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Did You Catch That?! - Week 6

Welcome to our next 'Did You Catch That!?' article capturing the action from Week 6 in the Big Brother House. I'll be covering everything that's happened since the 4th eviction of the season on Thursday night up until Tuesday night on the Live Feeds. I'll include all the Live Feed action and newest episodes covering the new HOH's, nominees, Battle of the Block and PoV spoiler.

When we left off last week it was looking like Amber was on her way out the door Thursday night. But first, let's check out the action from Wednesday night's episode covering the PoV Competition and Ceremony.

Wednesday Night Episode

We'll start off with the PoV Competition on Wednesday Night's episode between the nominees Jocasta and Victoria, HOH Frankie, and Hayden, Christine and Donny. The plan all week has been to backdoor Amber and she'll have to watch her fate unfold from the sidelines.

In this PoV the HG's had to ride their horse to give themselves time to stack their gold bars in front of them.

Frankie was close to finishing but knocked his entire stack over towards the end. Hayden then beat out Christine to take the PoV victory. Earlier in the week he had promised Victoria that if she picked him to play and he won, he would use it to save her from the block. With Hayden's victory, it looks like Frankie will be able to follow through with his backdoor plan for Amber.

Team America had another meeting about their current task, which is to get two house guests to have a heated argument for 20 seconds during a ceremony. Since they struck out at the nomination ceremony they are now relying on Zach to blow up again, this time at Amber during the veto ceremony.

Zach went and used Amber's words to get Caleb on board for putting her up on the block. Caleb fully thinks it was his idea to put her on the block but he has no clue what the real plans are, not yet at least.

Frankie played it off during the veto ceremony like he had no other choice but to nominate Amber. She knew once it happened that it was in fact their plan all along, especially with Zach having another speech prepared. Amber is now on the block next to Jocasta and most likely headed out the door next.

Zach roasted Amber about how she belongs on the block and for how much she doesn't appreciate all that Caleb has done for her. Not as if he needed to, but he told the whole house that she'll be walking out the door next.

Thursday Night Episode

As suspected, Amber was the 5th HG evicted from the BB16 house by a unanimous 9-0 vote. She also joins the group of HG's this year who run out of the house like the won the game, but in reality are evicted before jury even starts.

Team America's next mission to throw 2 votes Amber's way and then blame two house guests for the votes right after eviction did not happen. Frankie was of course on board because he was HOH and would once again not have to participate in the mission to succeed. Donny, on the other hand, was against the mission because he knew it would be detrimental to his game.

The next HOH competition involved answering True/False questions about the short video clips they were shown on the nomination screens the day before.

The Detonators have been running the show for a while but that is about to come to a change in this weeks HOH competition, "Getting Loopy."

The competition wasn't able to finish up during Thursday nights' show due to the HG's answering too many questions correctly, so we'll have to wait until the feeds come back on for the results. When the show ended, Zach, Nicole, Caleb, Donny and Hayden were still in the running for HOH.

Live Feeds - Thursday Night

When the feeds came back shortly after the live show ended we learned that Donny and Nicole won the competition and are the HOH's this week.

Nicole tells Derrick that she has set targets and is looking to make a big move. She also mentions that they need to solidify an alliance with Hayden and Cody. She asks Derrick if he would be on board to backdoor Frankie this week. He says yes, and obviously doesn't mention the only reason why he wouldn't want to target him, Team America. Be on the lookout for a new 4-person alliance forming soon between these two, Hayden and Cody.

Zach and Nicole had a conversation in the storage room with Zach thinking he will be one of Nicole's nominations after the 'fruit-loop dingus' comments earlier in the week. He volunteers himself up on the block as a pawn the first chance he gets but she already had that in mind. Nicole tells him that she is targeting a guy but it's not him, even if he ends up on the block.

Zach is trying to get info out of Nicole and tells her the best way to stay HOH is nominating Jocasta and Victoria, but he understands if he's up on the block.

Donny and Nicole get their HOH rooms and letters Thursday night, Donny's from his girlfriend and Nicole's from her best friend. It was fun listening to Donny read his letter, which they'll highlight on Sunday Night's episode.

The most important conversation of the week, as far as nominations are concerned, took place Thursday night in the HOH room between Donny, Nicole and Hayden. They know that Jocasta and Victoria are going up for sure, they just need two guys to join them. Nicole tells them she is planning on nominating Zach, and Donny says he plans on nominating Caleb.

