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Did You Catch That?! - Week 4

Welcome to our next 'Did You Catch That!?' article capturing the action from Week 4 in the Big Brother House. I'll be covering everything that's happened since the 3rd eviction of the season on Thursday night up until Tuesday night on the Live Feeds. I'll include all the Live Feed action and newest episodes covering the new HOH's, nominees, Battle of the Block and PoV spoiler.

When we left off last week it was looking like Devin was on his way out of the house. We saw more than a few HG's show interest in taking Caleb out instead, which might have been a smarter play.

Wednesday Night Episode - PoV

Before we get to that let's check out the action from Wednesday Night's episode. We got a nice piece on the weird Caleb/Amber/Cody situation with Cody realizing it's probably in his best interest to take out Caleb rather than Devin.

We saw how Team America completed their 1st task of spreading the Zach/Amanda rumor, which I highlighted in last week's article. To the angst of most of the house, Devin was picked to participate in the veto competition "Tumblin' Dice." Donny knocked out the mighty Devin on his way to winning the PoV, while knocking out Caleb in the finals. 

Donny stayed true to his word after winning the PoV and quickly told Jocasta that he would use it on her to save her from the block, replacing her with Devin. Devin made a good run during the PoV competition but it wasn't enough to take down Groundskeeper Donny.

Thursday Night Episode - Live Eviction

As expected, Devin was the 3rd HG evicted from the BB16 house. It was nice seeing the nice and genuine Devin for the last week but it was too little too late. 

Oh well, at least his he get's to go see his daughter. And, of course, this was one of Devin's first tweets once he got back to the real world. Nice to see he's caught onto the most popular hashtag of the season thus far.

They showed us the beginning of the HOH competition called "Deviled Eggs" where random teams of two had to pass 12 eggs back and forth through chicken wire and place them safely in the designated slots.

As Thursday Night's episode ended we found out that Team America's 2nd mission is to get a "physical threat" nominated this week. We'll have to tune into the Live Feeds for the HOH spoilers.

Thursday Night Live Feeds - HOH Results

When the Live Feeds returned after Thursday Night's episode we learned that Cody and Frankie won the HOH competition. We didn't get to see any of the competition itself but we heard that Zach/Amber and Brittany/Jocasta were only an egg or two away from winning.

Frankie's seen above celebrating with Victoria even though she'll be nominated in less than a day. Brittany is the most upset about losing because they were so close and so knows that she'll probably be on the block soon. Meanwhile, Frankie's off celebrating again, this time with Christine in the bathroom.

Looks like it's going to be a pretty easy week for Zach with his two bro's up in the HOH room. We also get Nicole frog-less and back to normal.

Zach and Derrick both believe that Frankie and Cody winning was best for their games, they have nothing to worry about all week. They were the first to talk about nominees for the week and decide that Victoria, Jocasta and Brittany should be nominated for sure with Donny as a possible 4th nomination. (At this point Derrick doesn't know about the Team America mission) Frankie joins them and they decide that Jocasta and Brittany will be their targets this week and they'll nominate one on each side along with Victoria and Amber as pawns.

There's a lot of conversation about who will put up Amber because they know Cody won't want to be the one to nominate her, especially with Brittany as his other nomination. Those two girls, along with Victoria and Jocasta, seem to be the consensus picks early on with Donny as a re-nom possibility.

Zach hosted a talent show around 10:45 PM on Thursday night and dragged a few HG's up to put on a show, literally.

It was pretty much just Zach twerking, a bad grasshopper joke from Christine, and the famous story from Victoria about being abducted by a crow when she was 2 years old. If you missed that story, she says a crow literally picked her up on a beach and started flying away with her until her mom saved her life.

Later on that night Frankie told Derrick about their new Team America mission to nominate a physical threat. This confirms Amber's nomination and they agree to make sure Donny is on board with Amber being their Team America target. They would get the chance to run it by him around 1:30 AM BBT and he's on board with the mission.

Frankie and Cody got their HOH rooms around midnight, with Frankie getting his letter from Ariana Grande.

There is a lot of talk among 'The Detonators' (Cody, Zach, Frankie, Derrick and Christine) about who to put up and in which order. We'll see the formation of this new alliance on Sunday Night's episode and it was formed the day before Devin was evicted. The group mulls over the same 4 names (Brittany, Jocasta, Victoria and Amber) for nominations while mentioning Donny as a possible power move this week. They blow it up detonator style and leave the scene.

