evict Donny this week until he single-handily won the BoB.

Just after 10 PM on Sunday night, Caleb, Zach and Frankie meet up in the HOH room.

Zach says that he knows he's going up and that it's ok. Frankie tells him that he was going to tell him and that the whole house wants it this way, even Derrick and Cody.

Derrick keeps the neighborhood watch going all night until Donny wakes up and takes over. I'm not sure why it wasn't painfully obvious that Derrick and Frankie were trying so hard to get everyone to have the watch, take shifts, stay up all night, etc. These house guests were just waiting to latch onto any rumor they could and when it was about Zach, the pounced like a bunch of hyenas. Sunday night was the death of Zach's game in the BB house, but maybe he'll get resurrected on Thursday when a juror returns.

Now let's rewind a bit for Sunday Night's Episode which covered the nominations and BoB competition.

Sunday Night Episode - BoB

We got to see Derrick and Frankie choose their nominations for the week and the process of picking the nominees via Skittle draw, as I highlighted during the Live Feed updates.

They also covered the beginning of Team America's mission to steal other HG's items of clothing, which assisted in getting Zach up on the block as a replacement nominee.

As we know, the nominations were Donny/Christine and Caleb/Cody by Derrick and Frankie accordingly.

Then we got to see Christine unsuccessfully throw the BoB competition. Donny beat Caleb, Cody and Christine by himself and assured his safety for the week.

Now we know that Cody and Caleb will remain on the block with Frankie as this week's HOH.

Let's get back to the Live Feed action on Monday before the Veto Ceremony.

Live Feeds - Monday

Just before 6 AM on Monday, Derrick wakes up Donny so he can take over patrol for the night. We're not exactly sure of the rules but at least 1 member of TA will be awake "on patrol" until Monday evening. Donny stays on guard until around 9 AM when BB wakes the HG's up.

The only action going on today is the PoV Ceremony, and it seems like everyone, including Zach, knows exactly what's going to happen this week.

We see Frankie go and talk to Zach while he's still in bed on Monday morning. He acts as if he doesn't want to put up Zach and tries to briefly come up with a way to keep him. THIS is probably only because the DR told him to give Zach some hope BECAUSE the night before he kind of broke a rule about telling the HG he is for sure being nominated. The twitter world saw this as a fake attempt to cover himself so they wouldn't have to break open the rule book...even if the BB universe had #RenomRule trending for like 10 hours Monday morning.

The feeds are blocked for a while and when they return we see that Frankie pulled Caleb off the block and nominated Zach in his place. Zach sleeping on one feed and Frankie, Cody and Caleb kissing each other on another.

Frankie is later gloating to Cody and Caleb out in the backyard about his speech when he nominated Zach, saying he had to rub it in his f***ing face. 

Zach comes outside and Frankie heads in while Zach starts asking Caleb why he thinks Cody is better for his game than he is. Caleb won't give him his full attention and pretty much tells him he can't trust him and thinks he would nominate him before Cody would.

Zach was honestly just trying to figure out if there was any chance for Caleb to vote for him to stay. Cody runs out and puffs his chest a bit as he tells Zach not to throw people under the bus unless they're present. It starts to get a bit heated with Zach vs. the rest of the guys. Frankie and Zach get into it a bit and Frankie calls him a "prolific liar" while saying no one in the house will ever trust him again.

Frankie continues yelling at Zach and promises Zach that if his name get's brought up again that he will f***ing wreck him. The only threatening words are coming out of the mouth of Frankie, as much as CBS wants you to believe he is an angel.

As we mosey on into the living room feeds we having Christine syaing how much she f***king hates Zach and wants to punch his face in.

Derrick seems to be the only HG who knows that the people they're evicting will be IN THE JURY. He does his best to get Zach's spirits up saying he's already won just by being on the show.

Zach, knowing his days are numbered, decides he wants to help Donny on his way out the door. He begins to tell him all about the Skittle picking game they played to see who would get nominated along side Donny.

This time Donny hears the real story, not the version the other guys have been telling him. Donny now knows for sure that the whole house was in on the plan to throw the BoB and get him evicted.

I don't think I've included a single bit about Christine and Cody in any of my blogs because I could care less but I had to include this moment. Donny walks in on Cody hugging Christine and tells them "Zing Bot is watching." 

