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Did You Catch That?! - Week 1

Welcome to our second 'Did You Catch That!?' article capturing the action from Week 1 in the Big Brother House. I'll be covering everything that's happened since Wednesday night when the first batch of house guests moved in, as well as the live feed action and the three episodes that have aired so far.

Move-In Night #1 (Wednesday)

Our first 8 House Guests moved in on Wednesday night and got a huge jump start to the game over our next 8 House Guests. You would think that would have given them a slight advantage but 4 of the 8 original house guests ended up on the block at one point or another; we'll get to that later.

The first half-hour of the show brought an unprecedented number of alliances. THREE "official" alliances were formed well before Donny memorized everyone's name.  In a genius move, all 8 of them joined an alliance called "The Crazy 8's" followed by "The Double D's" formed by Devin and Donny, and of course "El Cuatro" by Pao Pao, Amber, Nicole and Joey.

Julie filled the first 8 House Guests in on the first part of the twist being that you are not safe from eviction if you win HOH. Our first HOH of the season was won by Frankie in the "Go Fly a Kite" competition. We also witnessed one of the worst competition throws of all-time by Amber.

After the HOH competition, Julie told the HG's that a 2nd group of HG's would be entering the house, and that one of them will also become HOH. They also learned that at the end of the week only 1 HOH will be left standing. This was it for Wednesday as the Live Feeds didn't start until after Thursday night's show.

Move-In Night #2 (Thursday)

Day 2 began with Julie telling the next group of 8 HG's that the game had already started and that 8 HG's have already moved in. She also got them up to speed on the new HOH rules.

Frankie and Victoria quickly formed an alliance that didn't end up lasting more than a few days, which shouldn't surprise anyone. Nicole and Christine became close rather quickly both feeling like outsiders. Oh, and Jocasta formed an alliance with God, so we'll see how that goes.

The 2nd HOH competition of the year was won by Caleb as he put a beat down on everyone, while also putting a large target on his back as a competition beast.

All 16 HG's learned after the competition that each HOH would nominate 2 HG's for eviction each week. She also introduced the "Battle of the Block" competition that will take place each week. A 2x2 competition that will save the winning pair from eviction and dethrone the HOH who nominated them. The regular BB style will then take over with 1 HOH, 2 Nominees, a PoV competition and an eviction.

Team America Twist:

This new twist was introduced as an alliance picked by America to send 3 HG's on missions that will impact the game. We found out our first selection was Joey, who is most likely on her way out the door this week. The next selection will be revealed on Thursday during the first Live Eviction episode.

Live Feeds - Thursday Night

The Live Feeds started with a bang on Thursday Night as soon as they turned on with Hayden and Joey streaking around the house.


We learned that Frankie nominated Victoria and Brittany while Caleb nominated Pao Pao and Donny. We also learned that Pao Pao and Donny lost the Battle of the Block competition by getting a glimpse of the Memory Walls when the feeds came on. Frankie's nominations of Victoria and Brittany won the Battle of the Block competition and are safe for the week while throwing Frankie back in the mix as a possible re-nom if either Donny or Pao Pao win the PoV. We won't see the actual nominations and Battle of the Block until it airs on Sunday Night's episode, which is included a bit further down.

Playing in the PoV will be HOH Caleb along with nominees Donny and Pao Pao, as well as Zach, Cody and Victoria. We won't see the PoV competition until Wednesday Night's episode airs.

Have-nots for Week 1 are Cody, Hayden, Brittany and Joey.

New Relationships

All the HG's are locked in on the first night as old alliances fall apart and new alliances are being formed. The original 4 Girls alliance "El Cuatro" is over as Nicole told the group about it. Meanwhile, Devin outs his own alliance "The Double D's" to Zach and Cody for some reason. In the biggest surprise so far, Zach and Frankie seem to be two of the closest people in the house.