They discuss how Frankie is the root of everything in the house. All three of them are on board with a backdoor plan if given the chance. They all agree to the plan and it sounds like Frankie, Caleb and Zach are the targets, in that order.

Live Feeds - Friday

Big Brother wakes up the HG's Friday morning with a big day of nominations and possibly the last Battle of the Block competition of the season ahead. With the Double Eviction coming next Thursday, the game will probably reset to the normal 1 HOH per week.

Donny is up in the HOH room eating his breakfast next to his family pictures. He's talking to Nicole to make sure the plan is still on for their nominations. Donny would actually prefer to be dethroned and have his nominations of Caleb and Victoria win the BoB. He's on the same page as Nicole and would be part of a backdoor plan for Frankie anyways.

The feeds get blocked for the nomination ceremony and when they come back we learn that Donny nominated Caleb and Victoria, while Nicole nominated Zach and Jocasta.

Zach is walking around the house telling people he's after Nicole's head. He's going to have to battle against Caleb and Victoria later on that afternoon in the BoB.

It's a low-key afternoon as most of the HG's are napping/resting up for the BoB. The feeds get cut around 2 PM BBT.

When the feeds return we learn that Donny's nominations, Victoria and Caleb, won the BoB competition. Zach and Jocasta are the nominations with Nicole as the sole HOH. This means her backdoor plan for Frankie is still in the works, as long as they Frankie doesn't win PoV and someone pulls off a nomination.

It sounds like the teams had to take punishments during the BoB competition. Caleb has to shave his head and be tied to Victoria in an 'Adam and Eve' costume for 24 hours. He puts up a fight about getting his head shaved, saying that he's got a tattoo on his head that isn't appropriate. He ended up having it shaved by Victoria and was lying about the tattoo..shocker.

Up in the HOH room, Cody and Derrick are talking about how sketched out Frankie makes them feel. Nicole joins them and they start talking about a new alliance between the three of them and Hayden. As they're waiting for Hayden to join them, Derrick comes up with the 'Quad Squad' as their name and it is now official, even though Hayden never found his way up to join them.

After their 'Quad Squad' meeting, Derrick and Cody had a conversation in the bathroom about Nicole backdooring Frankie this week. 'The Hitmen' have no problem with Frankie being their next target.

Derrick and Cody have gone from the 'Bomb Squad' to the 'Detonators' and now are currently in the 'Quad Squad' and most importantly, 'The Hitmen'. Derrick, "Guess what Frankie, Boom! You just got caught again."

Derrick and Hayden talk in the bathroom about if Zach ends up staying on the block along with Jocasta. They would both consider voting him out to weaken Frankie. For the first time, both Frankie and Zach seem to be clueless as to what the actual plans are this week for the majority of the house.

Nicole and Frankie got to see a show put on by Hayden while wearing Victoria's shorts late into Sunday night. Nicole looks to the camera for some help.

Although Frankie spends the night up in the HOH bed, he is still Nicole's primary target this week.

Live Feeds - Saturday

The house wakes up on Saturday to get ready for the veto player picking ceremony and then the PoV competition later in the afternoon. Frankie and Christine are upstairs talking to Nicole about how Donny has to be a biologist or something related. Frankie's hair has also turned into neapolitan ice cream.

Frankie then get's called into the DR unexpectadly and jokes "Nicole, is there something you wanna tell me?" Little does he know that if given the opportunity, she will backdoor him this week. Once he leaves, Christine and Nicole start counting the votes against Zach if he remains on the block. Christine wants Zach out and then tells Nicole that she thinks there's a guys alliance in the house. (but doesn't mention that she is part of it)

The PoV players will be Zach, Jocasta, Nicole along with Christine, Victoria and Caleb. Frankie is the host and might be hosting his own funeral if Zach wins. It seems like Zach can only rely on himself to get off the block given the player's participating in the veto.

Meanwhile, Caleb is sleeping while wearing this on the inside of his hat..

You can't make this stuff up.

In other, more relevant, parts of the house, the 'Quad Squad' is up in the HOH room discussing their name among other things. Nicole tells them that Christine is trying to get her to nominate Derrick or Cody if she needs a replacement. Hayden says that Frankie and Christine need to go soon. They all know that Frankie and Christine are trying to put Derrick or Cody next to Zach because they're votes to keep him.

The Quad Squad is now fully official with Nicole, Hayden, Derrick and Cody, although they're still considering a name change.

