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Did You Catch That?! - Week 7

Welcome to our next 'Did You Catch That!?' article capturing the action from Week 7 in the Big Brother House. I'll be covering everything that's happened since the switch to keep Zach prior to Thursday's Double Eviction, up until Monday night on the Live Feeds. I'll include all the Live Feed action and newest episodes covering the new HOH's, nominees, Battle of the Block and PoV spoiler.

When we left off on Wednesday last week it was looking like Zach was on his way out of the house. As we'll see on the Thursday Night episode, Caleb and Derrick put the plan in place to save Zach in order to keep the numbers on their side.

The plan to keep Zach went into full effect once Caleb got a hold of Derrick so he could work his magic with Cody, Frankie, Christine and Victoria.. Derrick took a chance to tell the live feeders that 'The Hitmen' are moving forward in this game.

After Derrick got Cody on board, they flipped Frankie and Christine over to their side in the Have-Not room. Cody tells them that Nicole and Hayden were planning on backdooring either Christine or Frankie and they were sold. They now had 4 votes and just need Derrick to tell Victoria what she was going to do this week.

We'll rewind a bit back to Wednesday Night's episode covering in PoV competition and ceremony.

Wednesday Night Episode

Zach and Jocasta remained on the block after losing to Victoria and Caleb during the BoB. Christine, Victoria and Caleb joined Zach, Jocasta and HOH Nicole in the "BB Comics" PoV Competition. We got to see an epic Zach breakdown as he flipped out and started throwing the comics around the yard before finally figuring it out.

Christine ended up winning the PoV and we knew the nominations of Zach and Jocasta would stay put, with Zach leaving at this point. 

Sure enough, Christine did not use the veto, keeping Zach and Jocasta on the block. Now remember, this ceremony actually took place on Monday when everyone's current plan was to evict Zach. It wasn't until Wednesday night that Caleb started the plan to keep Zach.

Thursday Night Episode

Big Brother had to do some quick editing to get the action from Wednesday night's live feeds, which we covered earlier regarding the plan to save Zach. At this point Caleb, Cody, Derrick, Frankie, Christine and Victoria were all voting to evict Jocasta, leaving Nicole, Hayden and Donny to think Zach was still being evicted. This is really the point when everything hit the fan as Nicole knew that her newly formed alliance 'The Rationale' (with Hayden, Cody and Derrick) was lying to her.

The HG's learned that Thursday was a Double Eviction night leaving only 9 HG's in the house by the end of the night. They also learned the Jury began with tonight's eviction and that a jury member might be re-entering the house at some point.

To the shock of some, (Hayden, Nicole, Donny) Jocasta was evicted by a vote of 6-2.

In classic BB fashion, the Double Eviction HOH competition only crowned one winner. Beast Mode Cowboy came through with the victory in the 'Mathcathlon'  competition.

Caleb then headed inside and nominated Hayden and Donny for eviction.

The HG's competed in the PoV competition 'Best of Duck' which we've recently seen Frank win in BB14 to save himself from the block. Donny followed suit and made a huge comeback against Zach to win the PoV and secure his safety for the week.

Caleb then nominated Nicole in Donny's place to sit next to Hayden on the block.  Both Hayden and Nicole threw Christine and Frankie under the bus during their eviction speeches as two HG's who can not be trusted. Hayden was the 2nd HG evicted Thursday Night by a vote of 5-2.

With such a jam-packed episode, we'll have to wait to find out the new HOH's on the Live Feeds.

Live Feeds - Thursday Night

The feeds come back Thursday night to Nicole and Frankie going at it in the kitchen. Nicole is calling him out for evicting Hayden after forming an alliance with them.

Zach still doesn't believe what Nicole is saying about Frankie wanting Zach out most of the week. Frankie again lied about forming an alliance with Hayden/Nicole and that there was never a plan to vote out Zach. It's pretty heated between Nicole, Frankie and Zach.

Christine is in the Bee Hive room with Nicole trying to cover herself and get Nicole back on her side. Christine is trying to tell her that she heard Nicole was trying to backdoor her and Frankie. She also lies and says she found out about the Zach flip 10 minutes before the vote. They both land on Cody as the source of the lies being told about each other and seem to be in okay standing for now.