As far as showmances go, it seems that Hayden has caught the attention of both Amber and Nicole. Caleb is completely obsessed with Amber and can't stop telling anyone that will listen. Amber and Caleb share a "first dance" and she has no idea what she's getting herself into with even that small of a gesture.

Devin and Caleb are starting to scare a few girls with their attitudes while Frankie becomes everyone's new best friend. Frankie's social game is scary good and he seems to adapt to every person and situation in the house. The two HOH winners, Caleb and Frankie, share a joint HOH room upstairs and have actually gotten along very well considering their backgrounds. The two of them have slept together almost every night since winning their competitions.

Live Feeds - Friday

The HG's wake up Friday morning excited and hoping for a PoV competition to take place. We see both Caleb and Frankie up in the HOH rooms but know that Caleb is the one with the power this week, as Frankie's nominations won the Battle of the Block.

Devin is starting to be seen as someone who is overplaying every aspect of the game thus far. He's started numerous alliances and has flip-flopped on who he wants evicted from his 'Double D' member Donny, to his initial crush, Joey.

We learned about the newest alliance called "The Bomb Squad" consisting of a whopping 8 people. We'll see the fomration of this alliance on the Sunday Night show, also included below. Devin thinks it's genius and that it's never been done, while the rest of his alliance is probably re-thinking ever deciding to work with him. The original Bomb Squad was Frankie, Caleb, Devin, Derrick, Zach and Cody. Devin, without consulting a single member of his alliance, decides to tell Amber and Christine everything about their alliance and invites them in.

Now the Bomb Squad officially consists of 8 people and is as doomed as the Crazy 8's. Caleb, Frankie and Devin form somewhat of a Final 3 deal within their own alliance and designate Amber and Christine as the 1st to go if needed. As I mentioned earlier, Frankie and Zach have gotten extremely close and seem to be the most aligned duo in the house so far. Frankie works his social skills while Zach....well, he sleeps...a lot.

PoV Spoiler

Around noon Big Brother time, Jocasta get's called into the DR to start the PoV competition that she's hosting. Donny and Pao Pao are on the block and Joey is rumored as a replacement nominee if needed.

The feeds came back on after a few hours and we learned that Donny won the PoV and can save himself from the block.

A happy Donny after a PoV victory

Through conversation, we learned that it was a spelling competition which involved the HG's searching for letters to try and spell the longest word possible. Donny won with the word "splitters" which doesn't seem all that impressive. Frankie and Caleb were later laughing at Pao Pao's attempt at spelling "calculator".

It seems that both Hayden and Devin are being rumored as re-noms with Joey still in the picture as well.

Live Feeds - Friday Night/Saturday Morning

Big Brother opened up the backyard late Friday night after the PoV competition was cleaned up to the delight of all HG's.

We're starting to see a full on bromance between Frankie and Zach. Zach might be the most analytical thinker in the house right now, as seen by his conversation with himself on the hammock as he told America what's really happening inside the house.

There wasn't a lot of game-talk Friday night with the exception of Caleb telling Pao Pao he's got bigger fish to fry and Joey starting to figure out she could be the re-nom. Joey will eventually get so far into her own head that she makes the decision rather easy, but we'll get to that.

Friday night was full of backyard activities, the most popular being the pool table for most of the guys. We saw Frankie lead some dance routines with Nicole and Victoria while Zach, Cody, Derrick and the rest of the bros bro'd out most of the night.

Most of the game talk later in the evening is by the women who are thinking about who the re-nom will be, while Amber hangs out with the HOH's Caleb and Frankie. At this point a few other women feel Amber is basically one of the guys, probably because she is an absolute babe and she just gets along with the guys.

As most HG's are asleep for the night, Derrick, Caleb, Devin and Frankie are up in the HOH room brainstorming who to use as a replacement nominee, with Joey as a consensus pick.

Live Feeds - Saturday

Saturday was a slower day as far as the house was concerned. HG's went to sleep late into Saturday morning and lounged around much of the day.