Right on cue, both Frankie and Christine try and break up the their alliance meeting by coming up to the HOH room. "The Rationales", as they've now named themselves, keep a close eye on them as they leave the room.

Cody and Derrick have a conversion in the Fire Room about whether or not they can trust Nicole and Hayden, and think about sticking with The Detonators instead. They'll see how the PoV goes and take it from there.

Right before the feeds cut for the PoV around 5 PM BBT, Nicole and Hayden talk up in the HOH room. Nicole tells Hayden that Christine told her he was making out with Victoria (not true) Both are pissed off at Christine for making stuff up and are done working with her.

BB cuts the feeds for the PoV on Saturday from about 5 PM to 10:30 PM. When the feeds finally return we learn that Christine has won the PoV.

The HG's are wearing "I love BB Comics" shirts after the PoV and it sounds like Zach got extremely frustrated during the competition. Zach pictured above next to a few evicted HG's that he soon might join if Christine doesn't use the PoV.

Christine's plan at this point is to not use the veto and keep Zach as a Detonator.  Zach is not worried at all about going home and even has a speech prepared to lighten the mood on Thursday.

Derrick and Cody have a conversation in the Fire Room about needing to keep Zach this week as a number. They know they're on the bottom of the alliance as far as Hayden and Nicole are concerned, and they have Donny on the side. Frankie and Christine are definitely their targets for next week.

At the end of the night, Zach is confident in an 8-0 vote on Thursday, but there's a lot of time between now and then.

Live Feeds- Sunday

BB wakes the HG's up around 11 AM Sunday morning. There's not a lot of action early on today with the next action being the PoV ceremony on Monday.

Nicole is out in the backyard telling Donny she doesn't think Christine will use the veto, but if she does, Frankie is going up. Donny tells her he would be on board with voting out Frankie. Nicole says that Christine was telling her that Victoria and Hayden have been making out and that she plans to keep Zach. As far as Nicole is concerned, her and Christine's friendship is over.

Nicole and Hayden had a conversation up in the HOH room about Zach going home if the nominations stay the same. They say they would have to keep Zach thinking he's safe, along with Frankie and Christine. Hayden would prefer Frankie goes home and thinks Zach threw the veto competition just so he could give his speech on Thursday.

They're hoping she uses the veto on Jocasta but are just banking on taking out either Zach or Frankie this week.

Later on in the afternoon, Derrick and Christine talk on the hammock about whether losing Zach would really hurt them number wise. Both agree they don't really need him at this point. They're already talking about who he'd give his jury vote to.

Christine tells him that she's not using the veto and plans on telling Nicole they should keep Zach in the house as an obvious target.

Christine had hammock meetings with Derrick, Hayden, Cody and Frankie about not using the veto. Later on she talked to Nicole up in the HOH about keeping Zach or Jocasta. Nicole doesn't want to waste her HOH on Jocasta and has been planting seeds with Cody and Frankie to sway them.

Derrick and Cody have the most important conversation of the week thus far back in the bathroom. They talk about not needing Zach as a number anymore and pulling Caleb in after Zach is evicted.

They both agree Zach is hurting their game too much and are now contemplating whether their best plan of action is with the Quad Squad or the Detonators.

Paranoia is running crazy at this point with Derrick and Cody. They're not sure if they're getting played by Hayden and Nicole, or Frankie and Christine, or both. They plan on voting out Zach still and think doing so will cripple Frankie.

Sunday Night Episode

Sunday's episode started by showing us the end of the HOH competition from Thursday night's episode.

As we know, Donny and Nicole won the HOH being the closest to the correct answer to the tie-breaker question.

We saw Donny and Nicole nominate Caleb/Victoria and Zach/Jocasta accordingly.

The two sets of nominations faced off in what could be the final Battle of the Block competition of the year, "Domino Effect."

Zach and Jocasta would have won the competition if it weren't for a misplaced domino at the end of their set.  Caleb and Victoria win the BoB and dethrone Donny from HOH.

Live Feeds - Monday

As Nicole and Donny are putting the awnings down this morning, Nicole tells Donny she would be shocked if Christine uses the PoV today. If the veto was used this week, Frankie was always going to be the replacement, but it's not likely to happen.

BB blocks the feeds for the veto ceremony and when they return we learn that, for the first time this season, the veto has not been used. Zach and Jocasta remain on the block and it looks like Zach is going home. If everyone keeps their cool, it will be another blindside similar to Amber last week. It should be a calm week unless Zach catches wind of the plans to send him packing.