Brittany and Cody got into an argument in the kitchen early Friday morning about some things Frankie told him that Brittany said about how he's picking his nominations. Didn't seem like much but if you stay up until 8 AM everyday there are bound to be a few stupid arguments. I'm sure Brittany felt like it sealed her nomination for the week. Most of the HG's got to bed very late in Friday morning. Brittany went to sleep around 8 AM and BB woke them up for the day a few minutes later.

Live Feeds - Friday

The feeds are blocked most of Friday morning into the early afternoon for the Nomination ceremony.When the feeds come back we learn that Frankie nominated Amber and Jocasta, with Cody nominating Brittany and Victoria. Amber is tired of being the boys' pawn and I'm sure doesn't want to be up there with Victoria. Amber was trying to get Frankie to use one of the guy's as a pawn but he wasn't having any of it.

Brittany is pissed off because Cody compared her to Victoria in his nomination speech, someone she believes doesn't even want to be here. She starts crying about being nominated because of everything she sacrificed to come here and says she hopes her ex-husband doesn't take her kids away for coming on the show. Now that Devin is gone it looks like Brittany will fill the void of telling us about her kids.

Jocasta was giving them both a pep talk in the bathroom and I think she was really close to expanding her God-Alliance to 4, but she couldn't people the trigger.

Caleb is pretty moody since Amber was nominated. He tells Cody that before Devin left he told him to get Frankie and Amber out of the house next. It seems like Caleb is now mad at Amber for shutting the HOH door when she was with Cody the other day while he and Christine were sitting in the other room.

Around 2:00 PM the feeds got cut for the Battle of the Block competition. When the feeds coe back a few hours later we see that Amber one the BoB competition for herself and Jocasta, saving them from the block. That leaves Victoria and their target Brittany on the block. Cody is the HOH for the rest of the week with Frankie being dethroned.

The plan from the people in control (Detonators) is to win PoV and send Brittany packing this week. Hayden and Nicole seem to be on the same page as the Detonators, they have a conversation in the bathroom about the next evicted HG's being Brittany, Jocasta, Victoria and Amber. 

If this were to actually happen, it would be the Detonators with Caleb, Nicole, Hayden and Donny as the final 9 HG's.

Zach and Hayden got wind of Jocasta and Brittany's plan to nominate 4 guys if they would have won the HOH. They've both had enough of Amber and Brittany. They can't take Amber and her lies and are ready for her to leave the house soon after Brittany. Zach spends most of the night discussing his dislike for Amber to multiple HG's for lying and turning into Cody's best friend now that he's HOH.

Up in the HOH room Amber is talking to Derrick and Frankie about who she would nominate next week and says Victoria and Nicole, possibly backdooring Donny. She also started talking about not being able to trust Zach.

Derrick, Hayden, Zach and even Caleb have discussed the need to get Amber out sooner rather than later. They also seem to think the BoB twist might end soon and a Double Eviction might be coming up.

Amber pulls Chirstine and Nicole into the Hive Room and tells them that she's ready to make a bold move in order to make it to jury, she wants to start getting guys out of the house.

Nicole and Christine agree and it seems like every time Christine walks into a room a new alliance forms.

A bit later in the night, Cody is telling Zach and Frankie that if Donny were to win PoV and use it that he would replace the nomination with Caleb. They also discuss using Donny as a replacement nomination if Brittany or Victoria win veto but that they won't vote Donny out. Brittany is their first target but they'll gladly send Victoria home if they need to.

There was a Detonators meeting early Saturday morning and Christine told them all about Amber's plan to form an alliance with Nicole and that her first target is Zach.

It's a good sign seeing Christine bring this info back the the alliance. The Detonators are the strongest alliance in the house and in total control.

Live Feeds - Saturday

Brittany and Amber stayed up all night again trying to figure out how they can save Brittany from the block. At this point in the week it seems very likely that Brittany will go home if she doesn't win the Veto. Everyone is up getting ready for the PoV today while Derrick and Cody laugh about how Amber told Derrick she didn't want to host the competition because she wanted to play. Surprising that she still hasn't figured out how picking players for the veto competition works. It also doesn't help having Brittany campaign to Derrick saying that she not after him but his alliance member, Zach.

Zach, Nicole and Caleb got picked to join Brittany, Victoria and HOH Cody in the PoV Competition. It was an ideal selection for anyone looking to send Brittany home. Anyone Brittany hoped of saving her by winning the PoV wasn't picked to play. We learn that Caleb was picked by Brittany in a HG choice, which most found strange. 

The feeds get blocked for most of the afternoon for the Veto Competition. Once they return we learn that VICTORIA has won the PoV. 