We got one of our first confrontations on the feeds and it was about the proper place to pass gas, between Jocasta and Devin. Ok, so it wasn't much but we did get a glimpse into how fragile Devin really is.


Lots of afternoon sun tanning and hanging by the pool on Saturday.  Frankie and Zach get together late in the afternoon to touch base on happenings around the house. Both agree Caleb is in some trouble with being distracted by Amber but with Caleb as HOH most HG's are steering clear. They also agree Joey is the best possible re-nom available right now for keeping the Bomb Squad safe. These two seem to have the best understanding and control over what's happening in the house. Zach has the side alliance of Cody, Devin and Derrick while Frankie will be in charge of Christine and Victoria.

Everyone seems to have heard that Joey is the rumored re-nom and she begins to start blowing things out of proportion. She tells Brittany about a plan for a speech to the whole house about how nominations are going to be run. (usually not the best idea) Joey has been vocal about Devin being the re-nom for stirring things up too much.

Another alliance forming in the house is between Nicole and Christine who feel like outsiders, although Nicole has been the most popular girl among the male house guests (Hayden, Cody and even Zach). Nicole and Christine seem pretty tight at this point and find themselves hanging out Saturday afternoon in peace discussing Devin's rude demeanor when a blue bomb is about to go off...

Joey starts telling most of the HG's in the kitchen area that if Caleb is making his decision based off of the house's opinion that everyone should have a chance to discuss with Caleb who they want nominated. You know, to make everything fair. It's rather obvious that Joey has no clue how this game works. She then begins asking every individual HG is they have had the chance to talk to Caleb yet, digging her grave deeper and deeper and single-handily saving Pao Pao this week. Frankie summed it up well saying, "It's so obvious when people don't watch the show."

Everyone agrees that Joey's outburst was extremely awkward and has guaranteed herself a spot next to Pao Pao on the block once Donny takes himself off. Most of the girls are thinking long term now and not wanting to thrown Devin under the bus as they start to realize that Joey's ship is sinking. Devin's name is discussed by a few people on Saturday but Caleb has the final say and it doesn't seem like he's budging too much.

Live Feeds - Saturday Night/Sunday Morning

Zach and Cody are getting closer and solidifying their alliance with Derrick inside of the bigger 'Bomb Squad' alliance. As with most confrontational conversations thus far, Devin is involved with yet another one, this time with Brittany. A mild-mannered argument about being able to trust each other but Devin is not gaining any traction with the women of the house.

At this point, Devin, Amber and Caleb seem on the outs of the 'Bomb Squad' while Frankie, Zach, Cody, Derrick and Christine seem to be on the same page. Devin seems incapable of turning off his internal game for even a few minutes as he continues game-talk throughout the night to anyone with a pulse.

As we roll into late Saturday Night, Joey's outburst is still the main point of discussion around the house. Devin is also a point of conversation as he continues to rub the females the wrong way with his abrasive tone in conversation.

It's another late night for most of the HG's. We still had Cody, Christine, Hayden, Nicole, Frankie, Derrick, Devin, Caleb, Paolo and Brittany up late into the night playing pool and hanging out in the backyard. A common feeling among the HG's is that it's easier to go to bed at their most exhausted point, especially the have-nots given their sleeping arrangements.

Live Feeds - Sunday

The HG's wake up Sunday morning are were still discussing the events of the night before, mainly Devin's confrontation with Brittany. Devin is proving to be extremely paranoid and continues to play the game a bit too hard. Frankie, per usual, is the one calming Devin down and continues to be everyone's friend.

Sunday afternoon is when the PoV Ceremony took place, and as expected, Donny pulled himself off the block and Caleb nominated Joey in his place.

These Zach and Frankie (Zankie) meet-ups all over the house have become more and more frequent. They can't get enough of each other and I think they're both playing each other pretty hard too. We saw that it got off to a rough start on Thursday night but they have turned into the tightest duo in the house.

Devin and Brittany hash out their differences from their fight the night before. If either of these two don't win HOH next they are most likely going to be nominated.