Derrick and Cody (The Hitmen) have a meeting in the Rock Room about where they're at now that the nominations are solidified.

Neither of them trust Christine or Frankie and think they're playing every side of the house. They mention how Zach is saying that he is starting to see people talking but they halt the convo as Frankie interrupts yet again.

Derrick and Frankie have a long conversation in the HOH room around 7:30 PM BBT Monday night. Derrick gets straight to the point asking about what his plans are with Zach this week. At first it seemed like Derrick was trying to patch up the Detonators by having them talk with Cody and clear the air.

They both agree that it would benefit them to keep Zach for Team America missions. The conversation heats up when Frankie asks Derrick about the Los Tres Amigos alliance he has with Cody and Zach (which he knows about because Zach told all about it when it was formed) Derrick comes clean and even tells him the name. They both feel a whole lot better now that they have this out on the table and agree Zach is the root of it all. They both now know that Zach is initiating these alliances with different parts of the house and playing them against each other. They decide to sure things up with Cody and move forward without Zach. (This is officially when Zach's chances get cooked)

Similar to Derrick's conversation with Cody, he tells Frankie that they'll put in Caleb and keep the Detonators moving forward.

The Hitmen meet once again, this time in the bathroom to discuss the conversation with Frankie. Now that he's on board the move to get Zach out is fully in motion. He tells Cody that Zach outed the LTA to Frankie and that was all they needed to move forward with his eviction on Thursday.

Cody and Frankie then meet up in the HOH to hash out their differences and discuss how Zach is keeping them apart. They talk about how Zach was the one behind dividing the alliances up against each other.

At this point in the night, Frankie, Christine, Cody, Derrick and Nicole are all on the same page to vote out Zach on Thursday. Derrick and Cody stay awake pretty much the entire night talking about who they can trust and their plans moving forward.

Live Feeds - Tuesday

BB wakes the HG's Tuesday morning and we have Donny and Hayden talking out in the backyard. Hayden is filling him in on the plan to evict Zach and Donny is thinking Zach will find out before Thursday.

Donny says that Zach is good TV and is thinking he'll have a few tricks up his sleeve to convince the house to keep him. They also discuss targeting Frankie and mention how persuasive Derrick is even without being HOH.

There's not a ton of game talk going on through Tuesday afternoon. You know when Victoria tweezing Hayden's eyebrows is a highlight of the afternoon that it's a slow day.

Later on in the afternoon, Frankie and Christine and trying to figure out how to handle the situation if Zach were to out the Detonators. They plan on telling Nicole, Hayden, and Caleb that Zach came up with the idea to form the Detonators late one night and that it wasn't even a legit alliance.

Around 5:45 PM BBT on Tuesday Christine starts to tell Nicole about the Detonators. She tells her that Zach came up to all of them with the idea. Christine tells Nicole that the guys would tell her the same story. (If you're keeping track at home that's now 2 major alliances Christine has kept from Nicole)

The plan to throw Zach under the bus for the Detonators alliance is fully underway.

Meanwhile, out in the backyard, there's a weight train pulling into town.

Zach and Derrick have a conversation out in the backyard when Zach mentions Jocasta hasn't been campaigning at all.(At least when he's been awake this week)

Zach says he'd be so pissed if were to go home on Thursday. Derrick "I don't blame you at all, not one bit."

Victoria and Hayden have a conversation on the hammock a bit later on. Hayden tells her he is voting out Zach and they both agree that Frankie and Christine can not be trusted.

Cody, Frankie and Derrick come to Nicole throughout the night and tell her about Zach forming the Detonators.Frankie tells Nicole that knowing all that they do now, it would be best to vote out Zach. He then tells Frankie and Nicole that Zach's plan for next week is to backdoor Hayden. Everyone has now solidified their vote to evict Zach with all this misinformation being spread by Frankie and the Detonators.

Nicole is catching on to the Detonators a little bit because Cody and Christine's stories about how the alliance was formed don't exactly line up. Derrick and Cody seem to be keeping their story straight but Christine told Nicole she was present when it was formed, Cody told her she wasn't.

Late Tuesday night, Hayden and Nicole are talking about how Frankie now thinks he is the mastermind behind Zach leaving, just as Caleb did last week with Amber.

As of now it's looking like Zach will be the next HG evicted from the BB16 house. Wednesday Night's episode will show us the PoV Competition that Christine won her keeping the nominations the same by not using the veto.

That wraps up this weeks article, check back next week for all the new action from inside the Big Brother house for Week 6!

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