The PoV Competition was a Prizes/Punishments competition. Zach won a trip to Germany. Caleb won $5000. Nicole won a Germatard. (German unitard) Brittany not only lost the veto but has a 24 hour punishment involving kicking 2,400 soccer balls in the backyard, while Cody get's kicked in the ass hourly.

Derrick and Hayden discuss the possibility of Cody putting up Caleb as a replacement but think Donny would be a much better option. Hayden thinks Zach or Caleb would make a good pawn but there's no chance Zach is going up. Sounds like Zach and Caleb screwed them over by taking the prizes during the PoV comp. Derrick, Victoria, Cody and Amber were all talking about how Caleb and Zach put a target on their backs by taking the prizes.

The girls (Brittany, Amber, Jocasta) doubt that Cody will make a big move and expect someone like Donny to go up next to Brittany.

Derrick, Cody, Zach and Frankie are up in the HOH and decide it's best to put Donny up as the replacement nominee and send Brittany packing..

Brittany started kicking her soccer balls in the backyard Saturday night and must average about 3 goals per minute. Zach helps out by being a target for her.

Nicole got her Germ-itard, complete with beer stein and large bratwurst. 

Lastly, Cody got his punishment going by getting kicked in the ass every so often.

The night is filled with talks about who the possible re-nom will be for Victoria. Derrick wants Brittany to go home strictly because they know she's targeting the guys. Cody's been pissed at Frankie all night for putting all the blame of Amber's nomination on him. Cody's pissed off in general because he has to nominate another person, getting more blood on his hands, when Zach or Caleb could have taken the PoV and avoided this situation.

A few HG's are still up in the backyard keeping Brittany and Cody company during their punishments. Brittany turns to the wine while doing her kicks.

Early Sunday morning Frankie and Derrick are talking about making sure Brittany doesn't sway Cody into trying to keep her this week. They want Cody to put up Donny as the re-nom to ensure Brittany goes home.

It's another late night for the HG's as most try and stay out with Brittany and Cody in the backyard. They're joking about how Caleb wanted to trade his $5,000 for Zach's trip to Germany so he could take Amber with him.

All HG's are sleeping once daylight hits the BB house with Brittany asleep on the couches outside from doing her kicks.

Live Feeds - Sunday

BB let the HG's sleep in Sunday morning and woke them up around 10 AM BBT. Brittany was already outside kicking her soccer balls and Cody kicking himself. By noon Brittany is up around 1500 kicks with about 8 hours to go.

Nicole and Hayden are hanging out most of the day, their whatever-mance seems to be picking up steam. Hayden told Christine that he's crushing on her. Meanwhile it's around 3PM BBT and Brittany has reached 2000 kicks. A few hours left to reach the 2,400 mark. Donny has been her biggest supporter in finishing her kicks.

Cody and Christine have a conversation in the backyard about who to nominate in Victoria's place. It sounds like Cody is starting to think keeping Brittany may be good for his game, not sure he's thinking about his alliance though. He tells her how much Donny was campaigning to him for Brittany to stay and that it upsets him that he's probably going to put Donny up on the block.

All the HG's gathered in the backyard to cheer on Brittany's 2,400th goal, which she celebrated by jumping right into the pool.

We'll rewind a bit here for Sunday Night's episode where they'll show the end of the HOH competition, the nominations and the BoB competition.

Sunday Night Episode 

We finally got to see how Cody and Frankie pulled off their win during the HOH competition from Thursday Night.  It was a very close competition with Zach and Amber only one egg behind them, and Brittany and Jocasta only two back.

Frankie and Cody got their HOH rooms with Frankie reading his letter to the house from Ariana Grande. We also got to see 'The Detonators' alliance form between Zach, Cody, Derrick, Frankie and Christine which, if they stay true to their final 5 deal, could really do some damage in the house.

Team America discussed their next task in getting a physical threat up on the block, which should be pretty easy with Frankie as HOH. They all decided that Amber is the biggest physical threat in the house for a female, and Frankie broke the news to Amber saying she was a pawn. 

During the nomination ceremony we saw Cody nominate Victoria and Brittany, while Frankie nominated Jocasta and Amber, making sure Team America cashed in another 5K for completing their mission. Maybe the girls are thinking back all the way to Week 1 when they evicted Joey and her crazy plan to have the girls team up and form an alliance.