Pao Pao, Brittany, Devin and Caleb would be the four HG's I would guess to be out the door following Joey. You could also throw Victoria and Jocasta on that list, I get the feeling that 5 of the 'Bomb Squad' members are beginning to separate from the pack (Zach, Frankie, Cody, Derrick, Christine). Zach, Cody and Derrick have also broken into a smaller group of 3, although Zach and Frankie planned this happening beforehand.

Another ongoing development early on has been Caleb's complete obsession with Amber. She's been polite at putting up with it but it's starting to get a bit weird. Caleb learns that Amber lives just about 2 hours away from him so that doesn't help the situation much. Caleb starts telling the guys that he's going to confess his love for Amber and wants to talk about how she feels. We'll get into that train wreck in a bit, for now we check out the Sunday night episode.

Sunday Night Episode 3

Sunday's episode will cover the nominations from HOH's Frankie and Caleb, which we know are Victoria and Brittany, and Donny and Pao Pao accordingly. We also get our first 'Battle of the Block' competition of the season.

In the beginning we see the formation of the 'Bomb Squad' which we've been hearing about and watching play out on the Live Feeds. Initially is was Caleb, Frankie, Devin and Derrick who came up with the idea, and then added the Zach Attack and Cody. Cody said it best, he wasn't sure if he was joining the next Brigade or the next Moving Company. Zach was fully on board with bombing HG's right out the front door.

We also saw Devin bring in two additional members to the 'Bomb Squad' without consulting anyone in the alliance. He basically grabbed the last two females awake that night and told them everything about their alliance, and handed out two new invitations to Amber and Christine.

We learn that there is a new nomination format where the two HOH's choose two keys each to show who they have nominated.

The 'Battle of the Block' competition involved swinging across from your partner while trying to transfer liquid between each other to make a berry overflow from your vase. Brittany and Victoria pulled out a close victory guaranteeing their safety and dethroning Frankie as HOH.

Now, back to the Live Feeds.

Live Feeds - Late Sunday/Early Monday

Hayden, Frankie and Cody are pumping Caleb up about his chances with Amber. At this point in the night I thought Caleb was wearing a scarf but in fact it turned out to be a dress of Amber's. Later on in the night Caleb expresses his love to Amber.

Meanwhile, Zach and Frankie are talking in the HOH bed again and Zach refers to themselves as 'Zankie' which is what twitter has already tagged them as. They seem to be in a pretty good position as a duo, both of them reaching out to a few individuals to form secondary alliances. Zankie is here to stay.

A little later just before midnight the HG's are secretly preparing for Nicole's 22nd birthday inside, while a few different people keep her distracted in the backyard.

A little bit of this is going on...

Then just after midnight a little bit of this was going on...

A lot of drinking, dancing, twerking, and then some Cody/Nicole action which has become more frequent around the house.

Later on in the night Caleb finally tells Amber how attracted he is to her while they got some 1 on 1 time in the HOH room. It was a very awkward conversation and there was not mutual interest on Amber's end. The night winded down with Amber re-hashing the awkward conversation with some of the girls and Caleb ended up sleeping in the HOH bed with Frankie and Devin, go figure.

Live Feeds - Monday

Given that the nominees are in place and the Live Eviction is not until Thursday, there will be a lot of hanging out for the HG's for the next few days. Joey doesn't seem to be putting up much of a fight and Pao Pao is surprisingly laying low.

One of the first interesting conversations of the day was between Cody and Christine out on the hammock. They are both in the core 5 of the 'Bomb Squad' and seem to be able to be real with each other. Cody brings up how everyone is showing Frankie their cards right now and that he is playing extremely hard. They also discuss how close Hayden and Nicole have become, I'll get into them in a minute. Cody tells Christine that he doesn't exactly give Frankie his full stance when discussing game because he is tight with so many people. Their main goal does still seem to be protecting the core 5 'Bomb Squad' members of Frankie, Zach, Derrick and themselves.