Later on in the backyard there's some more unnecessary Zach bashing by Frankie and Christine. Frankie says he wants to "crush his hopes and dreams." Not so in line with his CBS edit is it? In a matter of minutes, Christine calls Zach a butthole, evil, a baby, and "gross to be around."

In the living room while Donny and Derrick are having a conversation about nothing too important, Caleb is stalking them from the balcony upstairs trying to listen to what they're saying. He was up there for at least 20 minutes and thought for sure they had no idea he was there.

Even after Derrick and Donny told him they knew he was up there all along because it was pretty obvious, he went on and told the rest of the house how bad he "got them" by them not knowing he was sneaking around. Donny branded him Creep Mode Cowboy.

Meanwhile, Frankie is still bashing Zach outside, now with Victoria. He tells her that Zach is f***ing over people, human beings, and their chance to provide for their families and kids in Africa. (He's 100% serious mind you) He later says the same exact thing to Caleb about how Zach is 100% hurting all of their chances to provide for their families.

Zach would be ostracized most of the day as a majority of the HG's took it upon themselves to talk as much shit as humanly possible about America's favorite HG.

A little after 10 PM on Monday night, Victoria decides that she's going to use a kitchen knife to cut up her own pink hat. (the hat that Zach wears everyday) The feeds cut while she was doing it but it happened and Zach spent the next day or so trying to find his signature hat to no avail.

Victoria is up in the HOH with Cody talking about what an evil person Zach is. They both agree he stole all of their items yesterday not because of a task but because that's just the kind of person he is.

Victoria thinks that Zach might dump boiling water on her face in an act of revenge for whatever reason. (You should know that Frankie has been feeding Victoria lies about what Zach says about her for a long time now)

Around the same time, Zach, Caleb and Frankie are out playing pool in the backyard. For the second time this season they hear fans yelling over the walls in the backyard. This time they yelled something negative about Caleb, another "we love you Zach", and Frankie is a f*** face. Although they didn't hear the last part, they thought the people said Frankie is disgusting, both are accurate IMO.

The Zach bash continues in the kitchen with Cody, Victoria, Christine and Caleb as Victoria starts saying she hopes Zach lays a finger on her so he get's evicted and arrested. She says nobody is gonna walk around this house torturing and degrading her anymore like Zach has. 

Victoria trying to catch Zach stealing her stuff....spoiler alert: he doesn't

There's not much action the rest of the night and some HG's even get to bed early knowing there won't be a change in their decision to evict Zach on Thursday. I just thought it was important to highlight ALL of the HG's (minus Donny) and the way they talked about Zach today. It was uncalled for and they look so much worse than Zach ever has by stooping to the level they did.

Live Feeds - Tuesday

There wasn't a ton of action Tuesday morning as most of the remaining HG's slept in pretty late. Donny and Cody were the only HG"s up until around noon BBT and even then it was mostly Donny sitting by himself outside.

BB wakes Zach and a few others for an outdoor lockdown around 3:30 PM on Tuesday afternoon making all of twitter run different scenarios about Pandora's Box possibly being set up, among others. When they got back inside they noticed....... a dart board was set up that they get to use for 24 hour periods.

America's favorites, Zach and Donny, are getting closer as it seems like Donny is the only one not totally ignoring Zach this week. Donny hopes the other side "busts up" before he leaves so he can sit and watch.  Zach gives him a prep talk about staying strong and winning as many competitions as he can so he can make it to the end.

Donny starts to bring up ways they might be able to save Zach this week, mentioning that once he's gone there is no longer an obvious target in the house. He thinks it might work if they subtly bring this up to Frankie. Donny says that Frankie's sister made him a target and nobody will protect him after Zach is gone.

Later on into Tuesday night, Zach and Frankie are playing pool out in the backyard. Zach asks Frankie why keeping Cody over him is best for his game.

Frankie says Zach is unpredictable and bad for his game. He also says that Zach was talking shit about him while he went on his NFL trip (not true, Zach mostly slept). Then Frankie says to Zach, "You are hurting my chances at feeding children in Africa."

I think that's the type of quote that puts the cherry on top of my blog for the week. Zach will be the next HG evicted on Thursday night but he, along with Jocasta, Hayden and Nicole, will have a chance to battle their way back into the house in a similar twist as last season when Judd returned.

Stay tuned for the new article next week as a new HOH is crowned on Thursday and the BoB twist is finally over. It's good old fashioned Big Brother until the end and it should be an action packed Thursday Night episode.

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