Saturday, August 23, 2014

Big Brother 16 Medical Emergency - Victoria Collapsed in Bathroom

BREAKING NEWS: Big Brother 16 houseguest Victoria Rafaeli found collapsed in the Bathroom having a Medical Emergency, could be removed from the game.

- Flashback Time: 8/23 Cam 1/2 @ 11:14am - 

Nicole is in the bathroom doing her morning routine when she suddenly stops and looks at the Bathroom stall door and the following conversation happens:

Nicole: Victoria, are you ok?
Nicole: Do you need something?  Are you going to the bathroom?
Victoria: [Says something but her Microphone isn't on her]
Nicole: What?
- Nicole gets up and opens the bathroom stall door to find Victoria laying on the floor - 

Nicole: You're not going to the bathroom?
Nicole: Oh God! Are you okay?
Victoria: No.
Nicole: What's wrong? What doesn't feel good?
Victoria: [Inaudible / Sounds like "Can't talk"]
Nicole: Oh my God You're so sweaty.
Victoria: I know...

Nicole: Okay, I'm gonna go get help. Okay? Okay? Hey Derrick! Derrick! 
- Derrick comes running in from the Dinning Room - 
Derrick: Yeah
Nicole: I need you to get help for Victoria!
Derrick: What?
- Feeds Cut -

Earlier last night Victoria was complaining about pain from her wisdom teeth and her face was starting to swell. That pain continued until this morning when Nicole found her.

The feeds returned at 11:58am but the houseguests have been shush about the situation. Derrick and Caleb did throw around ideas on what would happen IF she left the game and such but we do not know if she has left the house or is still in the Diary Room.

Please remember, If she does have to leave the house for medical treatment she can still return to the game.

Currently, this is all we know. We will update this article as soon as we find out more information. 
Please keep Victoria in your thoughts.

UPDATE: At approx. 1:57pm Victoria emerged from the Diary Room. She told Christine she got a IV for the pain and dehydration. She will be getting pain medicine soon. She says she is NOT allowed to play in the POV if she is picked.

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