Zankie has another meeting up in the HOH room to discuss their position in the house. Zach says Caleb, Devin and Amber make up the 'Bomb' and he, Frankie, Cody, Derrick and Christine make up the 'Squad'. They plan on using the bombs as a shield moving forward and are disposable if needed. I will say that they both seem extremely comfortable and that's never a good thing in the BB house.

Live Feeds - Late Monday/Early Tuesday

Hayden and Nicole have had an interesting relationship thus far. They gone from a possible showmance to now putting on a bit of a front for the rest of the house. Nicole plans on acting as if their not getting along although they are working together behind the scenes. Hayden says he's not playing this game to screw it up with a showmance but would like to take Nicole out after the show because he does have feelings for her. They hug it out and Nicole is on her Cody.

A few minutes later Cody and Nicole had there own thing going on. Nicole continues to be a hot commodity in the BB house with interest from Hayden and Cody; Zach also mentioned he would like to make a move once he wins HOH.

Later on in the night once most HG's have left the backyard, Zach and Cody are left to themselves at the pool table. They reassure their own alliance saying they will protect each other no matter what. The 'Bomb Squad' has separated into so many alliances it's hard to keep them all straight. Zach and Frankie seem the strongest, followed by Zach with Cody and Derrick. There is still a strong core 5 of Zach, Cody, Frankie, Derrick and Christine. A bit later Zach, Cody and Derrick are playing pool talking about the wild card Devin and hoping someone can take him out soon.

Around 6:30 AM Monday morning Brittany and Cody are still awake hanging out in the backyard and discussing Zach and Frankie's relationship. Cody tells her, in secrecy, that Zach told him he was having some strange feelings for Frankie. Brittany confirmed on night 2 in the house that she saw Zach eyeing Frankie is a strange way. We're gonna have to keep an eye on those two.

Live Feeds - Tuesday

Early Tuesday morning Frankie and Christine are talking in the backyard about how the boys came up to him and said they need to form a smaller alliance and get out Devin and Amber. They're laughing about how perfectly this is all falling into their laps. Frankie tells Christine that everyone else is telling them way too much info that will help dismantle them when needed. They discuss how every single person in the house is now looking to get Devin out soon.

Later on in the HOH room Derrick, Zach and Frankie come out and say they are officially a group of 5, excluding Devin, Amber, and Caleb from the 'Bomb Squad'. Frankie leaves and Derrick says that they're actually a group of 3 with himself, Zach and Cody.

Caleb brought out the HOH camera in the afternoon and the HG's started snapping some pics. We also get some more Nicole and Cody action on chillin' out back in the lounge chairs.

Zankie has another meeting in the storage room solidifying the alliance of 5. They talk about how smart Derrick is and how everyone listens to him. They also discuss the plan to backdoor Devin or possibly wait until a Double Eviction to get the job done.

The new 'Bomb Squad' is collecting notes and updating each other on what Caleb and Devin are up to. Caleb is on  rampage because he found out Amber told Devin that he is more her type than Caleb. Caleb insists that Amber is using him to further her game and is slightly, no fully, delusional. 

Later in the afternoon, Joey tries to help her game by transforming to "Alex" which is a male version of herself. Most of the HG's are scared, including Devin who's hiding behind the locked HOH door.

Zach later fills Derrick in on the core 5 and the destruction of the 'Bomb Squad' and they also discuss Devin going home sometime soon. Derrick says what Devin did was wrong, "You never saw the Brigade bring Brittany in."

Even later Zach and Christine are talking about the possibility of backdooring Devin next week if they win HOH. Both agree it would be nice if Brittany could do it for them.

That wraps up the 2nd edition of "Did You Catch That!?" here on TBBI. Wednesday night we'll have a new episode showing the PoV Competition being won by Donny and the PoV Ceremony where Joey goes up as a replacement nominee.

As for now, it still looks certain that Joey will be the 1st House Guest evicted from Big Brother 16 on Thursday night.

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