Zach is in the storage room asking Frankie if he trusts him or not. Frankie says he 100% trusts him and deflects the blame on Jocasta, Donny, Nicole and Hayden. Frankie is saying that Cody told him he was Zach's next target which isn't true. 

They seem to be on the same page for now and will hash things with the other guys a bit later. Zach won't fully know everything that went down over the last week until after the BoB on Friday.

Zach is hashing things out with Derrick, Frankie and Cody in the fire room. They know Zach has been making final 2 deals with both Frankie and Cody but decide to move forward after clearing the air.

The guys know Donny and Nicole are on the other side and agree Christine might as well be with them considering she's immediately trying to patch things up with Nicole.

Later on, Derrick and Cody are talking to Zach in the fire room about how Frankie and Christine were the one's who wanted him out last week. (which is true, but they wanted him out too)  Cody again tells Zach this back in the have-not room a few minutes later. Zach's starting to realize Frankie really has been playing him.

Christine and Frankie are primary targets right now in Derrick, Cody and Zach's eyes. Cody knows Christine threw him under the bus to Nicole and Zach knows Frankie was trying to evict him. Nicole and Donny seem to be the main targets but they know Frankie and Christine need to be out as well.

The feeds were cut for the HOH competition and when they returned we see that Nicole and Christine have won HOH. Zach's tune towards Nicole has certainly changed and they seem to be getting along very well considered how they were a few hours before.

Nicole tells him that he isn't her target and won't be putting him on the block. 

Christine and Nicole meet in the Bee Hive room to discuss their HOH plans. The FIRST thing they say is that they both agree to not backdoor each other no matter what.

Nicole actually says she thinks it may be their best option to work with Zach. Frankie, of course, joins the conversation and asks tells them he had to flip at the last second due to information he received. He asks them to let him prove his trust by voting out either Derrick, Cody, Caleb or Zach this week. Nicole says that there's no way for her to trust he won't just flip again. They don't exactly tell each other their real plans at this point.

There's an important conversation late into Friday morning between Nicole and Zach in the Bee Hive room. Zach is livid with Frankie and Christine and wants Frankie out this week.  Zach gets everything out in the open with Nicole and first tells her about the Detonators alliance. This time she got the REAL version, not eh version from everyone last week where Zach started it on his own.

Nicole is telling Zach about everything he's been blamed for in the last week, most of it not being true.

Zach tells Nicole his "entire Big Brother life" including his final 3 deal with Derrick and Cody, and his final 2 deal with Frankie. Nicole finds out the Detonators was made weeks ago, not 2 days ago like she was told. Nicole now knows how much she's been getting lied to.

Nicole and Zach decide to work together moving forward now that he air has been cleared.

Nicole told Cody about Frankie telling her to nominate the four guys this week in the bathroom. Not too long after, Cody shared this information with Zach and they both agree that they have to get Frankie nominated this week.

Around 2 AM Friday morning, Nicole and Christine got their HOH room.

Later on downstairs, Derrick, Cody, Zach and Caleb are in the bathroom talking about how Frankie told the girls to nominate all four of them. Caleb says that if he's up with Frankie he will throw the BoB.

Around 3 AM on Friday Nicole and Derrick are up in the HOH room talking about wanting Frankie out this week. Derrick tells her if she doesn't get him out she will be going home soon.

Nicole, Zach, Derrick and Cody rehash plans late in Friday morning about Caleb being nominated with Frankie so he can literally sit down once the BoB competition begins to make sure they lose.

Live Feeds - Friday

Many of the HG's were up late into Friday morning. Caleb is in the kitchen around 9 AM telling Donny that he pans on throwing the competition if he's put up next to Frankie.

Christine and Nicole are up in the HOH room going over nominations that will happen today. Christine tells her she plans on nominating Donny and Zach. Frankie's starting to piss everyone off, including Christine, because of how much he bugs into every conversation.

Nicole meets Caleb in the storage room and thanks him for volunteering to throw the compeition next to Frankie and it seems out nominations are now in place with a majority of the house targeting Frankie.

When the feeds return after a short block for nominations we learn that Caleb/Frankie and Zach/Donny were nominated by Nicole and Christine accordingly. Frankie is the only one that doesn't know about Caleb's plans to throw the competition. It would be a long day of waiting for the competition on Friday as it didn't start until late into Friday night.