The 'Battle of the Block' competition was the famous Chess Board competition from BB6 when Kaiser, Janelle, James and Howie beat Maggie and sealed her partner's fate. (my favorite BB competition ever, check out the video if you haven't seen it in a while)

We saw the same exact competition on Sunday Night with the difference being that none of the HG's participating this time actually knew how to play chess, which doesn't make the game too strategic. Amber and Jocasta pulled off the victory, dethroning Frankie as HOH for the week, and assuring their safety.

The next episode we'll see on Wednesday will have the PoV competition and ceremony, but for now let's get back to the Live Feed action.

Live Feeds - Sunday Night

There is a lot of talk Sunday night about Caleb being a possible re-nom for Cody. Most think it's not a wise move and would be more personal than game play. Zach runs the idea past Derrick, Cody and Frankie u in the HOH room saying they have the numbers to get rid of him. Derrick tells him that if Caleb goes home and the girls win HOH next week that they will all be sitting on the block, it makes sense to keep Caleb as a number right now.

Cody is set on the fact that Caleb will be coming after him if he winds HOH and still pissed that he grabbed the money instead of the veto earlier today. Derrick and Hayden don't think the votes are there to evict him and it's just not worth it.

Early Monday morning we had our first real showmance of the season take off with Hayden and Nicole.

Live Feeds - Monday

BB wakes up the HG's around 9 AM Monday morning, a few of them still up from the night before.  The HG's are expecting the PoV Ceremony to take place today and it's the focus of every conversation Monday morning. Donny is worried that he is going up and wants to chat with Cody for a few minutes.

Donny and Cody talk up in the HOH room and Cody tells him he wanted to nominate Caleb but the others thought it was a bad idea. He tells Donny that if he went up on the block that there wouldn't be a single vote against him but then decides it may be best to put Caleb up. Donny tells him he's still trust him if he puts him on the block.

Cody comes outside and tells Hayden and Frankie that he is going to put CALEB up in Victoria's place. They still don't think it's a good idea. While Cody get's called into the DR Frankie goes and wakes up Derrick to tell him the news. Frankie tells him that Brittany and Donny made him change his mind. 

Derrick then goes straight to Cody up in HOH minutes before the ceremony and tells him what he just heard from Frankie, throwing him under the bus a bit. Cody still thinks Brittany will go home but wants to nominate Caleb for screwing him over in the PoV competition.

The feeds cut for the ceremony and when they come back we learn that Cody didn't follow through with his plan and nominated Donny instead.

Either Donny or Brittany will be sent home on Thursday night and it looks to be Brittany in a land slide.

Cody is pretty upset with his decision to put up Donny instead of Caleb. Brittany goes up and talks to him but that's not going to do much at this point, he doesn't have any power anymore. She's spending most of her time up there throughout the afternoon when she could been campaigning to people who actually have a vote.

There's not a ton of game talk early Monday night with most of the house knowing that Brittany is on her way out this week. The guys would like to keep letting Brittany know that she's got a chance so see doesn't blow up on everybody. There's a lot of talk about how big this week's HOH competition will be, some are thinking endurance. There's also talk of the BoB twist ending and this week being a Double Eviction.

Live Feeds - Tuesday

BB wakes up the HG's around 10 AM on Tuesday morning. There's shouldn't be a ton of action over the next few days unless Brittany really figures out that she doesn't have the votes.

Brittany is trying to count her votes to stay and thinks she has 4 for sure, maybe Frankie and Nicole too. meanwhile, Zach is on the other side of the backyard telling Donny he's going to have a 10-0 vote to stay.

Brittany is making some rounds trying to convince the guys that she's not coming after them. She says she's coming after Victoria and that Donny is a much bigger competition threat, and she does have a point.

Nicole and Amber were having a conversation in the Hive Room about Caleb asking Amber out on a date tonight. 

The HG's recieved a booze delivery and everyone is in a pretty good mood. A little liquid courage has made Caleb ask Amber out on a date in the backyard. Her answer was, "Oh my goodness, FINE!" which sounds like a normal conversation in a healthy relationship.

The "date" was more or less just regular conversation for about an hour. Amber said it was just like any other conversation she's had in the house while Caleb said it was the best date he's been on in 5 years.

It's a lively night in the house with a fresh booze delivery. The game talk is taking a back seat to just enjoying the night with some booze.  Most HG's are up through the night into early Wednesday morning without much game talk because the majority knows that Brittany is headed out the door come Thursday.

As of Wednesday morning in the BB house, it seems like it will still be around a 10-0 vote to keep Donny and send Brittany packing. The episode airing tonight will include Victoria's PoV Victory, the PoV Ceremony, and the Prizes/Punishments that were handed out.

 This wraps up the article, check back next week for all the new action from inside the Big Brother house!

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