Frankie is trying to figure out why Zach won't talk to him because he doesn't know that Zach is aware of everything he tried to do last week to get him evicted. Christine tries to talk to Zach as well and he walks away saying he doesn't even want to be in the same room as them.

Later on in the afternoon, Frankie starts asking Derrick and Caleb if there are plans for Caleb to throw the BoB competition. Both of them squash the idea and tell him that isn't going to happen.

Caleb is upstairs demonstrating how he'll throw the BoB competition by taking a seat as soon as it starts.

Most of Caleb's reasoning for doing this is actually because of Frankie's role in evicting Amber, which he plans on telling him during the competition.

The feeds are blocked for the BoB competition and when they return around 10 PM we learn that Frankie won the BoB by himself. Now that Frankie knows he's safe and Zach is pissed that the plan didn't work, all hell breaks lose between them.

Zach basically calls Frankie out for being a huge liar and Frankie really doesn't have much to say knowing it's all true. Frankie also confesses to telling the girls to nominate Zach, Derrick, Caleb and Cody.

Things were very heated in the living room so Derrick advised them to take it into the Fire Room. This is when Frankie decided to come clean to all the guys (minus Donny) about who he really is. He tells them how much of a social media mogul he is and that his sister is Ariana Grande. This is all in an attempt to deflect everything he has done against them in the past week.

Frankie also tells him that he's playing the game for charity, none of this really changed anything for the guys, except maybe Caleb who now thinks he has a chance to meet Bieber.

Frankie then went into the living room to tell Victoria, Christine and Nicole about his sister. 

Derrick and Cody are talking in the bathroom about Frankie telling everyone for purely game reasons. Derrick also wonders if they might be able to get Nicole backdoored this week now that she's been dethroned from HOH.

Nicole and Christine are up in the HOH room where Nicole is thinking the guys will try and get her nominated this week. She tells Christine that she would have never backdoored her if she remained HOH this week. Christine tells her that if the veto is used, Victoria will be going up. Now that Frankie has pulled himself and Caleb off the block, Zach is back to being Christine's number 1 target.

Live Feeds - Saturday

The lights turn on Saturday morning around 9:30 AM but it's a slow start for most of the house. We'll have the PoV competition at some point today and it's looking like Zach will need to pull out a victory this time around.

There's a lot of Diary Room action this morning after all the action last night. Christine, Frankie, Donny and Nicole are the only HG's awake into mid day on Saturday.

Later in the afternoon, Derrick and Cody are talking in the bathroom about targeting Zach yet again this week. They both agree to the story that Zach wanted to go up and throw the BoB competition.

The feeds get blocked for the veto player picking ceremony and when they come back we learn that Nicole, Caleb and Derrick were picked to join Zach, Donny and HOH Christine.

Derrick and Cody still plan on throwing Zach under the bus for wanting to throw the BoB against Frankie, just planning ahead if he doesn't win the veto.

Around 5 PM in the HOH room, Derrick, Cody and Frankie are discussing voting Zach out this week if he stays on the block. Frankie wants to get him out, says Zach won't even look at him right now.

Right now the plan to replace a nomination if needed is still Victoria. The feeds get cut around 6:45 PM for the PoV Competition.

When the feeds returned a few hours later we learned that Zach has won the PoV and that they got to played OTEV.

Zach is in much better spirits, he says that it was the best competition of the season so far. Zach and Frankie are at least civil now and agree to have a conversation later that night to clear the air now that Zach is also safe.

They talk about how both of them took their shot at getting them out of the house and that they'll be friends again and start clean. Zach is telling Frankie what he wants to hear but still has major trust issues with him. He runs and tells Victoria about his whole conversation with Frankie so we know Zach isn't fully on board with Frankie even if that's what he's telling him.

Cody and Derrick are now talking in the bathroom about having the votes to evict Donny if/when Victoria replaces Zach on the block. Cody says he's nominating Zach and Frankie if he wins HOH next week. (although, Cody never follows through with anything he says he's going to do)

Zach and Victoria have a conversation in the Bee Hive room on Saturday night, similar to the conversation he had with Nicole when he told her everything about his game thus far. Zach is trying to give info to Victoria in order to build some trust with her.

Zach fills her in on all the alliances and deals he's made so far including the Detonators, which was news to her. They both agree Frankie and Christine can't be trusted.

Frankie plants the first seed about Nicole going up because she knows too much information after her conversation with Zach. It doesn't seem like Christine is on board yet, she still wants Frankie out of the house first, and reiterates that she gave Nicole her word.

Victoria is extremely upset after her talk with Zach now that she knows Derrick has been lying to her all along. Zach lies to Derrick and says that Nicole was the one who told Victoria about the Detonators. It catches up to him a bit later in the night up in the HOH room when he gets called out for it in front of Nicole and Victoria.

Live Feeds - Sunday

Caleb, Frankie and Christine are up early Sunday morning getting ready for their NFL trip out of the house that was won when they won the BoB. They leave the house around 10 AM to go watch the Cowboys practice up close.

After the three of them leave there is not much of anything happening on the live feeds all afternoon. Most of the HG's are sleeping even up until around 2 PM. Donny is awake doing his normal thing, using the elliptical, waving to the cameras, etc.

Victoria and Nicole are up in the bathroom talking about all the drama that happened last night all because of Zach's one lie. Nicole is now thinking she is a possibility for a replacement nomination now that her name was being thrown around in Zach's lies.

Derrick reassures Nicole that she has nothing to worry about a bit later in the afternoon. Derrick runs and tells Cody that Nicole is worried about going up and says she's worried about Frankie hammering it into Christine's head while out of the house today.

Caleb, Frankie and Christine got back to the house around 9 PM Sunday night with stories about meeting some players and watching the practice.

Caleb, Frankie and Zach are in the kitchen talking about a plan to get Nicole nominated. Caleb says he's just going to tell Christine that Nicole was planning on backdooring her this week if she stayed HOH.

Zach and Frankie later discuss that Nicole needs to go out of the house this week and plan on letting Christine know about the lie they came up with.

Around 11:30 PM, Zach is up in the HOH room telling Christine that everyone wants Nicole gone. He tells her that Nicole was in on the plan to backdoor her this week if she won HOH. Zach tells her people think she's working with Nicole and if she doesn't put her up, it would assure a lot of people that they are in deed working together.

In a matter on minutes, Christine went from "you guy's have to make sure she would go home" to "she's gonna be so upset when I nominate her." It doesn't take much to change Christine's mind, she just wants to be cool and hang with the guys. It seems that Christine is now sold and plans on nominating Nicole on Monday during the PoV Ceremony.

Derrick goes straight to Victoria and tells her he assured her safety this week and she won't be going on the block.

It's a 'relatively' early night for the HG's as they're all in bed by 4 AM.

Let's rewind a bit for Sunday Night's episode covering the HOH competition, nominations, and BoB competition.

Sunday Night Episode

Sunday night's episode began with the Double Eviction aftermath that we covered from Thursday Night's Live Feed coverage.

We saw the HOH Competition "BB Tourn-Eye-Ment" where the HG's had to read eye charts and answer the questions asked in them. As we know, Nicole and Christine won HOH for the week.

We saw Nicole nominate Caleb/Frankie and Christine nominate Zach/Donny as well as the BoB competition that Frankie won by himself.

Live Feeds - Monday

BB wakes the HG's up around 9 AM Monday morning. It was another slow start to the day as all they have planned is the PoV Ceremony.

Christine's up in the HOH room talking to Frankie about what she should say to Nicole while nominating her. She's planning on talking about taking a knife out of her back or something, You would think she would run what they're telling her past Nicole instead of blindly believing a bunch of guys who have been lying for the last 2 months, but she must know what she's doing.

The feeds cut around 11:30 AM for the PoV Ceremony and when they returned we learned that Nicole is the replacement nominee. Nicole mentions to Donny that she could tell based off Cody and other's actions beforehand that she was going up. Nicole's upset because everyone is acting like nothing happened, especially after Christine repeatedly told her she would be safe this week.

As of now it's looking like Nicole will be the next HG evicted from the BB16 house. Wednesday Night's episode will show us the PoV Competition that Zach won and the PoV Ceremony showing Nicole getting nominated in Zach's place.

That wraps up this weeks article, check back next week for all the new action from inside the Big Brother house for Week 8!

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